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Dwyfor, David Lloyd George (comte de)
Dwyfor, David Lloyd George ((Earl Lloyd George of))
Dwyfor, Lloyd-George of
Dzhorzh, David Lloĭd
George, D. Lloyd
George, David Lloyd
George, ... Lloyd
Gwynedd, David Lloyd George
Gwynedd, David Lloyd George ((Viscount))
Lloĭd Dzhorzh, David
Lloyd George, ..
Lloyd George, D.
Lloyd George, David
Lloyd George, David Lloyd George
Lloyd George, David Lloyd George ((1st Earl))
Lloyd George, David Lloyd George ((Earl))
Lloyd George, Dawid
Lloyd-George of Dwyfor, David
Lloyd George of Dwyfor, David (1st Earl)
Lloyd George of Dwyfor, David (Earl)
Lloyd George of Dwyfor, David Lloyd George ((Earl))
Lloyd-George of Dwyfor, Earl
Lloydgeorge, David
Loyd Dzʹsordzʹs
Loyd Dzshordzsh
Loyd Dzśordzś
Loyd George, David
Джордж, Дэвид Ллойд
Ллойд Джордж, Дэвид
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Blumberg, Georges
Dunning, Norman G.
Great Britain Prime Minister (1916-1922 : Lloyd George) (see also from)
Guedalla, Philip
Kitchener, Horatio Herbert Kitchener Earl, 1850-1916
Lloyd George, Frances Louise Stevenson (countess LLoyd-George of Dwyfor, 1888-1972.)
Mantoux, M.
Morgan, Kenneth Owen
Pański, Antoni Ludwik (1895-1941?))
Samson, Emily D.
Simon, Helene (1862-1947))
Stevenson, F. L.
Wilson, Thomas Woodrow
Wilson, Woodrow
Wit, Peter
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Виноградов, К. Б.
Виноградов, Кирилл Борисович
Ротштейн, Федор Аронович (1871-1953)
内山, 賢次 (1889-1971)
Abdication speech (6 min 59 s)
Abraham Lincoln;
Address to boy scouts (3 min 36 s)
Bessere Zeiten
Better times : speeches
British war aims;
buts de guerre de la Grande-Bretagne, Les : discours
Ce que dit Lloyd George après 4 ans de guerre...
Chaim Weizmann : a tribute on his 70th birthday
charge of the Light Brigade, The
description of the dash for the South Pole, A
Durch den Weltkrieg zur Demokratie. Rede in Glasgow vom 29. Juni 1917.
Europäische Krieg, Der : Bericht einer Rede gehalten am 19ten September 1914 ...
Europeesche oorlog, De
Family letters 1885-1936
Für die Demokratie und den Weltfrieden
Genova Conference, by J. Saxon Mills,... [Preface by D. Lloyd George.], The
Gewappnete Deutschland, Das : ein englisches Lob, Reden des Munitionsministers Lloyd George [Übersetz und herausgegeben von Rudolf Friedmann].
great crusade, The : extracts from speeches delivered during the war
great war., The
guerra europea, La : Discurso...
guerre actuelle, La : son passé, son avenir : discours
guerre européenne, La : discours prononcé par M. David Lloyd George,... au Queen's Hall de Londres le 19 septembre 1914
Heures décisives(War memoirs). Traduit de l'anglais par Henri Thies, Souvenirs de guerre de D. Lloyd George,... Les
history of Anglo-Soviet relations, A
Is it peace ? by... David Lloyd George,...
Ist wirklich Friede?
Jewish homeland (3 min 10 s), The
Kachi o toru made : Eikoku shushō senji enzetsushū
Labour party 1929 election
Life with Lloyd George, 1975:
Lloyd George family letters, 1885-1936
Mémoires de guerre
Memoirs of the Peace Conference
My darling Pussy : the letters of Lloyd George and Frances Stevenson 1913-41
My message to the world of islam (6 min 43 s)
Napoleon and Palestine
Old age in the new world, by Emily D. Samson... [Foreword by D. Lloyd George.]
Organizing prosperity : a scheme of national reconstruction
Peace proposals and the attitude of the allies;
people's budget, The
people's insurance, The
people's war book; history, cyclopaedia and chronology of the great world war, The
peoples budget, 1909., The
Please Sir, save me
Pour la democratie et la paix du monde : les declarations de Lloyd George et du president Wilson, janvier 1918.
Pravda o mirnych dogovorach : [v dvuch tomach]
Pravda o mirnykh dogovorakh
Prawda o Traktacie Wersalskim.
problem of unemployment, The : a speech delivered by the Right Hon. D. Lloyd-George, M.P. (chancellor of the exchequer), in the Queen's Hall, on December 31st, 1909.
Propostas de paz e a atitude dos aliados
Relations between Great Britain and Ireland;
Samuel Chadwick
Sekai taisen kaikoroku
Sil-Vara. Englishe Melukheh-mener, 1918
Souvenirs de guerre de D. Lloyd George,...
Spain and Britain
Speech on education (1 min 41 s)
Speech on the budget
Taisen ni arawaretaru yūben
Territorial, The
Through terror to triumph : speeches and pronouncements of ... David Lloyd George since the beginning of the war
truth about reparations and war-debts, The
truth about the peace treaties., The
vérité sur les réparations et les dettes de guerre, La
victoire, La : souvenirs de guerre
Voennye memuary
Waarvoor Groot-Brittannië strijdt : een heldere uiteenzetting van de oorlogs-doeleinden
Wahrheit über Reparationen und Kriegsschulden, Die
War memoirs of David Lloyd George.
War : prospect and retrospect.
We can conquer unemployment : Mr. Lloyd George's pledge
When the war will end
Where are we going?
Who is to pay for the war?
Why the Allies will Win. An Interview with D. Lloyd George by the Editor of the Secolo of Milan.
wit & wisdom of Lloyd George, The
Woman's opinion of man
Wspomnienia wojenne.
Zionism and anti-Semitism : the absurd folly of Jew-baiting
Дэвид Ллойд Джордж
Правда о мирных договорах : в двух томах
捷を獲るまで : 英国首相戦時演說集