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Dugdae, William
Dugdale, Gulielmus
Dugdale, Gulielmus (Sir)
Dugdale, Sir William
Dugdale, William
Dugdale, William (English historian, topographer, and herald, 1605-1686)
Dugdale, William (Sir)
Sir William Dugdale
William Dugdale
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Bandinel, Bulkeley
Caley, John (19e E.)
Dodsworth, Roger (1585-1654))
Ellis, Henry (sir, 1777-1869.)
Foster, Joseph (1844-1905)
George Fabyan Collection (Library of Congress)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Raines, Francis Robert
Royal Historical Society (Great Britain)
St. George, Richard -1635
Antient usage in bearing of such ensigns of honour as are commonly call'd arms with a catalogue of the present nobility of england
antiquities of Warwick, and Warwick Castle; extracted from Sir William Dugdale's Antiquities of Warwickshire., The : To which is added ... a detail of the Earl of Leicester's arrival at Warwick ... in the year 1571: and also, an account of Queen Elizabeth's reception in Warwick, in 1572. Embellished with a copper plate print of St. Mary's Church.
Antiquities of warwickshire, illustrated. from records, leiger-books, manuscripts, charters, evidences, tombes and armes. beautified with maps, prospects and portraictures
Baronage of England. -, The
complete system of general geography: ... Originally written in Latin by Bernhard Varenius, M.D. Since improved and illustrated, A : The whole revised and corrected by Peter Shaw : The fourth edition
Concilia, decreta, leges, constitutiones in re ecclesiarum orbis Britannici... ab introitu Normannorum, an. Dom. 1066, ad exutum papam, sive ad an. Dom. 1531... studiose congesta opera et scrutinio Henrici Spelmanni,...
Culpabilité des Templiers Suivie de l'Innocence des Templiers, La
doomsday of Inclosures, 1517-1518, The : being the extant returns to Chancery for Berks, Bucks, Cheshire, Essex, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northants, Oxon, and Warwickshire by the Commissioners of Inclosures in 1517 and for Bedfordshire in 1518, together with Dugdale's ms. notes of the Warwickshire inquisitions in 1517, 1518, and 1549
Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire, with additions.
Geographia generalis.
Glossarium archaiologicum, continens latino-barbara, peregrina, obsoleta et novatae significationis vocabula quae post labefactatas a Gothis, Vandalisque res europaeas in ecclesiasticis profanisque scriptoribus, variarum item Gentium Legibus antiquis Municipalibus Chartis & formulis occurrunt, scholiis & commentariis illustrata : in quibus prisci ritus quam-plurimi, magistratus, dignitates, munera, officia, mores, leges ipsæ, & consuetudines enarrantur. Authore Henrico Spelmanno equite, Anglo-Britanno...Editio tertia auctior & correctior, cui præfigitur amplissima epistola de vita moribusque, necnon de scriptis operibus celeberrimi authoris..
History of imbanking and drayning of divers fenns and marshes, both in forein parts and in this kingdom, and of the improvements thereby extracted from records, manuscripts, and other authentick testimonies
history of St. Paul's Cathedral in London
Librorum manuscriptorum in duabus insignibus bibliothecis; altera Tenisoniana, Londini; altera Dugdaliana, Oxonii; catalogus.
life, diary, and correspondence of Sir William Dugdale... With an appendix, containing an account of his published works, an index to his manuscript collections, copies of monumental inscriptions to the memory of the Dugdale family, and heraldic grants and pedigrees., The
Life of that learned antiquary Sir William Dugdale ..., The
Monastici anglicani, volumen tertium et ultimum... additatemta... per Will. Dugdale.
Monasticon anglicanum ... 1655-1673:
Monasticon anglicanum: a history of the abbies and other monasteries, hospitals, frieries, and cathedral and collegiate churches, with their dependencies, in England and Wales; also of all such Scotch, Irish, and French monasteries, as were in any manner connected with religious houses in England ...
Monasticon Anglicanum, sive Pandectae coenobiorum Benedictinorum Cluniacensium Cisterciensium Carthusianorum a primordiis ad eorum usque dissolutionem
Northumbrian monuments;
Origines juridiciales, or, Historical memorials of the English laws, courts of justice, forms of tryal, punishment in cases criminal, law-writers, law-books, grants and settlements of estates, degree of serjeant, inns of court and chancery also a chronologie of the lord chancellors and keepers of the great seal, lord treasurers, justices itinerant, justices of the Kings Bench and Common Pleas, barons of the exchequer, masters of the rolls, Kings attorneys and sollicitors, and serjeants at law
Origines juridiciales. Selections
Pedigrees recorded at the visitations of the county palatine of Durham
visitation of Nottinghamshire begun in 1662 and finished in 1664, The
visitation of the county Palatine of Lancaster, made in the year 1664-5 by sir William Dugdale, The
Warwickshire; being a concise topographical description of the different towns and villages in the county of Warwick, including historical notices of its public buildings and antiquities, ancient manorial customs, &c. &c.