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Clerk Maxwell, J.
Clerk Maxwell, James
Maksvell, Dž. Klerk
Maksvell, Džejms Klerk
Maksvell, Džems Klerk
Maksvell, Dzheĭms Klerk
Maksvell, Dzhems Klerk
Makswell, Džems Klerk
Maxwell, ..
Maxwell, Clerk
Maxwell, J. C.
Maxwell, J. Clerk
Maxwell, James C.
Maxwell, James Clark
Maxwell, James Clerk
Максвелл, Джеймс Клерк
מקסוול, ג'יימס קלרק
マクスウェル, ジェームズ・クラーク
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Boltzmann, Ludwig (1844- [from old catalog])
Brush, Stephen G.
Cavendish, Henry (1731-1810)
Dickstein, Samuel (1851-1939))
Everitt, C. W. F. (1934-)
Everitt, C. W. Francis (1934-)
Garber, Elizabeth
Garnett, William (1850-1932)
Harman, P.M. (1943-)
Harman, Peter Michael (1943-)
Larmor, Joseph (1857-1942))
Longmans, Green & Co
Niven, William Davidson (1842-1917))
Potier, Alfred (1840-1905)
Quiller-Couch, Arthur
Thomson, J. J.
Thomson, Joseph John
University Affiliation (see also from)
Vyšnegradskij, I. A.
Фрейман, Леон Семенович
竹内, 薰 (1960-)
Arden edition of the works of William Shakespeare
Articles scientifiques
Auszüge aus James Clerk Maxwells Elektrizität und Magnetismus
Busshitsu to undō
chaleur leçons élémentaires sur la thermométrie, la calorimétrie, la thermodynamique et la dissipation de l'énergie, La
Clerk Maxwell and modern science; six commemorative lectures
collected Clerk Maxwell memorial lectures, The
Collected Papers
Complete plays and poems
discourse on molecules, A
dynamical theory of the electromagnetic field, A
Einführung in die Maxwellsche Theorie der Elektrizität und de Magnetismus
electrical researches of the Honorable Henry Cavendish, The : written between 1771 and 1781
electrical researches of the Honourable Henry Cavendish;, The
Electricity and magnetism
Elektrizität in elementarer Behandlung, Die
Elektrizität und Magnetismus
elementary treatise on electricity., An
Elizabethan and Jacobean drama critical essays
Gesammelte Abhandlungen. -
Izbrannye sochinenii︠a︡ po teorii ėlektromagnitnogo poli︠a︡.
Izbrannye sočineniâ po teorii èlektromagnitnogo polâ
J.C. Maxwell, the sesquicentennial symposium, 1984:
J. C. Maxwell, the sesquicentennial symposium : new vistas in mathematics, science and technology
Lehrbuch der Electricität und das Magnetismus
Lehrbuch der Electricität und des Magnetismus : in zwei Bänden.
life of James Clerk Maxwell, The : with a selection from his correspondence and occasional writings and a sketch of his contributions to science
M.sche Theorie, M.sche Geschwindigkeitsverteilung
Maksvell i razvitie fiziki XIX-XX vekov, 1985:
Materìâ i dviženìe
Materia i ruch
Materja i ruch
Materya i ruch
Matsukusueru butsurigaku genron
Matter and motion ; notes and appendices by Sir Joseph Larmor.
Maxwell e la fisica classica
Maxwell on heat and statistical mechanics : on "avoiding all personal enquiries" of molecules
Maxwell on molecules and gases
Maxwell on Saturn's rings
Measure for Measure : The Play and the Themes ...
Notice sur les travaux en électricité du professeur Maxwell
On heat and statistical mechanics
On the stability of the motion of sarturn's rings ... -
Origins of Clerk Maxwell's electric ideas, as described in familiar letters to William Thomson;
Reports of the committee on electrical standards appointed by the British association for the advancement of science
scientific letters and papers of James Clerk Maxwell, The
Scientific papers of James Clarke Maxwell, The
Scientific papers of James Clerk Maxwell,... edited by W. D. Niven,..., The
scientific papers of the Honourable Henry Cavendish ..., The
Scientific papers... T. I, The
Stat'ji i reči
Statʹi i rechi
Substanz und Bewegung
Teorii︠a︡ avtomaticheskogo regulirovanii︠a︡.
Teorija avtomatičeskogo regulirovanija : (linearizovannyje zadači)
Theorie der Wärme
théorie électromagnétique de Maxwell et son application aux corps mouvants, La
Theory of heat, by J. Clerk Maxwell,... 2d edition
Titus Andronicus
Traité d'électricité et de magnétisme
Traité élémentaire d'électricité
Traktat ob èlektričestve i magnetizme. T. 1
Traktat ob električestve i magnetizme : v dvuch tomach
Traktat ob èlektričestve i magnetizme v dvuh tomah.
Treatise on electricity and magnetism, by James Clerk Maxwell,..., A
Über Faradays Kraftlinien (1855/1856) ; Transact. of t. Cambr. Phil Soc., Vol. 10, gelesen am 10. Dec. 1855 und 11. Febr. 1856, Maxw. Scient. Pap., Vol. 1
Über physikalische Kraftlinien
Ueber Faraday's Kraftlinien 1855-1856. -
Ueber Faraday's Kraftlinien : (1855-56)
Ueber Faraday's Kraftlinien, von James Clerk Maxwell... herausgegeben von L. Boltzmann
Ueber physikalische Kraftlinien 1861; 1862. -
Ueber physikalische Kraftlinien, von James Clerk Maxwell, herausgegeben von L. Boltzmann,...
Works of Shakespeare. d... by John Dover Wilson,... (and... Arthur Quiller-Couch)]., [The
Избранные сочинения по теории электромагнитного поля
Статьи и речи
Трактат об электричестве и магнетизме : в 2-х т.