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Berlinski, David
Berliński, David J.
バーリンスキ, デイヴィッド
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Language material
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Cierpisz, Małgorzata
Cieśla-Szymańska, Dominika
Cottrell, Hélène
Demazure, Hélène
Hayashi, Masaru (1967-)
Miyatake, Michiko (1972-)
Towarzystwo Autorów i Wydawców Prac Naukowych "Universitas"
Witkowski, Nicolas
宮武, 実知子 (1972-)
林, 大 (1967-)
1,2,3 : 一番基本の数学の話
advent of the algorithm, 1999:, The
Advent of the Algorithm: The 300-Year Journey from an Idea to the Computer, The
Advent of the Algorithm: The Idea that Rules the World, The
advent of the algorithm, The : the idea that rules the world
Apfel der Erkenntnis Sir Isaac Newton und die Entschlüsselung des Universums, Der
Applied General Systems Research: Recent Developments and Trends
Black mischief : language, life, logic, luck
Black mischief : the mechanics of modern science
Body Shop: An Aaron Asherfeld Mystery, The
body shop, The : an Aaron Asherfeld mystery
brève histoire des maths récit, Une
clean sweep. -, A
Complexity, Language, and Life: Mathematical Approaches
Darwin's Nemesis: Phillip Johnson and the Intelligent Design Movement
Deniable Darwin and Other Essays, The
Devil's delusion, The : atheism and its scientific pretensions
Dieu n'est pas mort la science n'explique pas tout
Euclid and his Elements
Ichi ni san : Ichiban kihon no sugaku no hanashi.
Infinite ascent : a short history of mathematics
King of Infinite Space: Euclid and His Elements, The
king of infinite space, The : Euclid and his elements
Less than meets the eye : an Aaron Asherfeld mystery
[[List of works on intelligent design#Supportive non-fiction anthologies
Newton's gift : how Sir Isaac Newton unlocked the system of the world
O astrologii i sztuce przepowiadania : tajemnice niebieskiego sklepienia
On system analysis : an essay concerning the limitations of some mathematical methods in the social, political, and biological sciences
On systems analysis : an essay concerning the limitations of some mathematical methods in the social, political, and biological sciences
One, two, three : absolutely elementary mathematics
Origines. L'esprit, la vie, la matière
Philosophy, the cutting edge. -
Rise of Differential Topology, The
roman vrai des mathématiques, Le
Secrets of the Vaulted Sky: Astrology and the Art of Prediction, The
secrets of the vaulted sky, The : astrology and the art of prediction
Shijo saidai no hatsumei arugorizumu : Gendai shakai o tsukuriageta konpon genri.
Surviving the Twentieth Century: Social Philosophy from the Frankfurt School to the Columbia Faculty Seminars
Szatańskie urojenie : ateizm i jego pretensje naukowe
tentation de l'astrologie, La
[[The Devil's Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions]]
tour of the calculus. -, A
Travelers' Tales: The Road Within: True Stories of Transformation
vie rêvée des maths. -, La
史上最大の発明アルゴリズム : 現代社会を造りあげた根本原理