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Chancellor of the Exchequer
Gladston, U. È.
Gladston, Uĭli︠a︡m
Gladston, Vilʹiam Evart
Gladston, Viliam Evart
Gladstone, E. W.
Gladstone, W. E.
Gladstone, William
Gladstone, William E.
Gladstone, William Edward
Gladstone, William Ewart
Gladstone, William Ewart (političar)
Kilāṭsṭan̲, Villiyam Evarṭ
Villiyam Evarṭ Kilāṭsṭan̲
Гладстон, Уильям Юарт
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Language material
Manuscript language material
Nonmusical sound recording
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writer of accompanying material
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Brooke, John (1920-)
Butler, Joseph (1692-1752)
Coppée, François (1842-1908))
Foot, Michael Richard Daniell (1919-...)
Gladstone, W. E. (1809-1898)
Gladstone, William Ewart (1809-1898)
Granville, Granville George Leveson-Gower Earl, 1815-1891
Great Britain Prime Minister (1868-1874 : Gladstone) (see also from)
Great Britain Prime Minister (1880-1885 : Gladstone) (see also from)
Great Britain Prime Minister (1886 : Gladstone) (see also from)
Great Britain Prime Minister (1892-1894 : Gladstone) (see also from)
Guedalla, Philip (1889-1944)
Matthew, H.C.G. (1941-1999)
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray (1941-1999)
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray (1941-1999))
Pitt, William ml.
Ramm, Agatha
Saint Deiniol's library (Hawarden, GB) Hawarden, GB (see also from)
Scrutator (other; 1809-1898; see also from)
Sica, Mário
Sorensen, Mary
Sutter, Julie
Váňa, Jan (1847-1915)
Victoria, Queen of Great Britain (1819-1901)
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Каменский, Андрей Васильевич (1843-)
草間, 時福
Address on the place of ancient Greece in the providential order of the world: delivered before the University of Edinburgh
Angleterre et le home rule, L'
Archaic Greece and the East. -
Arthur Henry Hallam
Bulgarian horrors and Russia in Turkistan, with other tracts, by the right hon. W. E. Gladstone,...
Bulgarian Horrors and the Question of the East
chapter of autobiography., A
Dnevnik Marìi Baškircevoj
financial statements of 1853, 1860-1863; to which are added a speech on tax-bills, 1861, and on charities, 1863., The
Gladstone : an illustrated biography
Gladstone diaries with cabinet minutes and prime-ministerial correspondence, The
Gladstone-Gordon correspondence, 1851-1896; selections from the private correspondence of a British Prime Minister and a colonial Governor.
Gladstone-Granville correspondence, The
Gladstone on woman suffrage
Gladstone's financial statements
Gladstone's speeches, descriptive index and bibliography
Gladstone to his wife;
Gleanings of past years, 1843-78
Government of Ireland Bill, The : speech delivered by the Right Hon. W.E. Gladstone, M.P., in the House of Commons, on moving for leave to introduce a Bill for the better Government of Ireland, on Thursday, 8th April, 1886.
Hellenic factor in the eastern problem, The : with other tracts
Homeric synchronism, an enquiry into the time and place of Homer, by the right hon. W. E. Gladstone,...
impregnable rock of holy scripture., The
Index with Cabinet minutes and prime-ministerial correspondence
Irish Church, The : a speech delivered in the House of Commons on Monday, March 1, 1869
Irish queation: History of an idea; [from old catalog], The
Irish question. I. History of an idea. II. Lessons of the election. By the right hon. W. E. Gladstone,..., The
Jewish homeland (3 min 10 s), The
July 1883-December 1886
Juventus mundi, the gods and men of the heroic age, by... William Ewart Gladstone
Landmarks of Homeric study. Together with an essay on the points of contact between the Assyrian tablets and the Homeric text.
Landmarks of Homerie study together with an essay on the points of contact between the Assyrian tablets and the Homerie text.
letter to the Earl of Aberdeen, on the state prosecutions of the Neapolitan government., A
Midlothian speeches 1879.
might of right; from the writings of William Ewart Gladstone ..., The
Mr. Gladstone at Edinburgh.
Mycenæ; a narrative of researches and discoveries at Mycenæ and Tiryns.
Newman and Gladstone : the Vatican decrees
Odes of Horace, The
On books and the housing of them
Pamphlets printed and distributed by the Women's Anti-Suffrage Association of the Third Judicial District of the State of New York
Parliamentary oaths
Persecution in Tuscany: a call for the protection of religious liberty throughout the World. A letter to the right hon. W. E. Gladstone ...
political correspondence of Mr. Gladstone and Lord Grandville, 1876-1886, The
political correspondence of Mr. Gladstone and lord Granville 1868-1876, The
political correspondence of Mr. Gladstone and Lord Granville, 1876-1886., The
Political correspondence of Mr Gladstone and Lord Granville... Edited by Agatha Ramm,..., The
Political speeches in Scotland, November and December 1879
Protestantism and catholicism in their bearing upon the liberty and prosperity of nations. A study of social economy.
Protestantisme en het Katholicisme, in hun betrekking tot de vrijheid en den voorspoed der volken, Het
Protestantisme et le catholicisme.
Queen and Mr. Gladstone, The
rasto do fundador cerca de 650 citações extraídas dos escritos de, O
relevance of christianity (2 min 04 s), The
Remarks on the royal supremacy as it is defined by reason, history, and the constitution. A letter to the Lord Bishop of London
Remarks upon recent commercial legislation : suggested by the expository statement of the revenue from customs, and other papers lately submitted to Parliament.
return to prosperity and how the League [of Nations] is helping (2 min 52 s), The
Rhetorik und Weltpolitik; eine interdisziplinäre Untersuchung politischer Reden
roll of thoughts from Gladstone, A
Rom und die neuesten Moden in der Religion.
Rome and the newest fashions in religion : three tracts
Rome et le Pape devant la conscience et l'histoire, par W. E. Gladstone,... Traduit par Victor Oger,...
Speech; delivered in the House of Commons on the motion of Sir George Strickland, for the abolition of the Negro apprenticeship, Friday March 30, 1838.
Speech of the Chancellor of the Exchequer on the financial state and prospects of the country, delivered in the House of Commons, on Monday, April 18, 1853
Speeches and addresses delivered at the election of 1865.
speeches and public addresses of the Right Hon. W.E. Gladstone, M.P.,, The : with notes and introductions edited by A.W. Hutton and H.J. Cohen.
Speeches of parliamentary reform in 1866
Speeches of the Right Hon. W.E. Gladstone, M.P. : delivered at Warrington, Ormskirk, Liverpool, Southport, Newton, Leigh, and Wigan, in October, 1868.
speeches of W. E. Gladstone on home rule, criminal law, Welsh and Irish nationality, national debt and the queen's reign, The
Speeches on great questions of the day
Speeches on politics and literature
state in its relations with the church, The
Studies on Homer and the Homeric age...
Studies subsidiary to the Works of Bishop Butler
Talks with Mr. Gladstone
Thoughts from the writings and speeches of William Ewart Gladstone
Travels in the Slavonic provinces of Turkey-in-Europe
Two Letters to the earl of Aberdeen, on the state persecutions of the Neapolitan government, by... W. E. Gladstone,... Thirteenth edition
Two letters to the Earl of Aberdeen, on the state prosecutions of the Neapolitan government.
Vatican decrees in their bearing on civil allegiance, The : a political expostulation
Vaticanism: an answer to reproofs and replies.
Vatikaanse dekreten in hun betrekking op burgerlijke onderdanentrouw, De : een politiek betoog
vatikanishen Dekrete nach ihrer Bedeutung für die Anterthanentreue, Die : eine politische Fragestellung
W. E. Gladstone's homerische Studien, frei bearbeitet von Dr. Albert Schuster,...
W.E. Gladstone-ův boj proti vatikanismu : příspěvek k dějinám politiky církevní
William Ewart Gladstone. Dates.
works of Joseph Butler, D.C.L., sometime lord bishop of Durham, divided into sections; with some occasional notes, also prefatory matter;, The
Вильям Эварт Гладстон