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Geddes, P. (Sir)
Geddes, Patrick
Geddes, Patrick (Scottish biologist and town planner, 1854-1932)
Geddes, Patrick (Sir)
Geddes, Sir Patrick
Patrick Geddes
גדס, פטריק
ゲデス, パトリック
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Branford, Victor (1864-)
Horniman museum, London. [from old catalog]
London County Council
Mumford, Lewis (1895-1990))
Novak, Frank G. (1949- ))
Slater, Gilbert (1864-1938)
Thomson, J. Arthur
Thomson, J. Arthur (1861-1933)
Thomson, John Arthur (1861-1933)
Thomson, John Arthur (1861-1933))
traquair phoebe anna
服部, 新
Biopolis, 2001:
Chapters in modern botany;
Cities in evolution, an introduction to the town planning movement and to the study of civics by Patrick Geddes,...
Città in evoluzione
City development : a study of parks, gardens, and culture-institutes : a report to the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust
Civics as applied sociology
Claims of labour...
classification of statistics and its results, The
coming polity; a study in reconstruction,., The
Dramatisations of history
Early urban planning, 1870-1940
Evergreen, a northern seasonal., The
évolution des villes, L' : une introduction au mouvement de l'urbanisme et à l'étude de l'instruction civique
évolution des villes une introduction au mouvement de l'urbanisme et à l'étude de l'instruction civique, L'
évolution du sexe, L'
Evolution of sex, by professor Patrick Geddes and J. Arthur Thomson..., The
Foundations of Indian economics, by Radhakamal Mukerjee,... with an introduction by Patrick Geddes,..., The
Geddes - Tagore correspondance, The
Geddes - Tagore correspondence, The
Great geographer, A : Elisée Reclus, 1830-1905, by... Patrick Geddes
History and theory of spermatogenesis
Ideal city, The
Ideas at war
Indo kagaku no chichi bōsu : Musen shokubutsu seimei
John Ruskin, economist
Jon rasukin - keizaigakusha
Lewis Mumford and Patrick Geddes : the correspondence
Life and work of sir Jagadis C. Bose,... by Patrick Geddes,..., The
life and work of Sir Jagadis C. Bose, The : an Indian pioneer of science : with portrait and illustrations
Life: outlines of general biology
making of the future
Nature study.
Observations sur le fluide périviscéral des oursins
On some recent contributions to our knowledge of the morphology and physiology of the cell
On the histology of the Pedicellariæ and the muscles of Echinus sphæra (Forbes)
On the life-history of Spirillum
On the nature and functions of the "Yellow cells" of Radiolarians and Cœlenterates
Our social inheritance
Outlook tower, The : essays on urbanization in memory of Patrick Geddes
Palestine in renewal.
Patrick Geddes : a symposium, 1 March 1982
Patrick Geddes in India : [extracts from his official reports on Indian cities in 1915-1919]
Patrick Geddes : spokesman for man and the environment : a selection
Problems of sex
Public health in the Industrial Age
Râja-yoga (ou Conquête de la nature intérieure) conférences faites en 1895-1896 à New York
re-statement of the cell theory, A : with applications to the morphology, classification and physiology of protists, plants and animals : together with an hypothesis of cell-structure and an hypothesis of contractility
re-statement of the cell theory, with applications to the morphology, classification, and physiology of protists, plants, and animals., A
Reports on re-planning of six towns in Bombay Presidency, 1915.
Seibutsu kagaku nyūmon
Seibutsugaku nyūmon
Shinkasuru toshi
Sir Jagadis C. Bose
Sociological papers, by Francis Galton, E. Westermarck, P. Geddes, E. Durkheim, Harold H. Mann and V. V. Branford. With an introductory address by James Bryce,...
story of Edinburgh castle, The
Sur la chlorophylle animale et sur la physiologie des planaires vertes
Syllabus of a course of ten lectures on great cities: their place in geography, and their relation to human development.
Syllabus of a course of ten lectures on The outlooks of the sciences: an introductory course on nature study and geography in education.
Syllabus of a series of ten lectures on the study of London
synthetic outline of the history of biology, A
Tagore-Geddes correspondence, c2004:, The
Tel-Aviv תל-אביב
Theory of growth, reproduction, sex and heredity
Town planning in ancient Dekkan.
Town planning in Colombo.
Town planning in early south India
Town-planning report - Jaffa and Tel-Aviv.
Town planning towards city development; a report to the Durbar of Indore.
Two step in civics: "Cities & town planning exhibition" and the "International congress of cities", Ghent international exhibition, 1913
Viri illustres Acad[emiae] Jacob[i] Sext[i] Scot[orum] reg[is], anno CCCmo
インド科学の父ボース : 無線・植物・生命