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Estrange, Roger l'
Estrange, Roger L’ (Sir)
L'Estrange, R. (Sir)
L'Estrange, Roger
L'Estrange, Roger (Sir)
L, R. (esq)
L, Roger L'Estrange (esq)
Lestrange, Roger
Letranž, Rožer
Letranzh, Rozher
Observator (pseudonym)
R. L, Roger L’Estrange (esq)
R. L. S (pseudonym)
R. L. S, Roger L’Estrange, Sir
Roger (the Fidler)
Roger the Fidler (pseudonym)
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Language material
Notated music
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Aesopus (600-500 a.C.))
Calder, Alexander (1898-1976)
Cicero, Marcus Tullius (106-43 f.Kr)
Erasmus, Desiderius (d. 1536.)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Quevedo, Francisco de (1580-1645)
Sare, Richard (Londen)
Seneca, Lucius Annaeus (ca. 4 B.C.-65 A.D.)
Sousa, António Alberto Marinho Duarte de (1896-1950)
Account of the growth of knavery under the pretended fears of arbitrary government and popery : with a parallel betwixt the reformers of 1677 and those of 1641 in their methods and designs
address to the free-men and free-holders of the nation., An
Answer to a letter to a dissenter, upon occasion of his majesties late gracious declaration of indulgence
Answer to a seditious pamphlet entitled Eye-salve for the English Army, &c.
Apology, with a short view of some late remarkable transactions
Appeal humbly submitted to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty and the three estates assembled in Parliament
Aquilæ Cruso, του μακαριτου, Ἐυδαιμων Aristotelicus ; Richardi Watson Ludio Paræneticus ; orationes olim habitæ Cantabrigiæ, in solemni professione filiorum, artium candidatorum. Prioris adhuc Antimachus Gigantum ; posterioris alia, quorum versa post epistolam pagina indicem aperiet..
Case put, concerning the succession of his royal highness the duke of york
choice humorous and satirical works., The
Citt and Bumpkin (1680)
Citt and Bumpkin in a dialogue over a pot of ale concerning matters of religion and government
Citt and bumpkin, the second part, or, A learned discourse upon swearing and lying, and other laudable qualities tending to a thorow reformation
Considerations upon a printed sheet entituled The speech of the late Lord Russel to the sheriffs together with the paper delivered by him to them, at the place of execution, on July 21, 1683
Epistulae morales ad Lucilium.
Estrange's case in a civil dialogue betwixt 'Zekiel and Ephraim., L'
Ezopovy basni
fables d'Ésope et de plusieurs autres excellens mythologistes, Les
Fables of Aesop
Five love-letters from a nun to a cavalier.
Freedom of the press: Sir Roger L'Estrange's tracts and others, 1660-1681.
Goodman Country to his worship the city of London
Histoire de la conspiration faite contre Charles II. roy d'Angleterre, et Jaques II. son frere et son successeur, auparavant duc dYorc.
History of the civil wars of France by Henrico Caterino Davila
History of the life of æsop
Interest Mistaken: Or, The Holy Cheat: Proving From the undeniable Practises & Positions of the Presbyterians, that the Design of that Party is to enslave both King and People under the Masque of Religion. By way of Observation upon a Treatise, Intituled, The Interest of England in the Matter of Religion, &c
Lestrange's narrative of the Plot set forth for the edification of His Majesties liege-people
memento directed to all those that truly reverence the memory of king Charles the Martyr; and as passionately wish the honour, safety, and happinesse of his royale successour, our most gratious sovereign Charles the II., A
Modest plea both for the caveat and the author of it : with some notes upon mr. james howell and his sober inspections
No blinde guides, in answer to a seditious pamphlet of J. Milton's intitul.ed Brief notes upon a late sermon titl'd, the fear of God and the king.
Observator in dialogue
officiis. English., De
Physician cure thy self
Relaps'd apostate: or notes upon a presbyterian pamphlet, entituled, a petition for peace &c. wherein the faction and design are laid as open as heart can wish
Reply to the reasons of the oxford-clergy against addressing
Selections from the Observator (1681-1687)
Seneca's morals, by way of abstract... the 4th edition, to which is added a discourse, under the title of : an After thought, by Sir R. L'Estrange,...
State-divinity ; or a supplement to The relaps'd apostate ...
To the right honorable Edward, earl of Clarendon, Lord High Chancellor of England, the humble apology of R- L'E-.
Toleration discuss'd
triumphing English commanders, or, The rebells overthrow and utter desolation, 1685?:, The
Twenty two select colloquies out of Erasmus Roterodamus : pleasantly representing several superstitious levities that were crept into the Church of Rome in his days
Vindication from the calumnies of a malitious party in Kent
visions of Dom Francisco de Quevedo Villegas..., The
Whipp a whipp, for the schismaticall animadverter upon the bishop of worcester's letter
Word concerning libels and libellers humbly presented to the right honorable sir john moor, lord-mayor of london, and the right worshipfull the aldermen his brethren
works of Flavius Josephus, The
Works. Selections