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Dornbuš, R.
Dornbusch, R.
Dornbusch, Rudi
Dornbusch, Rüdiger
Dornbusch, Rudiger W.
Dornbush, Rüdiger
Дорнбуш, Р
Дорнбуш, Рудигер
ドーンブッシュ, R
ドーンブッシュ, ラディガー
ドーンブッシュ, ルーディガー
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Abel, Andrew
Armella, Pedro Aspe
Begg, David
Begg, David K. H.
Bergsten, C. Fred
Bernier, Bernard (1939-....))
Blanchard, Olivier Jean
Boycko, Maxim
Branson, William H.
Bruno, Michael
Buiter, Willem H.
Cardoso, Eliana
Cardoso, Eliana A
Cardoso, Eliana A.
Claessens, Stijn
Cooper, R.N.
Czarny, Bogusław
Dabrowski, Marek
Dantas, Daniel Valente
Dooley, Michael
Dornbusch, R.
Dornbusch, Rudger
Dornbusch, Rudi
Dornbusch, Rüdiger
Dornbusch, Rudiger et al
Dornbusch, Rudiger W.
Edwards, Sebastián
European Commission. Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs
Favero, Carlo
Favero, Carlo A
Favero, Carlo A.
Fischer, S.
Fischer, Stanley
Fischer, Stanly
Frankel, Jeffrey
Frankel, Jeffrey A.
Frenkel, Jacob A
Frenkel, Jacob A.
Giavazzi, Francesco
Giovannini, Alberto
Goldfajn, Ilan
Harvard University Department of Economics Affiliation (see also from)
Hernández-Catá, Ernesto
Huizinga, John
Jacquet, Pierre
Jaffee, Dwight
Jeffrey, Rudiger Dornbusch and Frankel
Johnson, Thomas S.
Kanamori, Hisao
Krueger, Anne O.
Krugman, Paul
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Affiliation (see also from)
Matkowski, Zbigniew
Mussa, Michael
Namiki, Nobuyoshi
National Bureau of Economic Research Affiliation (see also from)
Obstfeld, Maurice
Okita, Saburo
Pablo, Juan Carlos de
Park, Yung Chul
Pechman, Clarice
Polskie Wydawnictwo Ekonomiczne
Rapacki, Ryszard
Reynoso, Alejandro
Rocha, Roberto Rezende
Samuelson, P. A.
Samuelson, Paul A
Schmalensee, Richard
Silva, Adroaldo Moura da
Simões, Demétrio
Simonsen, Mario Henrique
Sparks, Gordon R.
Startz, Richard (1952-)
Sturzenegger, Ferico
Tella, Guido Di
University of Chicago, Department of Economics
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dept. of Political Science
Valdés, Rodrigo O.
Werner, Alejandro
Wolf, Holger
Wolf, Holger C
Wolf, Holger C.
adjustment mechanism: theory and problems, The
After Asia: new directions for the international financial system
Alternative Price Stabilization Rules and the Effects of Exchange Rate Changes.
Alternative solutions to developing-country debt problems
Anticipated Budget Deficits and the Term Structure of Interest Rates
Argentina: Debt and Macroeconomic Instability
Argentina Since Martinez De Hoz
Aspects of a monetary theory of currency depreciation
Austral Plan, The
Australian economy, The : a view from the North
Avenues and Obstacles to Growth
Bid-Ask Spread in the Black Market for Dollars in Brazil: A Note., The
Black Market for Dollars in Brazil., The
Brazil's Incomplete Stabilization and Reform
Brazil's Tropical Plan.
Brazilian Debt: A Requiem for Muddling Through
Case for Trade Liberalization in Developing Countries, The
Chilean economy, The : policy lessons and challenges
Collapsing exchange rate regimes
Commentary : monetary policy and asset market volatility
Comparative Advantage, Trade, and Payments in a Ricardian Model with a Continuum of Goods.
Consumption opportunities and the real value of the external debt
Consumption, Real Balances and the Hoarding Function.
Contagion: Understanding How It Spreads.
Credibility, Debt and Unemployment: Ireland's Failed Stabilization
Currency Crises and Collapses
Currency Depreciation, Hoarding, and Relative Prices.
Da estabilização ao crescimento
Debt and macroeconomic instability in Argentina
Debt and monetary policy : the policy issues
Debt Problems and the World Macro Economy
Debt Problems and the World Macroeconomy
défis macro-économiques mondiaux des dix années à venir, Les
Devaluation, Money, and Nontraded Goods.
dollar: how much further depreciation do we need?, The
dollar in the 1990s: competitiveness and the challenges of new economic blocs, The
Dollars, debts, and deficits
Domestic Adjustment to Balance of Payments Disequilibrium: Discussion.
Doubts About the McKinnon Standard.
East German Economic Reconstruction
east–west migration
Economic Transition in Eastern Germany
Effectiveness of Exchange-Rate Changes., The
EMS, The Dollar and the Yen, The
End of the German Miracle., The
Equilibrium and Disequilibrium Exchange Rates
Essay No.149,December 1982. from Rambouillet to Versailles:a symposium
Estabilização da inflação com o apoio de políticas de rendas - um exame da experiência na Argentina, Brasil e Israel
Europe 1992: Macroeconomics Implications
Exchange Rate Dynamics
Exchange Rate Economics: 1986.
Exchange Rate Economics: Where Do We Stand?
Exchange rate expectations and monetary policy
Exchange Rate Risk and the Macroeconomics of Exchange Rate Determination
Exchange Rate Rules and Macroeconomic Stability
Exchange Rates and Fiscal Policy in a Popular Model of International Trade.
Exchange rates and inflation
Exchange Rates and Prices.
Exchange Rates and the Current Account.
Exercices et problèmes corrigés de microéconomie
Expectations and Exchange Rate Dynamics.
Experiences with Extreme Monetary Instability
External Balance Correction: Depreciation or Protection
External Debt, Budget Deficits and Disequilibrium Exchange Rates
Extreme Inflation: Dynamics and Stabilization
Fatores financeiros no desenvolvimento econômico.
Felxible Exchange Rates in the Short Run
Fewer monies, better monies
Financial factors in economic development
Financial opening : policy lessons for Korea
Financial policies and the world capital market : the problem of Latin American countries
Fiscal Aspects of Monetary Integration.
Flexible Exchange Rate and Excess Capital Mobility
Flexible Exchange Rate System: Experience and Alternatives., The
Flexible Exchange Rates and Interdependence [with Comments] (Taux de change flexibles et interdépendance) (Tipos de cambio flexibles e interdependencia)
Foreign private capital flows
Foundations of economics
Framework for Exchange Rate Policy in Korea, A
France et l'union économique et monétaire européenne, La
From Martinez de Hoz to Alfonsin
From Stabilization to Growth
Fuga de capitais : questões políticas e mensuração
Gendai kokusai kin'yū
Global warming : economic policy responses
Gold Standard and the Bank of England in the Crisis of 1847, The
Heckscher- Ohlin Trade Theory with a Continuum of Goods.
How should central banks reduce inflation? conceptual issues (commentary)
immediate challenges for the European Central Bank, The
inflación moderada, La
Inflation and Growth: Alternative Approaches.
Inflation, Capital, and Deficit Finance.
Inflation, Exchange Rates and Stabilization
Inflation Stabilization and Capital Mobility
Inflation Stabilization: The Experience of Israel, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, and Mexico
Inflation stabilization with incomes policy support : a review of the experience in Argentina, Brazil, and Israel
Intergenerational and international trade
International Aspects of Financial Crises
International debt and economic instability
International economic policy : theory and evidence
International Exchange Rates and the Macroeconomics of Open Economies: Discussion.
International money & debt : challenges for the world economy
Internationale Handels- und Kapitalströme bei flexiblen Wechselkursen
Introduction to "Financial Policies and the World Capital Market: The Problem of Latin American Countries"
Introduction to "Reform, Recovery, and Growth: Latin America and the Middle East"
Introduction to "The Macroeconomics of Populism in Latin America"
Ireland and Europe's New Money
Keys to prosperity free markets, sound money, and a bit of luck
Klucz do sukcesu : wolne rynki, zdrowy pieniądz i odrobina szczęścia
Korean Growth Policy
Lessons from Experiences with High Inflation.
macroeconomía del populismo en la América Latina., La
Macroeconomic Populism in Latin America
macroeconomics of populism in Latin America, The
Makuro keizaigaku.
Malaysia’s Crisis: Was It Different?
México: estabilización, deuda y crecimiento
Mexico: Stabilization, Reform, and No Growth
Model of the Black Market for Dollars, A
Moderate inflation
Monetary overhang and reforms in the 1940s
Monetary policy in Europe after Maastricht
Monetary policy in the open economy
Monetary Policy Under Exchange Rate Flexibility
Monetary problems of post-communism : lessons from the end of the Austro-Hungarian empire
Monetary Stabilization, Intervention and Real Appreciation
Money, capital mobility, and trade essays in honor of Robert A. Mundell
Money demand during hyperinflation
Multiple Exchange Rates for Commercial Transactions
New Classical Macroeconomics and Stabilization Policy., The
New Directions for Research
new international architecture, The
Notes on Credibility and Stabilization
Notes on Growth and the Balance of Payments.
Notes on Intertemporal Trade in Goods and Money
O fim do império austro-húngaro e suas lições para a ex-URSS
O mercado negro de dólares no Brasil
Open Economy: Implications for Monetary and Fiscal Policy, The
Open Economy Macroeconomics: New Directions
Open economy, The : tools for policymakers in developing countries
Open Economy: Tools for Policymakers in Developing Countries, The
Optimal Commodity and Trade Taxes.
Our LDC debts
Overview of Debt and Macroeconomic Problems, An
Panel Discussion on Southern Cone
Plan Tropical del Brasil., El
Policies to Move from Stabilization to Growth
Policy and Performance Links between LDC Debtors and Industrial Nations
Policymaking in the open economy : concepts and case studies in economic performance
Political economy of Argentina, 1946-83, The
portfolio balance model of the open economy, A
Post-communist reform : pain and progress
Postwar economic reconstruction and lessons for the East today
PPP Exchange-Rate Rules and Macroeconomic Stability.
primer on emerging market crises, A
problema de la deuda: algunas soluciones, El
Process of High Inflation, The
Progress Report on Argentina
Prosperity or Price Stability.
Public debt and fiscal responsibility
Public debt management theory and history
Purchasing power parity and exchange rate problems introduction
Real Exchange Rates and Macroeconomics: A Selective Survey.
Real Interest Rates, Home Goods, and Optimal External Borrowing.
red letter day?, A
reform in eastern europe
Reform, recovery, and growth : Latin America and the Middle East
Relative Prices, Employment and the Trade Balance in a Model With International Goods
Remarks on the 2001 Mundell-Fleming Lecture
Restoring Europe's Prosperity: Macroeconomic Papers from the Centre for European Policy Studies
road to economic recovery, The : report of the Twentieth Century Fund Task Force on International Debt : background paper
Robert A. Mundell's Nobel Memorial Prize.
Robert Mundell--Laureate in Economics
Should the IMF pursue capital-account convertibility ?
Sistemas fiscal y administración tributaria : análisis de dos realidades, España y Argentina : [seminario]
Some Debt History
Special Exchange Rates for Capital Account Transactions.
Stabilization, debt, and reform : policy analysis for developing countries
Stabilization policies in developing countries: What have we learned?
Sterling and the External Balance
Sterling and the External Exchange
Stiglitz contra el FMI: otra visión
stopping high inflation
Stopping Hyperinflation: Lessons from the German Inflation Experience of the 1920s
Stopping hyperinflations past and present
Structural adjustment in Latin America, c1991:
Tariffs and nontraded goods
Taxa de juros e depósitos em moeda estrangeira no Brasil
Teoría de los Regímenes de Tipos de Cambio Flexibles y la Política Macroeconómica, La
Theory of Flexible Exchange Rate Regimes and Macroeconomic Policy., The
Three Papers on Brazilian Trade and Payments
Tipo de Cambio y Política Fiscal en un Difundido Modelo de Comercio Internacional
Tipos de cambio especiales para transacciones en cuenta de capital
Trade and industrial policy reform in Latin America
Two Notes on Exchange Rate Rules and on the Real Value of External Debt
U.S. Economy and the Dollar, The
Uma questão para as exportações brasileiras de produtos manufaturados
Wiederaufbau Deutschlands nach dem Zweiten Welkrieg, Der : Lehren für Osteuropa
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Chicago, Department of Economics