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A-lo, Kʻen-ni-ssu
Arrow, K. J.
Arrow, Kenneth
Arrow, Kenneth J.
Arrow, Kenneth Joseph
Errou, K. Dž
Эрроу, Кеннет Дж
アロー, ケネス・J
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Akerlof, George A.
Aliprantis, Charalambos D.
Arrow, K J
Arrow, K.J.
Arrow, Kenneth
Arrow, Kenneth J
Arrow, KennethJ.
Atkinston, Anthony B.
Bailey, Elizabeth E.
Barrett, Scott
Bensoussan, Alain
Bernheim, B. Douglas
Bolin, Bert
Borzekowski, Ron
Bradford, David F.
Carpenter, Stephen R.
Chang, Sheldon
Cohen, Linda
Cohen, Linda R.
Columbia University
Costanza, Robert
Dasgupta, Partha
Dasgupta, ParthaS.
David, Paul
David, Paul A.
Debreu, Gerard
DeMuth, Christopher
Dreze, Jacques H.
Eads, George C.
Feldstein, Martin S.
Feng, Qi
Fisher, Anthony C
Fitzsimmons, Stephen J.
Forsythe, Robert
Gorham, Michael
Goulder, Lawrence
Goulder, Lawrence H.
Hahn, Frank
Hahn, Frank H.
Hammond, Peter J.
Harberger, ARNOLD C.
Heal, Geoffrey
Heller, Walter P.
Hemphill, C. Scott
Hurwicz, Leonid
International Economic Association
Intriligator, Michael D.
Intriligator, Michael David (1938-)
Karlin, Samuel (1923-2007)
Kehoe, Timothy J.
Kenneth J. Arrow, B. Douglas Bernheim Martin S. Feldstein Daniel L. McFadden James M. Poterba y Robert M. Solow
Kenneth J. Arrow, Stanford University
Kurz, Mordecai
Lave, Lester B.
Levhari, David
Levin, Simon
Lind, Robert C
Mäler, Karl-Göran
Partha Dasgupta, University of Cambridge
Radner, R
Raynaud, Hervé
Samojlik, Bazyli
Sen, A. K.
Sen, Amartya
Sen, Amartya (1933-...)
Sen, Amartya (1933-)
Sen, Amartya Kumar (1933-)
Sheshinski, Eytan
Snowberg, Erik
Stanford University / Department of Economics
Starr, Ross M.
Sunstein, Cass R.
Suzumura, K.
Suzumura, Kotaro
Suzumura, Kotaro (1944-)
Tol, Richard S. J.
Varian, Hal R.
Walker, Brian
Yrjo Jahnssonin saatio
Zitzewitz, Eric
Гольштейн, Е. Г. (1931-)
Гольштейн, Евгений Григорьевич (1931-)
長名, 寬明 (1942-)
`Classificatory Notes on the Production and Transmission of Technological Knowledge', American
`Economic Welfare and the Allocation of Resources for Invention'
`Vertical Integration and Communication', Bell Journal of Economics, 6 (1), Spring, 173-83
100 años de la American Economic Review: los 20 artículos más destacados
100 Years of the emAmerican Economic Review/em: The Top 20 Articles
(1962), `The Economic Implications of Learning by Doing', Review of Economic Studies, XXIX (3), June, 155-73
Agency and the market
Allocation of Resources in Large Teams.
Amartya K. Sen's Contributions to the Study of Social Welfare.
Are We Consuming Too Much? Response
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Basic Economics of Arms Reduction, The
Benefit-Cost Analysis in Environmental, Health, and Safety Regulation: A Statement of Principles
Chapter Thirteen - Kenneth Arrow on Social Choice Theory
Classificatory Notes on the Production and Transmission of Technological Knowledge.
Collected papers of Kenneth J. Arrow
combination of time series and cross-section data in interindustry flow analysis, The
Comment on Cooper., A
Comment on "The Historical Origins of 'Open Science'" (by Paul David)
Conspicuous consumption, inconspicuous leisure
Control in Large Organizations
Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998: An Economic Analysis, The
Difficulty in the Concept of Social Welfare, A
Difficulty in the Concept of Social Welfare', Journal of Political Economy, 58, 328-46, `A
Discounting, Morality, and Gaming
Distinguished Fellow: Herbert Scarf's Contributions to Economics
Does a Good Place Value News?
Economic growth, carrying capacity, and the environment
Economic History: A Necessary Thought Not Sufficient Condition for an Economist: Maine and Texas.
Economic Implications of Learning by Doing', Review of Economic Studies, XXIX (3), June, 155-73, `The
Economic Transition: Speed and Scope
Economic Welfare and the Allocation of Resources for Invention
Economics of Agency', in John W. Pratt and Richard J. Zeckhauser (eds), Principals and Agents, `The : The Structure of Business, Chapter 2, Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press, 37-51
economics of information: An exposition, The
Economics of Inventive Activity over Fifty Years, The
Environmental Preservation, Uncertainty, and Irreversibility.
Evaluating Projects and Assessing Sustainable Development in Imperfect Economies
Extended Sympathy and the Possibility of Social Choice.
Extension of the Basic Theorems of Classical Welfare Economics', in Jerzy Neyman (ed.), Proceedings of the Second Berkeley Symposium on Mathematical Statistics and Probability, Berkeley and Los Angeles, `An : University of California Press, 507-32
external costs of voting rules: a note on Guttman, Buchanan, and Tullock, The
five most significant developments in economics of the twentieth century, The
Foreword to the Symposium in Honor of Mordecai Kurz
Freedom and Social Choice: Notes in the Margin
Future and the Present in Economic Life., The
General Economic Equilibrium: Purpose, Analytic Techniques, Collective Choice.
General Resilience to Cope with Extreme Events
Genetic diversity and interdependent crop choices in agriculture
Genuine Saving Criterion and the Value of Population in an Economy with Endogenous Population Changes, The
genuine savings criterion and the value of population, The
Global Climate Change : A Challenge to Policy
Handbook of Mathematical Economics
Handbook of Social Choice and Welfare
Higher education as a filter
How Should Benefits and Costs Be Discounted in an Intergenerational Context?
In Memoriam: John C. Harsanyi
Increasing returns: historiographic issues and path dependence
Information, Responsibility, and Human Services
Informational Structure of the Firm.
Intergenerational Equity and the Rate of Discount in Long-Term Social Investment
Introductory remarks on the history of game theory
Invaluable Goods
Is there a role for benefit-cost analysis in environmental, health, and safety regulation?
Jacob Marschak's contributions to the economics of decision and information
John C. Harsanyi 1920-2000.
la rationalité - de l'individu et des autres - dans un système économique, De
Limited Knowledge and Economic Analysis.
Limited network connections and the distribution of wages
Methodological Individualism and Social Knowledge.
More Than Forty Prominent Economists Urge Supreme Court to Allow EPA to Consider Costs and Consequences of Clean Air Regulations
New Ideas in Pure Theory: Discussion.
note on uncertainty and discounting in models of economic growth, A
Notes on Sequence Economies, Transaction Costs, and Uncertainty
'Nozick's Entitlement Theory of Justice', Philosophia, 7, June, 265-79
On a Theorem of Arrow: Comment.
Optimal consumer allocation over an infinite horizon
Optimal Growth with Irreversible Investment in a Ramsey Model.
Optimal pricing, use, and exploration of uncertain natural resource stocks
Optimal public investment policy and controllability with fixed private savings ratio
Organization of Economic Activity, `The : Issues Pertinent to the Choice of Market versus Nonmarket Allocation', in Julius Margolis and Robert H. Haveman (eds), Public Expenditures and Policy Analysis, Chapter 2, Chicago, IL: Markham Publishing Company, 59-73
Organization of Economic Activity, `The : Issues Pertinent to the Choice of Market Versus Nonmarket Allocation', in Robert H. Haveman and Julius Margolis (eds), Public Expenditure and Policy Analysis, Chapter 2, 2nd edition, Chicago, IL: Rand McNally College Publishing Company, 67-81
Permanent and Transitory Substitution Effects in Health Insurance Experiments.
Personal Agenda for the Next Decade, A
Political and Economic Evaluation of Social Effects and Externalities
Population, development, and human natures
problèmes de la répartition des ressources affectées aux soins médicaux aux Etats-Unis, Les
Production Function for the Repairman Problem., A
Promise of Prediction Markets, The
Public Economics Real Author-Name:Vickrey,William
Rational Choice Functions and Orderings, Economica, XXVI (102), May, 121-7
Rationality of Self and Others in an Economic System.
Real and Nominal Magnitudes in Economics
Report of the IEA Committee on a new School of Economics and Economic Development (SEED) in the Third World
Ricardo's Work as Viewed by Later Economists
Risk Allocation and Information: Some Recent Theoretical Developments
Risk Perception in Psychology and Economics.
Role of Securities in the Optimal Allocation of Risk-Bearing', Review of Economic Studies, 31 (2), April, 91-6, `The
Role of Securities in the Optimal Allocation of Risk-bearing', Review of Economic Studies, XXXI, 91-6, `The
Role of Securities in the Optimal Allocation of Risk-bearing, The
Samuelson Collected
Scale Returns in Communication and Elite Control of Organizations.
Social choice and individual values
Social Choice and Multicriterion Decision-Making
Some Developments in Economic Theory Since 1940: An Eyewitness Account
Statement on the Appropriate Role for Research and Development in Climate Policy, A
Stochastic processes
Studies in Resource Allocation Processes
Sustainability and the measurement of wealth
Symposium on Information and Knowledge: Arrow Correspondence
Technical Information and Industrial Structure.
Theory of Discrimination, The
Theory of Risk-Bearing: Small and Great Risks., The
Transition from socialism
Uncertainty and the Evaluation of Public Investment Decisions: Reply.
Uniqueness of the Internal Rate of Return with Variable Life of Investment.
Use of Unbounded Utility Functions in Expected-Utility Maximization: Response., The
Utilitarian Approach to the Concept of Equality in Public Expenditure., A
Vertical Integration and Communication
Welfare Analysis of Changes in Health Coinsurance Rates
What Has Economics to Say about Racial Discrimination?
Winter on Schumpeter on the firm: some issues of intertemporal continuity
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Thesis (M.A.)--Columbia University, 1941