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Obolenski, Dimitri
Obolenski, Dmitriĭ
Obolenskiĭ, Dimitriĭ
Obolenskij, Dimitrij
Obolenskij, Dimitrij Dimitrijevič
Obolenskij, Dmitrij Dmitrijevič
Obolensky, D.
Obolensky, Dimitri
Obolensky, Dmitri
Оболенский, Дмитрий
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Aubert, Roger (1914-2009)
Auty, Robert
Daniélou, Jean (cardinal)
Jézéquel, Laurent
Kingsford, Anthony
Knowles, David (1896-1974)
Knowles, David M.
Knowles, M. David
Rogier, L. J.
Rogier, Ludovicus Jacobus (1894-1974)
Runciman, Steven (1903-2000)
School for International Training
Art treasures in Russia , monuments, masterpieces, commissions and collections. [By Tamara Talbot Rice, David Talbot Rice, Sergei Hackel, John Stuart, etc.] Introduction by prince Dimitri Obolensky,..
Bogomilite, 1998:
Bogomils ... 1948:, The
Bogomils, a study in Balkan Neo-Manichaeism, by Dimitri Obolensky,.., The
Bogomils, The : a study in Balkan Neo-Manichaeism
bogomils, The : a study in Balkan Neo-Manicheism
Bogumili : studija o balkanskom neomaniheizmu
Bread of exile : a Russian family
Byzantine commonwealth, Eastern Europe, 500-1453. Dimitri Obolensky,.., The
Byzantine inheritance of Eastern Europe, The
Byzantium and the Slavs collected studies
Byzantium and the Slaws : collected studies
Byzantium, Kiev, and Moscow:
Christian centuries, by David Knowles and Dimitri Obolensky, The
christian centuries, The : a new history of the catholic Church
christianisme oriental et les doctrines dualistes, Le
Commonwealth bizantino; l'Europa orientale dal 500 al 1453., Il
Companion to Russian studies
Cyrille et Méthode et la christianisation des Slaves.
Foreign aid and democracy building in Africa ; New England community members perspective on the use of foreign aid as a tool for promoting democracy in developing nations
Früh- und Hochmittelalter
Geschichte der Kirche
Geschiedenis van de Kerk
heritage of Cyril and Methodius in Russia., The
heritage of Russian verse, The
Historia Kościoła. 2
historical Russian reader: a selection of texts from the eleventh to the sixteenth centuries;, A
idade media, A
Iglesia en la Edad Media, La
Imperator Nikolaĭ II i ego t︠s︡arstvovanie (1894-1917)
Imperator Nikolaj II i ego carstvovanie (1894-1917) ; izd. Dmitrija Dmitrieviǎ Obolenskago
Introduction to Russian Art and Architecture, An
introduction to Russian history, An
Introduction to Russian Language and Literature, An
Late Byzantine culture and the slavs a study in acculturation
Middle Ages, The
Moyen âge, Le
Nouvelle histoire de l'Église
Očerki vizantijskoj kulʹtury po dannym grečeskoj agiografiiv
Ocherki vizantiĭskoĭ kulʹtury po dannym grecheskoĭ agiografii
Penguin book of Russian verse, The : with plain prose translations of each poem
principles and methods of byzantine diplomacy, The
Proceedeings of the thirteenth International Congress of Byzantine Studies
Proceedeings of the XIIIth International Congress of Byzantine Studies : Oxford, 5-10 September 1966
Proceedings of the 13th International Congress of Byzantine Studies
Proceedings of the XIIIth International Congress of Byzantine studies, Oxford, 5-10 Sept. 1966
Proceedings of the XIIIth International Congress of Byzantine Studies : Oxford 5-10 september 1966
Proceedingsof the 13th International congress of Byzantine studies, Oxford, 5-10 September 1966. Edited by J. M. Hussey, D. Obolensky, S. Runciman
relations between Byzantium and Russia (eleventh to fifteenth century), The
relations between Byzantium and Russia, The : (eleventh to fifteenth century) : XIII International Congress of Historical Sciences, Moscow, August 16-23 1970
Russian chronicles, The : a thousand years that changes the world : from the beginnings of the land of Rus to the new revolution of glasnost today
Russian verse
Saints Cyril and Methodius, apostles of the Slavs
Šest vizantiski portreti
Six Byzantine portraits
Srednji vek : (600 - 1500)
Sts. Cyril and Methodius, apostles of the Slavs
Studies on Byzantine history of the 9th and 10th centuries
Vizantiĭskata obshtnost, 2001:
Vizantiĭskoe sodruzhestvo nat︠s︡ii, 1998:
Vizantijski komonvelt
Vizantijskoe sodružestvo nacij ; Sest' vizantijskih portretov
Vizantiskiot komonvelt : istočna Evropa 500-1453
Император Николай II и его царствование (1894-1917)
Advisor -- Suzanne Simon
Thesis (M.A. in Sustainable Development) -- School for International Training, 2007