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Anglois témoin de la Révolution, Un
Anglois témoin de la Révolution, Un (pseudonym)
Beerk, Edmund
Berḳ, Edmand
Bërk, Ėdmund
Book'u, Edumondu
Bŏŏkʻŭ, Edŭmŏndŭ
Booku, Edumondu
Bundelcund, Edmund
Burke, E.
Burke, Edmond
Burke, Edmund
Burke, Edmund (British statesman, 1729-1797)
Edmund Burke
Late noble writer
Бёрк, Эдмунд
ברק, אדמנד
バーク, エドマンド
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Burke, William
Copeland, Thomas W.
ebrary, Inc
Fitzwilliam, Charles William Wentworth Fitzwilliam (1786-1857))
Langford, Paul
Marshall, Peter James
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
O'Brien, Conor Cruise (1917-2008))
Payne, Edward John (1844-1904))
Peltier, Mr (fl. 1796)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Reynolds, Joshua Sir, 1723-1792
Tierno Galván, Enrique (1918-1986)
Todd, William B.
Turner, Frank Miller (1944-2010)
Willis, Judge
Woods, John A.
Woods, John Aubin
Wright, J. (fl. 1761-1765) (John))
ברונובסקי, יורם (1948-2001)
中野, 好之 (1931-)
account of the European settlements in America, An : in six parts ... each part contains an accurate description of the settlements in it, their extent, climate, productions, trade, genius and disposition of their inhabitants, the interests of the several powers of Europe with respect to those settlements and their political and commercial views with regard to each other : in two volumes.
Annual register of world events. [from old catalog]
appeal from the new to the old Whigs, in consequence of some late discussions in Parliament, An : relative to the reflections on the French Revolution.
Betrachtungen über die französische Revolution
Burke's speech on conciliation with America
Burke's speeches and letters on american affairs
Conciliation with the colonies;
Correspondence of Edmund Burke... Edited by Thomas W. Copeland, The
Correspondence of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke : between the year 1744 and the period of his decease, in 1797.
Correspondenceof Edmund Burke... Edited by Thomas W. Copeland, The
Discours de M. Burke sur la situation actuelle de la France, prononcé par ce célèbre orateur et un des chefs de l'opposition, dans la Chambre des Communes d'Angleterre, le 9 février 1790, lors du fameux débat sur les estimations de l'armée. Traduit littéralement de l'anglais et dédié à l'Assemblée nationale
Dodsley's annual register
Edmund Burke
Edomando bāku chosakushū.
Furansu kakumei ni tsuite no seisatsu.
Gendai fuman no gen'in ni kansuru kōsatsu
Indagación filosófica sobre el origen de nuestras ideas acerca de lo sublime y de lo bello
investigação filosófica acerca da origem das nossas idéias do sublime e do belo, Uma
Letter from a gentleman in the English House of Commons
letter from Edmund Burke, esq., A
letter from Mr. Burke to a member of the National Assembly, A : in answer to some objections to his book on French affairs.
Letter from the right honourable Edmund Burke to a noble lord on the attacks made upon him and his pension, in the House of Lords, by the Duke of Bedford and the Earl of Lauderdale, early in the present sessions of Parliament, A
letter from the Rt. Honourable Edmund Burke to His Grace the Duke of Portland, on the conduct of the minority in Parliament, A : containing fifty-four articles of impeachment against the Rt. Hon. C.J. Fox, from the original copy, in the possession of the noble Duke.
Lettre de M. Burke, a un membre de l'Assemblée nationale de France
Lettre de M. Burke, membre de la chambre des communes d'Angleterre, au traducteur de son discours sur la situation actuelle de la France, contenant son opinion sur la permanence de l'assemblée nationale et le décret sur la religion
Lettre du très-honorable Edmond Burke à un noble lord, sur les attaques dirigées contre lui dans la Chambre des Pairs, par le duc de Bedfort et le comte de Lauderdale, au sujet de ses opinions sur le Gouvernement anglais et sur la Révolution française. Traduite sur la 6e édition de Londres
O pochodzeniu idej wzniosłości i piękna
Obra selecta
Observations on a late state of the nation ...
On taste ; On the sublime and beautiful ; Reflections on the French Revolution ; A letter to a Noble Lord
philosophical enquiry into the origin of our ideas of the sublime and beautiful., A
Philosophische Untersuchung über den Ursprung unserer Ideen vom Erhabenen und Schönen
Pre-revolutionary writings
Recherche philosophique sur l'origine de nos idées du sublime et du beau, par Edmund Burke. Traduit de l'anglais sur la septième édition avec un précis de la Vie de l'auteur, par E. Lagentie de Lavaïsse
Reflections on the French revolution and other essays
Reflections on the revolution in France, and on the proceedings in certain societies in London relative to that event. In a letter intended to have been sent to a gentleman in Paris. By the Right Honourable Edmund Burke.
Reflexiones sobre la Revolución Francesa
Réflexions sur la révolution de France, et sur les procédés de certaines sociétés à Londres, relatifs à cet événement, en forme d'une lettre qui avait dû être envoyée d'abord à un jeune homme à Paris, par le right honourable Edmund Burke. Traduit de l'anglais, sur la troisième édition, en 364 pages
Réflexions sur la Révolution de France, et sur les procédés de certaines sociétés, relatifs à cette révolution. Extrait du livre de M. Burke, troisième édition imprimée à Londres
Réflexions sur la révolution de France, par Ed. Burke, publiées en 1790. Nouvelle édition avec des notes par J. A. A*** (Auvray)
Réflexions sur la Révolution de France suivi d'un choix de textes de Burke sur la Révolution
Réflexions sur la Révolution française
Reports on administration of justice in India
Representation to His Majesty moved in the House of Commons, by the right honourable Edmund Burke, and seconded by the right honourable William Windham on Monday, June 14, 1784, and negatived, with a preface and notes, A
Rozważania o rewolucji we Francji
Select works.
Selected prose.
Selected works.
Selected writings and speeches.
short account of a late short administration, A
speech of Edmund Burke, Esq. at the Guildhall, in Bristol, previous to the late election in that city, upon certain points relative to his parliamentary conduct., A
Speech of Edmund Burke, esq., on American taxation, April 19, 1774.
speech of Edmund Burke, esq., on moving his resolutions for conciliation with the colonies, March 22, 1775., The
Speech of Edmund Burke,... on moving his resolutions for conciliation with the colonies, March 22, 1775. The 3d edition
Speech on conciliation with America.
Speeches and letters on american affairs
speeches of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, in the House of commons, and in Westminster-Hall., The
Spotting Birds : A Pocket Guide to Bird Watching
Substance of the speech of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, in the debate on the army estimates
Thoughts on the cause of the present discontents.
Thoughts on the prospect of a regicide peace
Two letters addressed to a member of the present Parliament. On the proposals for peace with the regicide directory of France, By the Right Hon. Edmund Burke.
Two letters adressed to a member of the present Parliament, on the proposals for peace with the regicide Directory of France, by the right hon. Edmund Burke
Two letters from Mr. Burke to gentlemen in the city of Bristol
vindication of natural society, or, A view of the miseries and evils arising to mankind from every species of artificial society, A : in a letter to Lord **** by a late noble writer
Vom Erhabenen und Schönen
works and correspondence of...Edmund Burke., The
works of the Right Hon. Edmund Burke, with a biographical and critical introduction, The
works of the Right Honorable Edmund Burke., The
Works of the right honourable Edmund Burke, collected in three volumes, The
works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke in twelve volumes., The
works., The : A new ed.
works., The : [Portr.].
Writings and speeches of Edmund Burke in 12 volumes..., The
Размышления о революции во Франции и о прениях в некоторых лондонских обществах касательно сего события, содержащиеся в письме, предполагавшемся быть отправленным некоему благородному господину в Париж, 1992: