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Author of Siris
Author of The minute philosopher
Author of "The minute philosopher", the
B, G.
B, George Berkeley
Barkli, Džordž
Berkeley, ..
Berkeley (Bishop)
Berkeley, George,
Berkeley, George (Bishop of Cloyne)
Berkeley, George (biskop av Cloyne)
Berkeley, George (Irish bishop, writer, and architect, 1685-1753)
Berkeley, George (Mr.)
Berkeley, George (Obispo de Cloyne)
Berkeley, Giorgio
Berkeley, Jerzy
Berkley, George
Berkli, Dzshordzsh
Bērklijs, Džordžs
Cloyne (Bishop of)
G. B, George Berkeley
George Berkeley
Member of the established church
Minute philosopher, Author of the
Беркли, Джордж
בארקאלי, ג'ורג'
בערקלי, ג'ורג'
בערקלי, דזשארדזש
ברקלי, ג'ורג'
باركلى، جورج
باركلي، جورج،
بركلى، جورج
جورج باركلي،
バークリ, ジョージ
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Beaulavon, Georges
Breidert, Wolfgang
Church of Ireland Diocese of Cloyne Bishop (1734-1753 : Berkeley) (see also from)
ebrary, Inc
Fraser, Alexander Campbell
Hielmcrone, Harald v
Jessop, T. E. (1896-1980)
Jessop, Thomas Edmund
Jessop, Thomas Edmund (1896-1980)
Leroy, André-Louis
Lett. : Toulouse
Luce, A. A. (1882-1977)
Luce, Arthur Aston
Luce, Arthur Aston (1882-1977)
Masa, Pablo
Papini, Giovanni (1881-1956)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Raab, Luise
Sampson, George (1873-1950))
Selak, Šimun
Sérgio, António (1883-1969)
Sosnowska, Janina
Turbayne, Colin Murray
Ueberweg, Friedrich (1826-1871))
Warnock, G. J. (1923-)
Warnock, Geoffrey James (1923-)
אור, יוסף (1904-)
戶田, 剛文
¤treatise concerning the principles of human knowledge, A
Abhandlung über die Principien der menschlichen Erkenntniss
Abhandlung über die Prinzipien der menschlichen Erkenntnis, Eine
Abhandlungen über die Principien der menschlichen Erkenntniss
Alciphron oder der kleine Philosoph
Alciphron: or, The minute philosopher. In seven dialogues, containing an apology for the Christian religion, against those who are called free-thinkers ...
Alciphron ou le pense-menu
Alciphron, ou Le petit philosophe : contenant une apologie de la religion chretienne contre ceux qu'on nomme esprits-forts. Tome premier [-second]
Alciphron, ou le petit philosophe en sept dialogues: contenant une Apologie de la Religion Chretienne contre ceux qu'on nomme Esprits-forts
analyst or, a discourse addressed to an infidel mathematician. Wherein it is examined whether the object, principles, and inferences of the modern analysis are more distinctly conceived, or more evidently deduced, than religious mysteries and Points of Faith, The
Berkeley's Abhandlung über die Principien der menschlichen Erkenntniss
Berkeley's Abhandlung über die Prinzipien der menschlichen Erkenntnis
Berkeley's Alciphron : English text and essays in interpretation
Berkeley's Commonplace book;
Berkeley's Drei Dialoge zwischen Hylas und Philonous
Commonplace book
correspondence of George Berkeley, The
development of Berkeley's philosophy, The
Dialoghi tra Hylas e Philonous;
Dialogues entre Hylas et Philonous
discourse addressed to magistrates and men in authority. Occasioned by the enormous licence, and irreligion of the times
Drei Dialoge zwischen Hylas und Philonous
Dzienniki filozoficzne
Essay, principles, dialogues : with selections from other writings
Essay towards a new theory of vision
essay towards preventing the ruine of Great Britain., An
George Berkeley's manuscript introduction : an editio diplomatica
Journal philosophique (Commonplace book)
l'obéissance passive, De
letter concerning toleration, A ; Concerning civil government, second essay ; An essay concerning human understanding
Memoirs of Sigr. Gaudentio di Lucca
minute philosopher, The
miscellany, containing several tracts on various subjects., A
motu, De ; and, The analyst
new theory of vision and other select philosophical writings, A
notebooks of George Berkeley, Bishop of Cloyne., The
Obra selecta
Oeuvres choisies de Berkeley
petit philosophe, Le
Philosophical commentaries
Philosophical works : including the works on vision
Philosophical writings
Philosophisches Tagebuch
principes de la connaissance humaine, Les
Principios del conocimiento humano ; Tres diálogos entre Hilas y Filonús
Principles, dialogues, and philosophical correspondence.
principles of human knowledge, and Three dialogues between Hylas and Philonous., The
principles of human knowledge, The ; Three dialogues between Hylas and Philonous
Prinzipien der menschlichen Erkenntnis
proposal for the better supplying of churches in our foreign plantations, and for converting the savage Americans to Christianity, by a college to be erected in the Summer Islands, otherwise called the Isles of Bermuda., A
querist, containing several queries proposed to the consideration of the public, The
Reasons for not replying to Mr. Walton's full answer in a letter to P.T.P. By the author of The minute philosopher
Recherches sur les vertus de l'eau de Goudron, où l'on a joint des Reflexions philosophiques sur divers autres sujets importans.
Rzecz o zasadach poznania ludzkiego
Saggio d'una nuova teoria sopra la visione. -
Saggio di una nuova teoria della visione.
Schriften über die Grundlagen der Mathematik und Physik.
Selections from Berkeley, annotated. An introduction to the problems of modern philosophy for the use of students in colleges and universities
Siris, a chain of philosophical reflexions and inquiries concerning the virtues of tar water and divers other subjects connected together and arising one from another
siris, La
siris: philosophical reflexions and inquiries concerning the virtues of tar-water, and divers other subjects connected together and arising from one another
theory of vision, or visual language, shewing the immediate presence and providence of a deity, vindicated and explained. By the author of Alciphron, or, the minute philosopher, The
Three dialogues between Hylas and Philonous. In opposition to sceptics and atheists.
Traktat o zasadach ludzkiego poznania : w którym poddano badaniu główne przyczyny błędów i trudności w różnych dziedzinach wiedzy oraz podstawy sceptycyzmu, ateizmu i niewiary
Traktat o zasadach poznania ludzkiego ; Trzy dialogi między Hylasem i Filonousem
Tratado do conhecimento humano
Trattato dei principii della conoscenza umana e Tre dialoghi tra Hylas e Filonous
Trattato sui principi della conoscenza umana
Treatise concerning the principles of human knowledge... first printed in the year 1710. To which are added Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous in opposition to scepticks and atheists, first printed in the year 1713. Both written by George Berkeley,..., A
treatise concerning the principles of human knowledge, wherein the chief causes of error and difficulty in the sciences, with the grounds of scepticism, atheism, and irreligion, are inquired into., A
Treatise on the principles of human knowledge.
Tri dijaloga između Hilasa i Filonusa : čija je svrha da radi opovrgavanja Skeptika i Ateista jasno dokažu realnost i savršenstvo ljudskog saznanja, ...
Trois dialogues entre Hylas et Philonous.
Trzy dialogi miedzy Hylasem i Filonousem
Valda skrifter
Versuch über eine neue Theorie des Sehens ; und, Die Theorie des Sehens oder der visuellen Sprache ... verteidigt und erklärt
Works of George Berkeley, Bishop of Cloyne. Edited by A. A. Luce,... and T. E. Jessop,..., The
works of George Berkeley D.D. late Bishop of Cloyne in Ireland. To which is added, an account of his life, and several of his letters to Thomas Prior, Esq. Dean Gervais, and Mr. Pope, &c. &c. in two volumes, The
Works of George Berkeley : in three volumes
works of George Berkeley, The : including his posthumous works
Works of George Berkeley, The : including many of his writings hitherto unpublished : in four volumes.
Works on vision.
שלשה דיאלוגים בין הילס לפילונוס
Reliée à la suite de la thèse principale du même : "William Godwin"
Th. cpl. : Lett. : Toulouse : 1908