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Birner, Regina
Blackman, Rachel
Davis, Kristin
Eastwood, Robert
Firn, John (1942- ))
Gaag, Jacques van der
Haan, Arjan de
Heald, Carol
Kadt, Emanuel de
Kirsten, Johann
Kirsten, Johann F.
Kumar, Shubh K.
Lipton, Merle
Lipton, Michael
Longhurst, Richard
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Ravallion, Martin
Rice, John M.
Royal Institute of International Affairs
Royal institute of international affairs GB
Sinha, Saurabh
Toye, J.F.J. (1942-)
Toye, John (1942-)
University of Sussex / Poverty Research Unit
University of Sussex / School of Business, Management and Economics / Department of Economics
University of Sussex. Institute of Development Studies
Unwin Hyman
Vosti, Stephen A.
Witcover, Julie
Yaqub, Shahin
Zhang, Qi
African food strategies and the EEC's role : an interim review
Agricultural Change and Population Growth: District-Level Evidence From India
Agricultural finance and rural credit in poor countries
Agricultural research and modern plant varieties in Sub‐Saharan Africa: Generalizations, realities and conclusions
Agricultural technology and health: understanding the links between agriculture and health
Agriculture et Sante
Agriculture-health linkages
Agriculture, rural people, the state and the surplus in some Asian countries: Thoughts on some implications of three recent approaches in social science
Aid allocation when aid is inadequate : problems of the non-implementation of the Pearson report
Assessing economic performance: some features of British economic development 1950-1965 in the light of economic theory and the principles of economic planning.
Assessing economic performance : some features of British economic development : some features of British economic development, 1950-1965, in the light of economic theory and the principles of economic plannig.
Assessing village labour situations in developing countries : a study prepared for the International Labour Office, within the framework of the World Employment Programme, at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, Brighton
Biotechnology a hope or a threat ? a study prepared for the the International Labour Office within the framework of the World Employment Programme
Book Review
Botswana, employment and labour use in Botswana : final report
Botswana's agriculture in the light of Asian experience
Bottom Billion: Countries or People?
Can Small Farmers Survive, Prosper, or be the Key Channel to Cut Mass Poverty?
Challenge of Sanctions, The
Chess problems, 1965, c1963.
Chess problems: introduction to an art
Confrontation versus cooperation : poor countries' dwindling external options, "bargaining" and the case for multiple bilateralisms
Cost-benefit analysis of crop storage improvements : a South Indian pilot study
Creating rural livelihoods: Some lessons for South Africa from experience elsewhere
crisis of Indian planning: economic planning in the 1960s;, The
Demography and poverty
Development studies: Findings, frontiers and fights
Does aid work in India? : a country study of the impact of official development assistance
Dynamics of Military Procurement: Changes in Military Consumption Patterns
EC and African food strategies, The
Economics and anthropology: Grounding models in relationships
Editorial: Poverty -- are there holes in the consensus?
Editors' introduction
Education and Farm Efficiency: Comment.
Enlarged European community and the less developed countries, An ; report of a conference held by the Institute of Development Studies and the Centre for Contemporary European Studies at the University of Sussex, July 1970
erosin of a relationship, The
erosion of a relationship, The : India and Britain since 1960
family farm in a globalizing world: the role of crop science in alleviating poverty, The
Farm Size
Feeding the hungry : a role for post-harvest technology?
Food problems in South Asia, 1975-90 : a report on a conference held at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, November 18-19, 1974
From "best practice" to "best fit": a framework for designing and analyzing pluralistic agricultural advisory services worldwide
From Policy Aims and Small-farm Characteristics to Farm Science Needs
Handbook of development economics, vol. 1: Concepts and approaches; Structural transformation; Human resources and labour markets : Hollis Chenery and T.N. Srinivasan, eds., (North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1988) pp. xxiv+848, $78.50
How third world rural households adapt to dietary energy stress : the evidence and the issues
impact of changes in human fertility on poverty, The
impact of technical change in agriculture on human fertility: district-level evidence from India, The
Improving agricultural aid impact on low-income countries
Improving the impact of aid for rural development
Including the poor : proceedings of a symposium organized by the World Bank and the International Food Policy Research Institute
Including the poor : proceedngs of a Symposium oganized by the World Bank and the International Food Policy Research Institute
Inter-farm, inter-regional and farm-non-farm income distribution: The impact of the new cereal variaties
International perspectives on rural development
Labor and poverty
Land assets and rural poverty
Land, labour and livelihoods in rural South Africa.
Land reform as commenced business: The evidence against stopping
Land reform in developing countries : property rights and property wrongs
landwirtschaftliche Entwicklung in Indien und Nahrungsstrategien für Afrika, Die : eine Rolle für die Europäischen Gemeinschaften?
methodology of village studies in less developed countries, The
Migration from rural areas of poor countries: The impact on rural productivity and income distribution
Minimum wages, exploitation and Botswana's unemployment crisis
Modern varieties, international agricultural research, and the poor
new economics of growth: A review, The
new poverty agenda, The : an overview
New seeds and poor people
Perverse responses by factor users to factor cost changes : Need policy advisors worry?
place of agricultural research in the development of sub-Saharan Africa, The
Plant breeding and poverty: Can transgenic seeds replicate the 'Green Revolution' as a source of gains for the poor?
poor and the poorest, The : some interim findings
Population Change in the Wake of Agricultural Improvement: Lessons for Pakistan
Population growth: the impact of advances in agriculture and medicine: report of a conference at Ditchley Park, 3-6 January 1969;
Positive results and shortcomings of recent agricultural development in India
Poverty and policy
Poverty reduction, sustainable agriculture, and the project cycle
Poverty, undernutrition, and hunger, 1983:
Premature deagriculturalisation? Land inequality and rural dependency in Limpopo province, South Africa*
problem in poverty measurement, A
Progress and poverty
Reconnecting Agricultural Technology to Human Development
Reducing Inequality And Poverty During Liberalisation In China: Rural And Agricultural Experiences And Policy Options
Reviving global poverty reduction: what role for genetically modified plants?
Rural poverty and agribusiness : conference proceedings
Rural-urban dimensions of inequality change
state, industrialization and class formations in India, The : Anumpan Sen, (London: Routledge, 1982), [UK pound]14.95
Successes in anti-poverty
technology, the system and the poor, The : the case of the new cereal varieties
theory of the optimising peasant, The
Towards a strategy for the rural poor in Sub-Saharan Africa
Transfer of resources from agriculture to non-agricultural activities : the case of India
two-move chess problem: tradition and development; some essays on selected two-move themes, The
Urban bias and food policy in poor countries
Urban bias : Seers versus Lipton
Why poor people stay poor : a study of urban bias in world development