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He-xi-man, A-er-bo-te O.
Hermant, Albert
Hirchsman, Albert O.
Hirschman, Albert
Hirschman, Albert O.
Hirschman, Albert Otto
Hirschmann, Albert O.
Hirschmann, Albert Otto
Hirschmann, Otto A.
Khirshman, Alʹbert Otto
Хиршман, Альберт Отто
赫希曼, 阿尔伯特 O.
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Beamish (Pseudonym; other identity, same person)
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Albert, Hirschman
Dembitz, Lewis N.
Foxley, Alejandro
Hirschman, Albert O
Hirschman, Albert O.
Kadritzke, Niels
McPherson, Michael S.
O'Donnell, Guillermo A.
Rosa, Robert V.
Rothko Chapel Houston, Tex
Rothschild, Michael
Suchomel, Tomáš
Verea Rial, Ramon
Abwanderung und Widerspruch Reaktionen auf Leistungsabfall bei Unternehmungen, Organisationen u. Staaten
Abwanderung und Widerspruch Reaktionen auf Leistungsabfall bei Unternehmungen, Organisationen und Staaten
Against Parsimony: Three Easy Ways of Complicating some Categories of Economic Discourse
Alternative Explanation of Contemporary Harriedness., An
Beyond asymmetry: critical notes on myself as a young man and on some other old friends
bias for hope, A : essays on development and Latin America
case against "one thing at a time", The
Changing Tolerance for Income Inequality in the Course of Economic Development; with a Mathematical Appendix., The
Classification et quasi-démantèlement des obstacles au développement
Colombia; highlights of a developing economy.
Crossing boundaries : selected writings
Democracia, desarrollo y el arte de traspasar fronteras : ensayos en homenaje a Albert O. Hirchsman [sic]
Denken gegen die Zukunft die Rhetorik der Reaktion
Desenvolvimento Industrial no Nordeste Brasileiro e o Mecanismo de Crédito Fiscal do Artigo 34/18
Development, democracy, and the art of trespassing : essays in honor of Albert O. Hirschman
Development projects observed
Economía política de la industrialización a través de la sustitucion de importaciones en América Latina., La
economía política del desarrollo latinoamericano. Siete ejercicios en retrospectiva, La
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Engagement und Enttäuschung über d. Schwanken d. Bürger zwischen Privatwohl u. Gemeinwohl
Entwicklung, Markt und Moral abweichende Betrachtungen
Essays in trespassing : economics to politics and beyond
Exit, voice and loyality : responses to decline in firms, organizations and states
Exit, voice, and loyalty : responses to decline in firms, organizations, and states
Foreign aid : a critique and a proposal
Getting ahead collectively grassroots experiences in Latin America
Having Opinions--One of the Elements of Well-Being?
How to divest in Latin America, and why
Industrialization and its manifold discontents: West, East and South
Informe anual del Consejo Nacional de Planificación (Año 1952)
Journeys toward progress : studies in economic policy-making in Latin America
Journeys toward progress : studies of economic policy-making in Latin America
Journeys Towards Progress : Studies of Economic Policy-Making in Latin America
Latin American issues : essays and comments
Latin American issuesessays and comments
Leidenschaften und Interessen polit. Begründung d. Kapitalismus vor seinem Sieg
Leidenschaften und Interessen polit. Begründungen d. Kapitalismus vor seinem Sieg
Leidenschaften und Interessen politische Begründungen des Kapitalismus vor seinem Sieg
Lidské vášně a osobní zájmy : politická obhajoba kapitalismu v čase před jeho triumfem
lojalnosc krytyka rozstanie
Movement toward balance in international transactions of the United States
National power and the structure of foreign trade
On-and-Off Connection between Political and Economic Progress., The
On Hegel, imperialism, and structural stagnation
Organization and Functions of Foreign Aid: Reply., The
paixões e os interessesargumentos políticos a favor do capitalismo, antes do seu triunfo, As
Passagens de fronteiraos lugares e as ideias de um percurso vivencial
passions and the interests, The : political arguments for capitalism before its triumph
pensamento conservadorperversidade, futilidade e risco, O
political economy of Latin American development, The : seven exercises in retrospection
Political Economy: Some Uses of the Exit-Voice Approach: Discussion.
Postwar credit controls in France
potencia nacional y la estructura del comercio exterior, La
propensity to self-subversion, A
rhetoric of reaction, The : perversity, futility, jeopardy
Rival Interpretations of Market Society: Civilizing, Destructive, or Feeble?
Rival views of market society and other recent essays
Selbstbefragung und Erkenntnis
Shifting involvements : private interest and public action
Strategie der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung, Die
Stratégie du développement économique
strategy of economic development., The
Tischgemeinschaft : zwischen öffentlicher und privater Sphäre : Jan-Patočka-Gedächtnisvorlesung des IWM 1996
Toward a new strategy for development a Rothko Chapel colloquium
tui chu hu yu yu zhong cheng
vykhod golos i vernost
Welfare State in Trouble: Systemic Crisis or Growing Pains?, The
Zur Einheit der Gesellschaftswissenschaften die Verleihung der Ehrendoktorwürde des FB IV der Universität Trier an Albert O. Hirschman am 7. Dezember 1990