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Solomon, Robert
Solomon, Robert C.
Solomon, Robert Charles
ソロモン, ロバート
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Language material
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Bowie, G. Lee
Ciulla, Joanne B.
Flores, Fernando (1954-)
Fogelin, Robert J.
Hanson, Kristine R.
Higgins, Kathleen Marie
Kuil, R.W.N. (1955-)
Kuil, Ronald (1955-)
Martin, Clancy W.
McDermid, Douglas
Michaels, Meredith W.
Sherman, David
Sherman, David L.
Vaught, Wayne
West, Robin
山谷, 洋二 (1931-)
About love reinventing romance for our times
Above the bottom line : an introduction to business ethics
Aesthetics in perspective
Age of German Idealism, The
better way to think about business, A : how personal integrity leads to corporate success
big questions: a short introduction to philosophy, the
big questions, The : a short introduction to philosophy
Blackwell guide to continental philosophy, The
Building trust in business, politics, relationships, and life
bully culture, The : enlightenment, romanticism, and the transcendental pretense, 1750-1850
Business ethics reader
Continental philosophy since 1750 : the rise and fall of the self
Daigaku saisei eno chōsen : Amerika no daigaku kaikaku ron
Dark feelings, grim thoughts experience and reflection in Camus and Sartre
Death and philosophy
Emocje jako strategie dobrego życia w świetle filozoficznej teorii emocji Roberta Solomona
Emotions in Asian thought a dialogue in comparative philosophy
Entertaining ideas : popular philosophical essays, 1970-1990
Ethics : a brief introduction
Ethics and excellence : cooperation and integrity in business
Ética emocional : una teoría de los sentimientos
Filosofie voor nieuwsgierigen : de geschiedenis van de filosofie
From Africa to Zen : an invitation to world philosophy
From Hegel to existentialism
From rationalism to existentialism the existentialists and their nineteenth-century backgrounds
From rationalismo to existentialism : the existencialism and their nineteenth-century backgrounds
Getting angry : the Jamesian theory of emotion in anthropology
handbook for ethics, A
history and human nature: a philosophical review of european philosophy and culture, 1750–1850 (harcourt brace janovich, 1979)*
Honest work : a business ethics reader
In defense of sentimentality
In the spirit of Hegel a study of G. W. F. Hegel's " Phenomenology of spirit "
Introducing philosophy : a text with integrated readings
Introducing philosophy for Canadians
Introducing the existentialists : imaginary interviews with Sartre, Heidegger, and Camus
Introducing the German idealists : mock interviews with Kant, Hegel, Fichte, Schelling, Reinhold, Jacobi, Schlegel, and a letter from Schopenhauer
It is good business
It's good business : ethics and free enterprise for the new millennium
joy of philosophy thinking thin versus the passionate life, The
Krótka historia filozofii
kwestie van vertrouwen in zaken en relaties, Een
little philosophy book, The
Living with Nietzsche what the great immoralist has to teach us
Love : emotion, myth, and metaphor
Morale en affaires, clé de la réussite, La
Morality and the good life : an introduction to ethics through classical sources
Morality as a biological phenomenon : report of the Dahlem workshop on biology and morals, Berlin 1977, november 28 to december 2
new world of business ethics and free enterprise in the global 1990s, The
Nietzsche : a collection of critical essay
Nietzsche : a collection of critical essays
No excuses
Not passion's slave emotions and choice
On ethics and living well
(oxford, 1983)*
(oxford, 1987)*
(oxford, 1988)*
passion for justice, A : emotions and the origins of the social contract
passion for wisdom, A : a very brief history of philosophy
passions emotions and the meaning of life, The
pequeño libro de filosofía, El
Phenomenology and Existentialism
Philosophy of (erotic) love, c1991:, The
philosophy of (erotic) love, The : ed. by Robert C. Solomon and Kathleen M. Higgins ; foreword by Arthur C. Danto
Reading Nietzsche
Shinrai no kenkyū : Subete no bijinesu wa shinrai kara
short history of philosophy, A
Simple logic
Spiritualiteit voor sceptici
Spirituality for the skeptic : the thoughtful love of life
Spirituality for the skeptic the thoughtful love of live
Thinking about feeling contemporary philosophers on emotions
True to our feelings what our emotions are really telling us
Twenty questions : an introduction to philosophy
Up the university.
What is an emotion? : classic and contemporary readings
What is an emotion? : classic readings in philosophical psychology
What is justice? : classic and contemporary readings
What Nietzsche really said
Wicked pleasures : meditations on the seven "deadly" sins
, with kathleen m. higgins (university press of kansas, 1991)*
World philosophy : a text with readings
大学再生への挑戦 : アメリカの大学改革論