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Aslund, A.
Åslund, Anders,
Aslūnd, Andīrz
Oslund, Anders
Oslunds, Anders
Ослунд, Андерс
أسلوند، أنديرز،
أنديرز أسلوند،
オスルンド, アンデーシュ
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writer of accompanying material
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Anders, Aslund
Arbatov, Alexander
Åslund, A.
Åslund, Anders
Bader, William
Boone, Peter
Bošković, Ratko
Brus, Włodzimierz (1921-2007))
Cambridge University Press
Dabrowski, Marek
Dąbrowski, Marek (1951-)
Dombrovskis, Valdis
ebrary, Inc
Hufbauer, Gary Clyde
Jenish, Nazgul
Johnson, Simon
Kuchins, Andrew
Kuchins, Andrew C.
Layard, Richard (1934-)
McFaul, Michael
ndret udgave af disputats, Oxford
Olcott, Martha Brill
Östekonomiska institutet
Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics (IIE)
Pleskovic, Boris
Zoteev, Gennadi
امام، محمد جمال
中沢, 孝之 (1935-)
Assessment of Putin’s Economic Policy, An
Building capitalism
Capacity building in economics : education and research in transition economies
Challenges of Globalization: Imbalances and Growth
Changes in Soviet economic education
Changing the economic system in Russia
Comparative Oligarchy: Russia, Ukraine and the United States
critique of Soviet reform plans, A
Därför behöver Östeuropa chockterapi
demise of the Soviet economic system, The
Differences over economics in the Soviet leadership, 1988-1990
Dlaczego nie wolno dopuścić do rozpadu strefy euro
Dolgoe vremâ
East European Financial Crisis, The
Economic change in the Balkan states : Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and Yugoslavia
Economic reform in Ukraine the unfinished agenda
Economic transformation in Russia
Eurasian Growth Paradox, The
Europe after enlargement
Failed Political Economy of the Euro Crisis, The
Getting it wrong regional cooperation and the Commonwealth of Independent States
Gorbachev's struggle for economic reform : the Soviet reform process, 1985-88
great rebirth, The : lessons from the victory of capitalism over communism
Hälften så dyrt, dubbelt så bra : förbättra Sverige genom att halvera de offentliga utgifterna
Hinshi no taikoku.
How Can the EU Emulate the Positive Features of the East Asian Model?
How capitalism was built the transformation of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus, and Central Asia
How entrepreneurship could be promoted after the collapse of a socialist economic system
How Latvia came through the financial crisis
How Russia became a market economy.
How to Stabilize: Lessons from Post -communist Countries
How Ukraine Became a Market Economy and Democracy
Jak budowano kapitalizm : transformacja Europy Środkowej i Wschodniej, Rosji i Azji Środkowej
Kā Latvija pārvarēja finanšu krīzi, 2010:
Kayfa taḥawwalat Rūsiyā li-iqtiṣād al-sūq?, 1997:
last shall be the first the East European financial crisis, 2008-10, The
Lessons from Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe in the Wake of the Global Financial Crisis
Lessons from the East European Financial Crisis, 2008-10
Lessons of the First Four Years of Systemic Change in Eastern Europe
Market socialism or the restoration of capitalism?
Myth of Output Collapse After Communism, The
På jakt efter kapitalisten : politiker och ekonomer i öst berättar hur de vill forma sitt nya samhälle
Paul Seabright, Ed., The Vanishing Rouble: Barter Networks and Non-monetary Transactions in Post-Soviet Societies
politics of economic reform, The : remaining tasks
Post-Communist economic revolutions : how big a bang?
Post-soviet economy soviet and western perspectives
Pressing the "Reset Button" on US-Russia Relations
Private enterprise in Eastern Europe : the non-agricultural private sector in Poland and the GDR, 1945-83
Privatisation and transition to market economy in Albania
Przebyta droga 1989-2009 : dla Aleksandra Smolara
Reform versus "Rent-Seeking" in Russia's Economic Transformation
Revolution in orange : the origins of Ukraine's democratic breakthrough
role of the state in the transition to capitalism, The
Rossii︠a︡, 1996:
Ruska kapitalistička revolucija : zašto su tržišne reforme uspjele, a demokracija propala
Russia : a long view
Russia after communism
Russia after the global economic crisis
Russia balance sheet, The
Russia's capitalist revolution why market reform succeeded and democracy failed
Russia's Challenges as Chair of the G-8
Russian economic reform at risk
Serguey Braguinsky and Grigory Yavlinsky, Incentives and Institutions: The Transition to a Market Economy in Russia
Šokovaja terapija v Vostočnoj Evrope i Rossii
Southern Europe Ignores Lessons from Latvia at Its Peril
Systemic change and stabilization in Eastern Europe
Transformationsprobleme in den Nachfolgestaaten der UdSSR und den Ländern Ostmitteleuropas
Tuomas Komulainen and Iikka Korhonen, Eds., Russian Crisis and Its Effects
Ukraine : what went wrong and how to fix it
United States Should Establish Permanent Normal Trade Relations with Russia, The
Why a Breakup of the Euro Area Must Be Avoided: Lessons from Previous Breakups
Wnioski z pierwszych czterech lat zmian systemowych w Europie Wschodniej
World Needs a Multilateral Investment Agreement, The
И последние станут первыми : финансовый кризис в Восточной Европе
Очерки о мировой экономике : выдающиеся экономисты мира в Московском Центре Карнеги : [сборник]
Программа обновления
Российско-Евразийская программа
Строительство капитализма, 2003:
Фонд Карнеги за международный мир
كيف تحولت روسيا لاقتصاد السوق؟
瀕死の大国 : ソ連経済闘争の研究
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Ændret udgave af disputats, Oxford