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Kenen, P. B.
Kenen, Peter
Kenen, Peter B.
Kenen, Peter Bain
بيتر ب. كينين،
كينين، بيتر ب.،
ケネン, P. B
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Allen, Polly
Allen, Polly Reynolds
Bayoumi, Tamim
Bayoumi, Tamim A
Dominguez, Kathryn M.
Dominquez, Kathryn M.
Gailord Hart, Albert
Hart, Albert G. (1909-)
Hart, Albert Gailord (1909-)
Harvard University
Jones, Ronald W.
Jones, Ronald Winthrop (1931-)
Kenen, Dr Peter
Kenen, Peter
Kenen, Peter B
Kenen, Peter B.
Meade, Ellen E.
Papadia, Francesco
Rodrigues, Lutgarda da Silva
Rodrik, Dani
Saccomanni, Fabrizio
Summers, Lawrence H.
Swoboda, Alexander K. (1939-...)
Voivodas, Constantine S
الشهابي، إبراهيم يحيى
天野, 明弘 (1934-)
1972 Report of the President's Council of Economic Advisers: International Aspects., The
analytics of a substitution account, The
Analyzing and managing exchange-rate crises
Assessing experience with floating exchange rates: A comment
Asset Markets and Exchange Rates
Asset markets, exchange rates, and economic integration : a synthesis
Balance of payments adjustment, 1945 to 1986: The IMF experience : Margaret Garritsen de Vries (International Monetary Fund, Washington, 1987) pp. xi+336, $14.50
Balance of Payments and Policy Mix: Simulations Based on a U.S. Model., The
balance of payments, exchange rates, and economic policy, The : (a survey and synthesis of recent developments)
Benefits and Risks of Financial Globalization, The
Beyond the dollar
Bosman Lecture
British monetary policy and the balance of payments, 1951-1957, by Peter B. Kenen
Capital Controls, the EMS and EMU.
Capital mobility and financial integration: a survey
chronicle of higher education, Jan. 11, 2013:, The
Contribution by Peter B. Kenen
Convertibility and Consolidation: A Survey of Options for Reform.
Coordination of Macroeconomic Policies, The
Currencies, Crises, and Crashes
Currency Areas, Policy Domains, and the Institutionalization of Fixed Exchange Rates
Currency internationalisation: an overview
Currency Unions and Trade: Variations on Themes by Rose and Persson
Economia internacional
Economia internazionale
Economic and monetary union in Europe : moving beyond Maastricht
Efficiency Differences and Factor Intensities in the CES Production Function: An Interpretation
EMU after Maastricht
EMU and transatlantic economic relations
Errors in "Nature, Capital, and Trade"
Essays in international economics
EU Accession and the Euro: Close Together or Far Apart?
euro versus the dollar, The : will there be a struggle for dominance?
euro versus the dollar: will there be a struggle for dominance?, The
Exchange Rate Management: What Role for Intervention?
Exchange Rates and Policy Coordination in an Asymmetric Model
Exchange rates and the monetary system selected essays of Peter B. Kenen
Exchange rates, domestic prices, and the adjustment process : a survey of recent evidence
Export Instability and Economic Growth.
Financing adjustment and the international monetary fund.
Fixed versus Floating Exchange Rates
Floats, glides and indicators : a comparison of methods for changing exchange rates
Forward rates, interest rates, and expectations under alternative exchange rate regimes
From EMS to EMU and beyond : the Bosman Lecture, Tilburg University 10 April 1991
From Halifax to Lyons what has been done about crisis management ?
future of the international economic order: An agenda for research, The : C. Fred Bergsten, (D.C. Heath, Lexington, Mass. 1973) pp. xv + 359, $15.00
G30 at thirty, The
Gendai kin'yūron : Riron seisaku rekishi
Gendai kokusai kin'yū shisutemu to aiemuefu
Giant among nations, 1960.
Giant among nations : problems in United States : foreign economic policy
Global policy optimization and the exchange-rate regime
Handbook of international economics : international trade.
Handbook of international economics : Vol. 2 : International monetary, economics and finance.
How Useful Is an EC-Wide Monetary Aggregate as an Intermediate Target for Europe?
ICternationale economie
international economy, 1989:, The
International Financial Architecture: Old Issues and New Initiatives., The
international financial architecture, The : what's new? what's missing?
International Financial Architecture: What's New? What's Missing?, The
International monetary economics and finance
international monetary system, The : proceedings of a conference organized by the Banca d'Italia
International Position of the Dollar in a Changing World, The
International trade and finance : new frontiers for research : essays in honor of Peter B. Kenen
Internationale economie
Internationell ekonomi
Intramarginal intervention in the EMS and the target-zone model of exchange-rate behavior
Kokusai keizaigaku
Macroeconomic theory and policy: How the closed economy was opened
Making EMU happen problems and proposals a symposium
Managing exchange rates
Managing the world economy : fifty years after Bretton Woods
Marco Buti, Sevaas Deroose, Vitor Gaspar and João Nogueira Martins, Editors, The Euro: The First Decade, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, New York (2010), p. 1015.
Measuring and Analyzing the Effects of Short-term Volatility in Real Exchange Rates.
model of the U.S. balance of payments, A
Monetary integration in East Asia
Monetary policy and the British balance of payments, 1954 to 1956
Monetary Policy in Stage Three: A Review of the Framework Proposed by the European Monetary Institute.
Money, debt and economic activity
Nature, Capital, and Trade
New Fiscal Policy: A Comment., The
New International Financial Architecture: Reconstruction, Renovation, or Minor Repair?, The
New International Financial Architecture, The : Reconstruction, Renovation, or Minor Repair?
New Views of Exchange Rates and Old Views of Policy.
Note on Tariff Changes and World Welfare., A
On the need to allow for the possibility that governments mean what they say : interpreting the target-zone model of exchange-rate behavior in the light of EMS experience
Open economy essays on international trade and finance, The
Organizing Debt Relief: The Need for a New Institution.
Outlook for EMU, The
Panel Presentation, Involving the Private Sector in Crisis Resolution
Portfolio adjustment in open economies: A comparison of alternative specifications
Preferences, Domains, and Sustainability.
Recompras y condonación de la deuda externa en un modelo de repudio voluntario
Refocusing the Fund: A Review of James M. Boughton's Silent Revolution: The International Monetary Fund, 1979–1989
Reform of the International Monetary Fund
Reforming the Global Reserve Regime: The Role of a Substitution Account
Reforming the international monetary and financial system
Regional monetary integration
Renovation of the Global Reserve Regime: Concepts and Proposals
Reserve-asset preferences of central banks and stability of the Gold-Exchange Standard
retrospective on the bretton woods system: Lessons for international monetary reform, A : Michael D. Bordo and Barry Eichengreen, eds., (University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL, 1993) pp. xiii+675.
Review of Barry Eichengreen, Exorbitant Privilege, Oxford University Press (2011).
role of the dollar as an international currency, The
Round Table on Exchange Rate Policy.
SDR as a Means of Payment: A Comment on Coats, The
SDR Based Reserve System, An
Skills, Human Capital, and Comparative Advantage
Sorting out some EMU issues
Stabilizing the international monetary system
Substitution Account as a First Step Toward Reform of the International Monetary System, The
Ten years of European Monetary Union: What's gone right and What's gone wrong
Theory of Balance-of-Payments Adjustment: Comment, The
There Was No Analytical Alternative to the Theory of Optimum Currency Areas
Trade and development, two lectures presented at the Graduate Institute of international studies in Geneva by Harry G. Johnson,... Peter B. Kenen,...
Transatlantic relations and the global economy
Transitional Arrangements for Trade and Payments among the CMEA Countries
Understanding interdependence : The macroeconomics of the open economy : Papers presented at a Conf. honoring the fiftieth anniversary of essays in intern. finance
use of IMF credit, The
Use of the SDR to supplement or substitute for other means of finance
Using an EC-Wide Monetary Aggregate in Stage Two of EMU
Ways to reform exchange-rate arrangements
What have we learned from the EMS crises?
What role for IMF surveillance?
الاقتصاد الدولى
現代金融論 : 理論・政策・歴史
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--Harvard University, 1958