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Bosvort, K. Je
Bosworth, C. E.
Bosworth, C. Edmund
Bosworth, Clifford E.
Bosworth, Clifford Edmond
Bosworth, Clifford Edmund
Bosworth, E.
Bosworth, Edmond
Bosworth, Edmund
Bozwors, Klement Edmund
بوزوث، كلفرد ادمند
بوزورث، كليفورد إ
بوسورث، كليفورد ادموند
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Ali, Muhammad (1875-1951)
Bearman, P.J. (1953-)
Bearman, Peri J.
Bearman, Peri J. (1953-)
Bianquis, Thierry
Hillenbrand, Carole
Ilex Foundation (Boston, MA)
International Union of Academies
John Rylands Library
Minorskij, Vladimir Fedorovič
Schacht, Joseph (1902-1969))
Tabarī (ca 838-923))
University of Edinburgh
Yāršāṭir, Iḥsān (1920-)
ʿAbbās, Iḥsān (1920-2003)
achievements, The
age of achievement, AD 750 to the end of the fifteenth century, The
Al Ṭāsa-Terengganu
Arabic jargon texts, The : the Qaṣīda sāsāniyyas of Abū Dulaf and Ṣafī d-Dīn
Arabs, Byzantium and Iran studies in early Islamic history and culture, The
Armées du Prophète Stratégie, tactique et armement, Les
b- al- Qaṣīdah al- sāsānīyah
Bahā’ al-Dīn al-´Āmilī and his literary anthologies
Book of contention and strife concerning the relations between the Banū Umayya and the Banū Hāshim
book of curious and entertaining information, The : the Laṭā'if al-maʿārif of Thaʿālibī
catalogue of accessions to the Arabic manuscripts in the John Rylands university library of Manchester, with indices, A
Century of British Orientalists 1902-2001, A
commentary on the Qurʿān, A
dynasties musulmanes, Les
Eastward ho! : diplomats, travellers and interpreters of the Middle East and beyond, 1600-1940
encyclopaedia of Islam., The
Encyclopaedia of Islam. Vol. 5 : Khe - Mahi ; assisted by F. Th. Dijkema and S. Nurit. Leiden, 1986.
Encyclopédie de l'Islam
Ġaznawiyān-i mutaʾaḵḵir : ʿurūǧ wa iḍmiḥlāl-i sulāla-yi Ġaznawī dar Afġānistān wa Hind-i šumālī 1040-1186M. : splendour and decay : the dynasty in Afghanistan and northern India, 1040-1186.
Ghaznavids, The : their empire in Afghanistan and Eastern Iran, 994:1040
Ğoġrāfjā-je tārichi-je Irān
Historic cities of the islamic world
historical geography of Iran, An
history of al-Ṭabarī (Taʾrīkh al-rusul waʾl-mulūk), The
history of Beyhaqi, The : (the history of Sultan Mas'ud of Ghazna, 1030-1041)
History of civilizations of Central Asia
history of the Saffarids of Sistan and the Maliks of Nimruz, The : (247/861 to 949/1542-3)
history of the Seljuq state, The : a translation with commentary of the Akhbār al-dawla al-saljūqiyya
history of the Seljuq Turks, The : from the Jāmiʿ al-Tawārīkh : an Ilkhanid adaption of the Saljūq-nāma of Ẓahīr al-Dīn Nīshāpūrī
Hudūd al-ʿĀlam; "The regions of the world : a Persian geography, 372 A.H.-982 A.D
Hunter of the east: Arabic and Semitic studies
International Conference on Jewish Communities in Muslim Lands.
intrepid Scot William Lithgow of Lanark's Travels in the Ottoman Lands, North Africa and Central Europe, 1609-21, An
Iran and Islam : in memory of the late Vladimir Minorsky
Islamic dynasties a chronological and genealogical handbook, The
islamic world, The : from classical to modern times : essays in honor of Bernard Lewis
Istoriko-geograficheskii obzor Irana
Khawarazmi on the secular and religious titles of the Byzantines and Christians, Al-
Khwārazmī on various faiths and sects, chiefly Iranian, Al-
Laṭā'if al-maʿārif
Later Ghaznavids splendour and decay the dynasty in Afghanistan and Northern India, 1040-1186., The
legacy of Islam, The
Libia tra Mediterraneo e mondo islamico, La : atti del convegno di Catania, La Libia tra Mediterraneo e mondo islamico, studi e tendenze della ricerca sulla Libia contemporanea, storia e società, Catania, Facoltà di scienze politiche, 1-2 dicembre 2000 : aggiornamenti e approfondimenti
Mahk - Mid
manual of Ḥadīth, A
Maqāmāt Badīʿ al-Zamān al-Hamaḏānī
Maqrīzī's "Book of contention and strife concerning the relations between the Banū Umayya and the Banū Hāshim", Al-
Mediaeval islamic underworl, The : The Banu Sasan in Arabic society and literature...
Mediaeval Islamic underworld the Banū Sāsān in Arabic society and literature, The
Medieval Arabic culture and administration
Medieval history of Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asia, The
Mif - Naz
Military organization under the Būyids of Persia and Iraq
Musul'manskie dinastii : spravočnik po chronologii i genealogii
Ned - Sam
new Islamic dynasties, The : a chronological and genealogical manual
ornament of histories a history of the Eastern Islamic lands AD 650-1041 the original text of Abu Sa'id 'Abd al-Hayy Gardizi, The
Persian Gulf States, The : a general survey
propos de l'article de Mohamed Khadr, A : "Deux actes de Waqf d'un Qarahanide d'Asie centrale." (Journal asiatique. 1967.)
Qajar Iran political, social and cultural change, 1800-1925 [studies presented to professor L.P. Elwell-Sutton]
Qaṣīda Sāsāniyyas of Abū Dulaf and Ṣafī d-Dīn
Reunification of the ʿAbbāsid caliphate, The
Riyadh as-Salihin of Imam Nawawi
Saljūqs of Syria during the crusades 463-549 A.H./1070-1154 A.D., The
Ṣanawbarī's elegy on the pilgrims slain in the Carmarthian attack on Mecca (317/930) : a literary historical study
Sāsānids, the Byzantines, the Lakhmids, and Yemen, the
Sīstān under the Arabs, from the Islamic conquest to the rise of the Ṣaffārids (30-250/651-864).
Storm and stress along the northern frontiers of the ʿAbbāsid Caliphate
Studies in honour of Clifford Edmund Bosworth.
Ta’rīkh al-rusul wa’l-mulūk
Tārīḵ-i Sīstān : az āmadan-i Tāziyān tā bar-āmadan-i dawlat-i Saffāriyān
Tārīkh al-rusul wa-al-mulūk.
Tarikh-e Sistan : az amadan-e Taziyan ta bar amadan-e dolat-e Saffariyan
Tārīkh-i Bayhaqī.
Tashkīlāt-i niẓāmī-i Ghaznaviyān.
Titulature of the early Ghaznavids, The
transition from Ghaznavid to Seljuq rule in the Islamic East, The
Tunbūr-Türk odjaghi
Turāth al-Islām
Türk odjaghi-'Umar Khayyām
Turkestan down to the Mongol invasion, by W. Barthold. 3rd edition, with an additional chapter hitherto unpublished in English, translated [from the Russian] by Mrs T. Minorsky and edited by C. E. Bosworth and with furthur [sic pour further] addenda and corrigenda, by C. E. Bosworth
Turkestan v epokhumongol' skago nashestviia
Turkestan v ėpoku mongolʹskago nashestvīi︠a︡.
Turks in the early Islamic world, The
Wākidī - Widin, Al-
Zayn al-akhbār
ʿAbbāsid caliphate in equilibrium, The
וידה בינלאומית לחקר הקהילות היהודיות בארצות האסלם
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Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Edinburgh, 1961