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Zipes, J.
Zipes, Jack,
Zipes, Jack D.
Zipes, Jack David
ザイプス, ジャック
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Language material
Musical sound recording
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writer of accompanying material
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Belmont, Nicole
Bloch, Ernst (1885-1977))
Bloch, Muriel (1954-...)
Burton, Richard Francis (1821-1890))
Cévin, Evelyne
Chassagnol, Monique
Columbia University
Dolle-Weinkauff, Bernd (1952-)
ebrary, Inc
Forrester, Sibelan E. S.
Forrester, Sibelan Elizabeth S.
Gilman, Sander L. (1944-)
Gonzenbach, Laura (1842-1878))
Grimm, Wilhelm (1786-1859)
Oxford University Press
Ruy-Vidal, François
Schwitters, Kurt (1887-1948)
Thalmann, Marianne
Wolf, Christa (1929-2011))
Zipes, Jack David (1937-..)
鈴木, 晶 (1952-)
Aesop's fables
Arabian nights : a selection
Aufstand der Elfen phantast. Erzählungen aus d. viktorian. England
Baba Yaga : the wild witch of the East in Russian fairy tales
Beauties, beasts and enchantment : classic French fairy tales
Beautiful Angiola : the great treasury of Sicilian folk and fairy tales
Breaking the magic spell : radical theories of folk and fairy tales
Brothers Grimm, 1988:, The
Brothers Grimm from enchanted forests to the modern world, The
Children's literature
cloak of dreams Chinese fairy tales, The
complete fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, The
Contes de fées d'hier à aujourd'hui conférence du 10 mai 2001
Contes de fées et l'art de la subversion étude de la civilisation des mœurs à travers un genre classique, la littérature pour la jeunesse, Les
Creative storytelling : building community, changing lives
Critical reflections about Hans Christian Andersen, the failed revolutionary
Deutsche Kinderliteratur an amerikanischen Universitäten
Divided heaven
Don't bet on the prince : contemporary feminist fairy tales in North America and England
Editors' Introduction: Celebrating Our Twenty-Fifth Anniversary, Celebrating Children's Literature Criticism.
enchanted screen, The : the unknown history of fairy-tale films
Es wird einmal in Deutschland : die Brüder Grimm und die Folgen
Es wird einmal ... Soziale Märchen der Zwanziger Jahre
Fairy tale as myth/myth as fairy tale
Fairy tales and fables from Weimar days
Fairy tales and the art of subversion : the classical genre for children and the process of civilization
fairy tales of Hermann Hesse, The
fight over fairy-tale discourse, The : family, friction and socialization in the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany
Germans and Jews since the Holocaust : the changing situation in West Germany
Geteilte Himmel
Great fairy tale tradition, 2001:, The
great fairy tale tradition from Straparola and Basile to the brothers Grimm texts, criticism, The
great refusal. Studies of the ... 1970., The
Great refusal, The : studies of the romantic hero in German and American literature
Hans Christian Andersen and the discourse of the dominated
Hans Christian Andersen : the misunderstood storyteller
Happily ever after : fairy tales, children, and the culture industry
instrumentalization of fantasy, The : fairy tales, the culture industry and mass media
irresistible fairy tale the cultural and social history of a genre, The
Italian popular tales
Jewish writing and thought in German culture, 1096-1996
Kinder- und Hausmärchen.
Kinderliteratur und Kinder- Öffentlichkeit in Walter Benjamins Schriften
liberating potential of the fantastic in contemporary fairy tales for children, The
Little Red Riding Hood and other classic French fairy tales
Lucky Hans and other Merz fairy tales
Man oh man
Mantel der Träume.
Mother Earth and her children, 2007:
Neue kritische Ansätze zur englischen un amerikansischen Kinderliteratur seit 1980 : eine Bestandsaufname
Norton anthology of children's literature the traditions in English, The
Of cats and men : framing the civilizing discourse of the fairy tale
On the use and abuse of folk and fairy tales with children : Bruno Bettelheim's moralistic magic wand
operated Jew two tales of anti-semitism, The
Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, The : the complete first edition
Otogibanashi ga shinwa ni naru toki
outspoken princess and the gentle knight, The : a treasury of modern fairy tales
Oxford companion to fairy tales, 2000:, The
Oxford encyclopedia of children's literature., The
perverse delight of 'Shockheaded Peter', The
Peter Pan
phenomenon of Harry Potter, or why all the talk?, The
Relentless progress : the reconfiguration of children's literature, fairy tales, and storytelling
Romantik in kritischer Perspektive : zehn Studien
"Rotkäppchen-Debatte", Die : den Märchenzähler
Rotkäppchens Lust und Leid Biographie e. europ. Märchens
Rotkäppchens Lust und Leid : Biographie eines europäischen Märchens
Russian folktale by Vladimir Yakovlevich Propp, The
Russkaia skazka.
Setting standards for civilization through fairy tales : Charles Perrault and his associates
Sicilianische märchen.
Spells of enchantment : the wondrous fairy tales of Western culture
Sticks and stones the troublesome success of children's literature from Slovenly Peter to Harry Potter
Struwwelpeter : fearful stories and vile pictures to instruct good little folks
Studies of the romantic hero in German and American literature
Taking political stock : new theoretical and critical approaches to Anglo-American children's literature in the 1980s
Tales for little rebels : a collection of radical children's literature
Thechanging function of the fairy tale
Thefairy tale : politics, desire and everyday life
Thousand and one nights
Towards a theory of the fairy-tale film : the case of 'Pinocchio'
trials and tribulations of Little Red Riding Hood, 1982:, The
trials and tribulations of Little Red Riding Hood versions of the tale in sociocultural context, The
Unlikely history the changing German-Jewish symbiosis, 1945-2000
Utopian function of art and literature, The : selected essays
Utopian function of fairy tales and fantasy, The : Ernst Bloch the Marxist and J.R.R. Tolkien the Catholic
Victorian fairy tales the revolt of the fairies and elves
When dreams came true classical fairy tales and their tradition
Who's afraid of the brothers Grimm? : socialization and politization through fairy tales
Who's afraid of the Brothers Grimm? Socialization and potiticization through fairy tales
Why fairy tales stick, 2006:
Why fairy tales stick the evolution and relevance of a genre
wonderful world of Oz, The
Yale companion to Jewish writing and thought in German culture 1096-1996
おとぎ話の社会史 : 文明化の芸術から転覆の芸術へ
赤頭巾ちゃんは森を抜けて : 社会文化学からみた再話の変遷
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Thesis--Columbia University