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Witherington, Ben
Witherington, Ben ((1951- ))
Witherington, Ben (III)
Witherington Iii, Ben
ウィザリントン, ベン
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writer of accompanying material
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ebrary, Inc
Franczak, Jan J.
Gonthier, Marie
Habermas, Gary R.
Hyatt, Darlene
Lemaire, André (1942-....))
Shanks, Hershel
Society for New Testament Studies
Witherington, Ann
Wydawnictwo M.
菅野, 圭子
Acts of the Apostles, The : a new commentary
brother of Jesus, The : the dramatic story & meaning of the first archaeological link to Jesus & his family
christology of Jesus, The
Conflict & community in Corinth
Corinthian leather : the fourth Art West adventure
Evidencias de lo sobrenatural : divinidad, milagros y resurrección de Jesús
frère de Jésus le récit fascinant et la signification de la première découverte archéologique liée à Jésus et sa famille, Le
Friendship and finances in Philippi : the letter of Paul to the Philippians
Gospel code, The : novel claims about Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Da Vinci
Gospel of John, The
Gospel of Mark, The : a socio-rherorical commentary
Grace in Galatia : A commentary on St.Paul's Letter to the Galatians
Histoire du Nouveau Testament et de son siècle
History, literature, and society in the book of Acts
How United Methodists study scripture
Iesu no otōto : Yakobu no kotsubako hakken o megutte
Imminent domain : the story of the Kingdom of God and its celebration
Incandescence : light shed through the Word
indelible image, The : the theological and ethical thought world of the New Testament
invitation to the New Testament, An : first things
Is there a doctor in the house? : an insider's story and advice on becoming a Bible scholar
Isusov brat
Jesus and Money a Guide for Times of Financial Crisis
Jesus, Paul, and the end of the world : a comparative study in New Testament eschatology
Jesus quest the third search for the jew of nazareth
Jesus the sage the pilgrimage of wisdom
Jesus the seer the progress of prophecy
John's wisdom : a commentary on the Fourth Gospel
Kod Ewangelii
Letters and homilies for Hellenized Christians
letters to Philemon, the Colossians, and the Ephesians, The : a socio-rhetorical commentary on the captivity Epistles
lost letters of Pergamum, The : a story from the New Testament world
Making a Meal of It Rethinking the Theology of the Lord's Supper
many faces of the Christ, The : the Christologies of the New Testament and beyond
[New Cambridge Bible commentary]
New Testament history : a narrative account
New Testament rhetoric : an introductory guide to the art of persuasion in and of the New Testament
On the road with Jesus teaching and healing
One and two Thessalonians
Papias and the mysterious menorah, 2010:
Paul's narrative thought world : the tapestry of tragedy and triumph
poetry of piety, The : an annotated anthology of Christian poetry
prayers of Jesus. six in-depth studies connecting the Bible to life, The
problem with evangelical theology, The : testing the exegetical foundations of Calvinism, dispensationalism, and Wesleyanism
Reading and understanding the Bible
realm of the reign, The : reflections on the dominion of God
Revelation and the end times unraveling God's message of hope
shadow of the Almighty, The : Father, Son, and Spirit in biblical perspective
shared Christian life, A
Troubled waters the real New Testament theology of baptism
Una Respuesta definitiva al Código da Vinci : Los siete errores de la novela de Dan Brown
We have seen His glory : a vision of kingdom worship
Week in the life of corinth
what have they done with jesus?
What's in the Word : rethinking the socio-rhetorical character of the New Testament
Women and the genesis of Christianity
Women in the Earliest Churches
Women in the Ministry of Jesus : A Study of Jesus'Attitudes to Women and their Roles as Reflected in His Earthly Life
Work : a Kingdom perspective on labor
イエスの弟 : ヤコブの骨箱発見をめぐって