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Prasad, E.
Prasad, E. S.
Prasad, Eswar
Prasad, Eswar S.
Prasad, Eswar Shanker
Prassad, Eswar Shanker
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Agénor, Pierre-Richard
Agenor, Pierre-Richard
Anand, Rahul
Ayhan Kose, M.
Aziz, Jahangir
Barnett, Steven
Barnett, Steven Alan
Bayoumi, Tamim
Brookings Institution / Global Economy and Development Program
Chadha, Bankim
Chamon, Marcos
Chamon, Marcos D.
Chan-Lau, Jorge A.
Chinn, Menzie D.
Chinn, Menzie David
Cornell University / Department of Applied Economics and Management
Faruqee, Hamid
Gable, Jeffery A.
Goodfriend, Marvin
Gu, Grace
Hammond, Gill
Iakova, Dora M.
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
International Monetary Fund
International Monetary Fund. Western Hemisphere Department
Jha, Shikha
Kanbur, Ravi
Kawai, Masahiro (1947- ))
Keane, M. P.
Keane, Michael
Keane, Michael P
Keane, Michael P.
Kose, Ayhan
Kose, M Ayhan
Kose, M. Ayhan
Laxton, Douglas
Lee, William
Liu, Kai
Lumsdaine, Robin L.
Mauro, Paolo
McDermott, C John
McDermott, C. John
National Bureau of Economic Research
National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)
Otrok, Christopher
Otrok, Christopher M.
Prasad, E. S.
Prasad, Enswar
Prasad, Eswar
Prasad, Eswar E.
Prasad, Eswar S
Prasad, Eswar S.
Rajan, Raghuram
Rajan, Raghuram G.
Ramaswamy, Ramana
Rogoff, Kenneth
Rogoff, Kenneth S.
Rumbaugh, Thomas
Spilimbergo, Antonio
Starptautiskais Valūtas fonds
Subramanian, Arvind
Taylor, Ashley D.
Terada-Hagiwara, Akiko
Terrones, Marco
Terrones, Marco E.
Thomas, Alun
Thomas, Alun H.
Turtelboom, Bart
University of Chicago
Utili, Francesca
Wang, Qing
Wei, Shang-Jin
Ye, Lei
Ye, Sandy
河合, 正弘 (1947-)
Are prices countercyclical? c1992:
Are prices countercyclical? Evidence from the G-7
Awkward Dance: China and the United States, An
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Canadian labor market, The : developments, prospects and policy
Changes in the Relationship Between the Long-Term Interest Rate and Its Determinants
Changes in the structure of earnings during the Polish transition
China and India : learning from each other : reforms and policies for sustained growth
China's growth and integration into the world economy : prospects and challenges
Chinese Approach to Capital Inflows: Patterns and Possible Explanations, The
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Controlled Capital Account Liberalisation: A Proposal
Controlled Capital Account Liberalization: A Proposal
Currency unions, economic fluctuations, and adjustment : some new empirical evidence
disaggregated analysis of employment growth fluctuations in Canada, A
Distributional Effects of Macroeconomic Policy Choices in Emerging Market Economies
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Does Openness to International Financial Flows Contribute to Productivity Growth?
Does openness to international financial flows raise productivity growth?
Dollar trap how the u.s. dollar tightened its grip on global finance
Dynamics of Reservation Wages: Preliminary Evidence from the GSOEP, The
Effects of financial globalization on developing countries some empirical evidence
Effects on Financial Globalization on Developing Countries: Some Empirical Evidence
Emerging markets : resilience and growth amid global turmoil
Employment and Wage Effects of Oil Price Changes: A Sectoral Analysis., The
employment and wage effects of oil price shocks: a sectoral analysis, The
Employment, wage, and productivity dynamics in an equilibrium business cycle model with heterogeneous labor
Financial Globalization: A Reappraisal
Financial Globalization and Economic Policies
Financial Globalization, Growth and Volatility in Developing Countries
Financial Integration and Macroeconomic Volatility
Financial Sector Regulation and Reforms in Emerging Markets: An Overview
Foreign capital and economic growth
Framework for Independent Monetary Policy in China, A
Global business cycles: convergence or decoupling?
Growth and Volatility in an Era of Globalization
Hong Kong SAR, 2004:
Hong Kong SAR : meeting the challenges of integration with the mainland
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
How do trade and financial integration affect the relationship between growth and volatility?
How Does Financial Globalization Affect Risk Sharing? Patterns and Channels
How Does Globalization Affect the Synchronization of Business Cycles?
Identifying the Common Component in International Economic Fluctuations - A New Approach
Identifying the Common Component of International Economic Fluctuations: A New Approach
Income uncertainty and household savings in China
India's Approach to Capital Account Liberalization
India’s Approach to Capital Account Liberalization
Inequality, Transfers and Growth: New Evidence from the Economic Transition in Poland
International Evidence on the Determinants of Trade Dynamics
International Spillovers of Macroeconomic Shocks - A Quantitative Exploration
International Trade and the Business Cycle.
Interpreting the Cyclical Behavior of Prices
Is the Chinese growth miracle built to last?
Italian Labor Market: Stylized Facts, Institutions, and Directions for Reform, The
Labor Market Adjustment in Canada and the United States
Labor Market Aspects of Industrial Restructuring in Canada
Labour market adjustment in Canada and the United States, 1997.
Loren Brandt and Thomas Rawski, China's Great Economic Transformation , Cambridge University Press (2008).
Macroeconomic Fluctuations in Developing Countries - Some Stylized Facts
Medium-term determinants of current accounts in industrial and developing countries: an empirical exploration
Modernizing China's growth paradigm
Monetary Policy Challenges for Emerging Market Economies
Monetary policy frameworks for emerging markets
Monetary policy implementation in China
Multimod Mark III: The Core Dynamic and Steady State Model
New paradigms for financial regulation : emerging market perspectives
Optimal price indices for targeting inflation under incomplete markets
Patterns of international capital flows and their implications for economic development
Perspectives on regional unemployment in Europe
Possible Effects of European Monetary Union on Switzerland: A Case Study of Policy Dilemmas Caused by Low Inflation and the Nominal Interest Rate Floor
pragmatic approach to capital account liberalization, A
Putting the Cart Before the Horse? Capital Account Liberalization and Exchange Rate Flexibility in China
Real Exchange Rate Fluctuations and the Business Cycle: Evidence from Japan
Rebalancing growth in Asia
relation between skill levels and the cyclical variability of employment, hours and wages, The
Renminbi's Role in the Global Monetary System, The
Role reversal in global finance
Saving in Asia: Issues for Rebalancing Growth
Sectoral shifts and structural change in the Japanese economy: Evidence and interpretation
Shocks and Structural Breaks - Labor Market Reforms in the United Kingdom
Skill Heterogeneity and Aggregation Bias over the Business Cycle
Skill Levels and the Cyclical Variability of Employment, Hours, and Wages
Some New Perspectives on India's Approach to Capital Account Liberalization
Thresholds in the process of international financial integration
Unbearable Stability of the German Wage Structure - Evidence and Interpretation, The
Volatility and Comovement in a Globalized World Economy: An Empirical Exploration
Wage Inequality in the United Kingdom, 1975-99
What Determines the Reservation Wage: Theory and Some New Evidence from German Micro Data
What Determines the Reservation Wages of Unemployed Workers? New Evidence from German Micro Data
Why are saving rates of urban households in China rising?
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Chicago, 1992