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International Union for Biological Sciences
International Union of Biological Sciences
International Union of Biological Societies
International Union of the Biological Sciences
Internationale Union der Biologischen Wissenschaften
Internationaler Verein der Biologischen Wissenschaften
Internationella unionen för biologiska ventenskaper
IUBS (International Union of Biological Sciences)
IUBS (International Union of Biological Societies)
Kokusai Seibutsu Kagaku Rengō
Meždunarodnyj Sojuz Biologičeskich Nauk
Mezhdunarodnyĭ soi︠u︡z biologicheskikh nauk
Mezinárodní svaz biologických věd
Mezinárodní unie biologických věd
Unión Internacional de Ciencas Biológicas
Unión Internacional de Ciencias Biológicas
Union Internationale des Sciences Biologiques
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Adaptations within antarctic ecosystems : proceedings of the Third SCAR Symposium on Antarctic Biology
Animal psychology seminars: Strasbourg University, October 1956, and Brussels University, August 1957.
Atti della Conferenza internazionale sui laboratori di biologia marina tenutasi a Roma, sotto gli auspici della Unione internazionale delle scienze biologiche, dal 18 al 23 aprile 1955, a cura di R. W. Hiatt. Proceedings of the International Conference on Marine Biological Laboratories held in Rome, under the auspices of the International Union of Biological Sciences, April 18-23, 1955.
bases biochimiques et structurelles de la morphogénèse., Les
Biochemistry of human genetics
Biodiversity and global change
Biodiversity focus the human dimension of biodiversity DIVERSITAS science plan international biodiversity observation year (IBOY) 2001 - 2002, assembling the tree of life
Biogeografiʹa bulletin of the Systematic & Evolutionary Biogeography Association.
Biol. Int.
Biological education : challenges of the 21st century
Biological nomenclature today : a review of the present state and current issues of biological nomenclature of animals, plants, bacteria, and viruses : papers presented at ICSEB III, July 9, 1985, Brighton, United Kingdom
Biological research, education and ethics
Biological structure and function; proceedings.
Biology and the history of the future:
Biology international the news magazine of the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS).
Biotechnology of aquatic animals : proceedings of an IUBS symposium organized on 25-27 November, 1991, in Toba City, Mie Prefecture, Japan
Bull. SROP
Bulletin Section regionale ouest paléarctique
Bulletin SROP
Ciba Foundation symposium jointly with the International Union of Biological Sciences on biochemistry of human genetics : [held in Napoli, 13th-16th May, 1959]
Circulation, respiration and metabolism : current comparative approaches
Colloque international sur la pathologie des insectes et la lutte microbiologique.
Environmental control of plant growth : proceedings of a symposium held at Canberra, Australia, August, 1962
Etudes et recherches sur les phytohormones : première réunion organisée en collaboration avec l'Union internationale des sciences biologiques, Paris 1937
First symposium on host specificity among parasites of vertebrates
From genes to ecosystems : a research agenda for biodiversity : report of a IUBS-SCOPE-UNESCO workshop, Harvard Forest, Petersham, Ma., USA, June 27-July 1, 1991
Genetic neurology problems of the development, growth, and regeneration of the nervous system and of its functions ; conference
genetics of colonizing species; proceedings., The
health education through biology teaching
Index des généticiens.
Index des zoologistes.
index of taxonomic specialists in entomology
Integrative biology and complexity of natural systems keys to addressing emerging challenges
International code of zoological nomenclature
international encyclopedia of abbreviations and acronyms of organizations
International Union of Biological Sciences
IUBS methodology series
IUBS Monogr. Ser.
IUBS monograph series
kokusai saibai shokubutsu meimei kiyaku
Methods for the examination of organismal diversity in soils and sediments
Mezinárodní pravidla zoologické nomenklatury : 4. vydání přijaté Mezinárodní unií biologických věd
Molecular biology of nucleocytoplasmic relationships
Mount Kenya area : differentiation and dynamics of a tropical mountain ecosystem : proceedings of the International "Workshop on Ecology and Socio-Economy of Mount Kenya Area" held at Nanyuki, Kenya, March 5-12, 1989
new bionomenclature the BioCode debate, The ; proceedings of a symposium held during the Fifth International Congress on Systematic and Evolutionary Biology in Budapest on 21 August 1996
Nitrogen metabolism in plants : IUB-IUBS joint symposium held in the University of Leeds, July 1972
On the distribution and origin of the deep sea bottom fauna.
Physical and chemical approaches to problems in chromosomes; [symposium] Tokyo, September 1956.
physiologie des cultures de tissus végétaux, La : [1er Colloque international sur la physiologie des cultures de tissus végétaux, Briançon, 14-21 juillet 1954]
Polar human biology : the proceedings of the SCAR/IUPS/IUBS Symposium on Human Biology and Medicine in the Antarctic
Premier symposium sur la spécificité parasitaire des parasites de vertébrés
Problèmes de l'embryologie physio-gʹenʹetique.
Progress in photosynthesis research : [proceedings of the International Congress of Photosynthesis Research, Freudenstadt, Germany, June 4-8, 1968]
Publications de l'Union internationale des sciences biologiques
Rapport sur les jardins alpins : colloque international de l'Union internationale des sciences biologiques sur l'organisation scientifiques des jardins botaniques : (Paris, Muséum nat. d'histoire naturelle, 4-7 juin 1953)
Régulateurs naturels de la croissance v0egétale, Gif s/Yvette, 15-20 juillet 1963.
Role of biometric techniques in biological research., The
SROP/WPRS bulletin
Sur l'organisation scientifique des jardins botaniques.
Symbiosphere ecological complexity for promoting biodiversity ; report of an international workshop held on 17 - 19 December 1992 in Kyoto, Japan
Symposium on the Germ Cells and the Earliest Stages of Development, Pallanza, September 14-20, 1960; [proceedings].
Time scales and water stress : proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Mediterranean Ecosytems (MEDECOS V) held in Montpellier, France, July 15-21, 1987
Towards a harmonized bionomenclature for life on earth report of the IUBS IUMS Exploratory Meeting on Harmonization between Codes of Nomenclature held on 16 - 18 March 1994 at the International Mycological Institute, Egham, Surrey, UK
Towards a theoretical biology; an IUBS symposium
Trace elements in plant physiology, with a report of the proceedings [of a symposium organized by the International Union of Biological Sciences]
Trichogramma and other egg parasites : 2nd International Symposium : 2e Symposium international, Guangzhou (Chine) 10-15 novembre 1986
Union internationale des sciences biologiques. International Union of Biological Sciences. Série C
Uniqueness and universality in a biological world ; report of a symposium held on 10 - 12 January 1995 at the UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France
West Palearctic Regional Section bulletin
WPRS bulletin
XVI International Botanical Congress, Saint Louis America's center, Saint-Louis, Missouri, U.S.A., 1-7 August 1999 : Proceedings