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Steve Vai`
Vai, Steve
Vai, Steven Siro
Brass - Horn
Electronic - Synthesizer
Keyboard - Piano
Strings, plucked - Guitar
Strings, plucked - Lute
Voices – Unspecified (IPDA: Vocal)
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Alcatrazz (isMemberOf)
Aldridge, Tommy (co-performer)
Beach, Reb (co-performer)
Bonnet, Graham (co-performer)
Bozzio, Terry (co-performer)
Coverdale, David (co-performer)
Dowle, Dave (co-performer)
Dunbar, Aynsley (co-performer)
Frazier, Chris (co-performer)
G3 (isMemberOf)
Galley, Mel (co-performer)
Harris, Bob (co-performer)
Harris, Suzannah (co-performer)
Johnson, Eric (co-performer)
Lord, Jon (co-performer)
Malmsteen, Yngwie J. (co-performer)
Mars, Tommy (co-performer)
Marsden, Bernie (co-performer)
Mendoza, Marco (co-performer)
Moody, Micky (co-performer)
Murray, Neil (co-performer)
Paice, Ian (co-performer)
Petrucci, John (co-performer)
Powell, Cozy (co-performer)
Sarzo, Rudy (co-performer)
Satriani, Joe (1956-)
Satriani, Joe (co-performer)
Schwartz, Martin (co-performer)
Shea, Gary (co-performer)
Stevens, T.M. (co-performer)
Sykes, John (co-performer)
The G3 Jam (isMemberOf)
Thunes, Scott (co-performer)
Townsend, Devin (co-performer)
Uvena, Jan (co-performer)
Vai (isMemberOf)
Vai (Musical group)
Vandenberg, Adrian (co-performer)
Voor zang en gitaar (meerdere gitaren)
Waldo, Jimmy (co-performer)
Western Vacation (isMemberOf)
Whitehill, Dave
Whitesnake (isMemberOf)
Young, Chris (1971- ))
Zappa, Frank (1940-1993))
Alien love secrets
Alive in an Ultra World (Slovenia)
Audience Is Listening, The
Babushka (Romania)
Being With You (in Paris) (France)
Big neighborhood
Big Trouble
Bill & Ted’s bogus journey [SR] p1991:
Black Forest (Germany), The
Bledsoe Bluvd
Blood and Glory (United Kingdom)
Bottom Line, The
Brandos Costumes (Gentle Ways) (Portugal)
Brown shoes don't make it
Building the Church
Bump and Grind
Burnin' Down the Mountain
Burning Rain (Japan)
Chronic Insomnia
Damn Good
Details at 10
Devil's Food (Holland)
Dirty Black Hole
Down Deep Into the Pain
Earth Dweller's Return, An
Eat 'em and smile
Elephant Gun
Elvis has just left the building
Fire garden
Frank Zappa guitar book, The
G3 : Live in Tokyo
Giant Balls of Gold (Poland)
Goin' Crazy!
Guitar extravaganza
Guitar passions
Here & Now
Hot Dog and a Shake
Iberian Jewel (Spain)
In My Dreams With You
Incantation (Bulgaria)
Ladies' Nite in Buffalo?
Light of the Moon (Australia)
Little Pieces of Seaweed
Live at the Astoria London
Natural Born Boy
Passion and warfare
Power of Bombos (Greece), The
Principessa (Italy)
Real illusions: reflections
Rescue Me or Bury Me
Road to Mt. Calvary, The
Rockin' in the free world
San Sebastian
Seventh song
Sex & religion
So Happy
Sound theories
State of Grace
Steve Vai
Still My Bleeding Heart
story of light, The
Symphony no. 1
Touching Tongues
Two Fools a Minute
ultra zone, The
Where the wild things are
Whispering a Prayer
X-Equalibrium Dance, The
Yankee Rose
#?@! Yourself
Zappa plays Zappa live in New York und Seattle
Zappa's universe : a celebration of 25 years of Frank Zappa's music
Contributed to or performed: 
1979-08-26: Wrathchild: Reading Festival, Berkshire, UK
1980-04-11: Tokyo Bites: Tokyo, Japan
1980-08-24: Live in Reading: Reading, Berkshire, UK
1982-12-28: Lonely in the Night: Birmingham, UK
1983-03-03: Germany 1983: Ludwigshafen, Germany
1983-03-18: My Father's Place, New York, NY, USA
1983-10: Live at the Country Club, Reseda, CA, USA
1984-07-24: Spokane Coliseum, Spokane, WA, USA
1987 Versions
1987-07-29: Night at Michigan: Battle Creek, MI, USA
1987-12-30: Hot in the Night: Wembley, London, UK
1988-06-13: Bad Boy Boogie: Tokyo, Japan
1988-06-13: Live in Tokyo: Olympic Pool, Tokyo, Japan
1990-08-10: Slip of the Spanish Tongue: Madrid, Spain
1990-08-18: Monsters of Rock: Donington Park, Derbyshire, UK
1994-06-10: White Night in Russia: White Nights Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia
1994-06-22: Helsinki, Finland
1997-12-13: The Last Farewell: Buenos Aires, Argentina
2003-02-16: Bakersfield, CA, USA
2003-02-19: Sacramento, CA, USA
2004-09-14: Leipzig, Germany
2005-07-01: House of Blues, Las Vegas, NV, USA
2006-06-14: Saints 'n' Snakes: Coliseu De Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Whitesnake
30th Anniversary Collection
7th Song, Enchanting Guitar Melodies Archives Vol. 1, The
7th Song: Enchanting Guitar Melodies - Archive, The
Aching Hunger Bonus Show Part One, The
Alien Love Secrets
Alive in an Ultra World
Alive in an Ultra World (disc 2)
Archives, Volume 1: The 7th Song
Archives, Volume 2: FZ Original Recordings
Archives, Volume 3: Mystery Tracks
Archives, Volume 4: Various Artists
Bad Squad
Best of Alcatrazz, The
Best of Whitesnake
Best of Whitesnake, The
Best, The
Come an' Get It
Dangerous Games
Deeper the Love, The
Definitive Collection, The
Disturbing the Peace
Don't Fade Away
Early Years, The
Elusive Light and Sound, Volume 1, The
Fire Garden
Flex-Able Leftovers
G3 Phoenix 19/07/2001
G3: Live in Concert
G3: Live in Denver
G3: Live in Tokyo
G3: Rockin' in the Free World
Good to Be Bad
Good to Be Bad (bonus disc)
Greatest Hits
Here I Go Again: The Whitesnake Collection
Hiroshima Mon Amour
Infinite Steve Vai: An Anthology, The
Live at Hammersmith
Live at the Astoria London
Live at the Country Club
Live in London
Live in the Shadow of the Blues
Live in the Still of the Night
Live Sentence
Live... in the Heart of the City
Millenium Collection
No Parole From Rock'n'Roll
Passion and Warfare
Ready an' Willing
Real Illusions: Reflections
Restless Heart
Saints & Sinners
Secret Jewel Box Interview, The
Sex & Religion
Shadow of Live Blues
Silver Anniversary Collection, The
Slide It In
Slip of the Tongue
Slip of the Tongue: 20th Anniversary Edition (disc 1)
Snakebite EP
Songs From the Album Vibraudoblast
Sound Theories, Volume 1: The Aching Hunger
Sound Theories, Volume 2: Shadows & Sparks
Starkers in Tokyo
Story of Light, The
Ultra Zone, The
Vintage Concert, The
Western Vacation
Where the Other Wild Things Are
Where the Wild Things Are
Whitesnake's Greatest Hits
Graad 4
Notenschrift en gitaartabulaturen
Voor zang en gitaar (meerdere gitaren)