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Faden, , W.
Faden, W:m
Faden, Will.m
Faden, William
Faden, William (British publisher, geographer, cartographer, 1750-1836)
Faden, William (II)
Faden, Willm
Faden, Wm
William Faden
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Cartographic material
Language material
Manuscript cartographic material
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Blaskowitz, Charles
Faden, William (1711-1783; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Faden, William (II, Londen)
Jefferys & Faden (London, England) (see also from)
Jefferys, Thomas -1771
La Rochette, Louis Stanislas d'Arcy de (1731-1802))
Leard, John
Map Collectors' Circle (London)
Neele, Samuel John (1758-1824)
Nordenankar, Johan (1722-1804)
Palmer, William (1739-1812)
Ratzer, Bernard
Sauthier, Claude Joseph
Schraembl, Franz Anton
Tofiño de San Miguel, Vincente (ca 1732-1795)
Buena Esperanza (Sudáfrica) (Cabo)
Carte des environs de Londres.
Catalogue of a curious and valuable collection of original maps ... 1862.
Chart of part of the coast of Newfoundland from Point Lance to Cape Spear
Chart of the Isle of Trinidad...], [A
Chart of the northwest coast of America and the northeast coast of Asia, explored in the years 1778 and 1779
Chart of the straits between Denmark and Sweden, shewing the passage from the Kattegat through the sound to Copenhagen Road and thence through the grounds to the entrance of the Baltic
Charte von den Königreichen Spanien und Portugal
Chorographical Map of the Kingdom of Portugal divided into its Grand Provinces
Cornwall (Gran Betaña) (Condado)
course of Delaware River from Philadelphia to Chester., The
Dutch Guyana or the colonies of Essequebo, Demarary, Berbice, Surinam
Europa. E
Europe, exhibiting its principal states &c.
General atlas
Hudson (Río)
Inglaterra (Gran Bretaña)
Italy with the addition of the Southern parts of Germany as far as Pettau in Stiria; Murlakia, Dalmatia, the adjacent countries, and all the Illyric Islands
Jamaica (Isla)
Jersey (Isla)
Londres (Gran Bretaña) (Alrededores)
map of a part of Yucatan, or of that part of the eastern shore within the Bay of Honduras alloted to Great Britain for the cutting of logwood, in consequence of the Convention signed with Spain on the 14th July 1786., A
map of South Carolina and a part of Georgia. Containing the whole sea-coast; all the islands, inlets, rivers, creeks, parishes, townships, boroughs, roads, and bridges: As also, several plantations, with their proper boundary-lines, their names, and the names of their proprietors., A
map of the Caribbee, Granadilles and Virgin Isles, A
map of the inhabited part of Canada, A
Map Of The Kingdom Of Poland And Grand Dutchy Of Lithuania Including Samogitia And Curland, Divided according to Their Dismemberments With The Kingdom of Prussia, A
map of the Province of New-York, reduc'd from the large drawing of that Province, compiled from actual surveys by order of His Excellency William Tryon, Esqr. Captain General & Governor of the same, A
map of the Seven United Provinces with the Land of Drent, and the Generality Lands, A
map trade in the late eighteenth century, 2000:, The
Mappa corografico do Reino de Portugal
marches of Lord Cornwallis in the Southern provinces, now states of North America, comprehending the two Carolinas, with Virginia and Maryland, and the Delaware counties, The
Mediterráneo (Mar)
Menorca (Isla)
narrative of the building and a description of the construction of the Edystone lighthouse with stone, to which is subjoined an appendix, giving some account of the lighthouse on the spurn point built upon a sand by John Smeaton...., A
Neue Karte von der Schweiz oder Helvetien In Die XIII Eidgenossenschaften, Ihre Bundsverwandten und Unterthanen eingetheilt: Nach den zuverlaessigsten Nachrichten und neuesten astronomischen Beobachtungen : Joseph Philipp Schalbacher], 1789
New and Accurate Map of the County of Cornwall, from an Actual Survey, A
new map of Ireland, A : civil and ecclesiastical
new map of the German empire and the neighbouring states, A : with their principal post roads. Originally published by the Royal Academy of Berlin
new map of the King of Great Britain's dominions in Germany or the Electorate of Brunswick - Luneburg and its dependencies, A
new pocket plan of the cities of London and Westminster with the Borough of Southwark. .., A
North American atlas, selected from the most authentic maps, charts, plans, &c. hitherto published., The
Nueva York (Estados Unidos)
plan of the city and environs of Philadelphia, A
plan of the city of Dublin as surveyed for the use of the division'l: justices: to which have been added plans of the canal harbour and its junction with the Grand Canal; the Royal Canal, and every projection and alteration to the present time, 1797., A
plan of the island of Jersey, with a sketch of the batteries, redoubts, and intrenchments raised along the coast for the defence of the island., A
Plan of the operations of General Washington, against the Kings troops in New Jersey, from the 26th, of December, 1776, to the 3d. January 1777.
Plan of the Position which the Army under Lt. Genl. Burgoine took at Saratoga on the 10th. of September 1777, and in which remained till the Convention was signed
plan of the town, bar, harbour, and environs of Charlestown in South Carolina, A : with all the channels, soundings, sailing-marks &c. from the surveys made in the colony.
plan of the town of Boston, with the intrenchments &c. of His Majestys forces in 1775: From the observations of Lieut. Page of His Majesty's Corps of Engineers; and from the plans of other gentlemen., A
plan of the town of Newport in Rhode Island, A
Position of the detachment under Lieut't Col'l Baum, at Walmscock near Bennington; shewing the attacks of the enemy on the 16th August 1777.
province of New Jersey, divided into East and West, commonly called the Jerseys, The
roads of Great Britain, The
Saint John's (Antigua y Barbuda) (Puerto)
Sketch of the northern frontiers of Georgia, extending from the mouth of the River Savannah to the town of Augusta
To His Excellency the Count of Czernicheni Commander in Chief of her Majesty the Empres of all the Russias Fleet and Gallies...This Map of the present Seat of War, between the Russians, Poles, and Turks
To Leiutenant General Colin Campbell This Plan Representing the Siege & Defence of Tarifa
To Philip Affleck Esqr. Rear Admiral of the White and Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Ships & Vessels at Jamaica &c. &c. This Chart with A Plan of the Islands of Jamaica & the Plans of the Principal Harbours & Anchoring Places about the Island, as surveyed by his Order in part of the year 1789, 1790, 1791, & part of 1792
topographical chart of the bay of Narraganset in the province of New England, with all the isles contained therein, among which Rhode Island and Connonicut have been particularly surveyed, shewing the true position & bearings of the banks, shoals, rocks &c. as likewise the soundings; to which have been added the several works & batteries raised by the Americans. Taken by order of the principal farmers on Rhode Island., A
Topographical Map of the Isle of Minorca, A
United States of North America, with the British territories., The