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Braun, Lester R.
Brāwin, Līstar R.
Brown, L. R.
Brown, Lester,
Brown, Lester R.,
Brown, Lester R. (dir.)
Brown, Lester Russel,
Brown, Lester Russell,
Bulang, Laisite R
Lai-ssu-t`e R, Pu-lang
Lai-ssu-tʻe R. Pu-lang
Pu-lang, Lai-ssu-t`e R.
Pu-lang, Lai-ssu-tʻe R.,
Браун, Лестер Р.,
בראון, לסטר ר.,
براون، لستر ر.،
براون، ليستر ر.،
براون، ليستر راسيل
لستر ر. براون،
ブラウン, レスター
ブラウン, レスター・R
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Earth Policy Institute
Flavin, Chris
Flavin, Christopher
Gardner (1958-....))
Halweil, Brian
Kane, Hal
Norman, Colin
Postel, Sandra
Starke, Linda
Wolf, Edward C.
Worldwatch Institute
Županov, Josip
מכון Worldwatch
هدارة، سيد رمضان
福岡, 克也 (1930-)
A.B.C. de la démographie : vingt-deux aspects du problème de la démographie
agricultural link, The : how environmental deterioration could disrupt economic progress.
Basculement : comment éviter l'effondrement économique et environnemental
Beyond Malthus : nineteen dimensions of the population challenge
Breaking new ground : a personal history
Building a Sustainable Society
By bread alone
changing world food prospect: the nineties and beyond, The
Chikyū hakusho
Ching chi, she hui, kʻo chi, 1987
D'abord, le pain...
earth policy reader, The
Eco-économie : une autre croissance est possible, écologique et durable
Eco-economy : building an economy for the earth
Estado del mundo, El : Un informe del Instituto Worldwatch acerca del progreso hacia una sociedad perdurable.
état de la planète, 1992, L'
état de la planète 1993, L'
Facing Food Insecurity
Feeding Nine Billion
Food or fuel: new competition for the world's cropland
Full house: reassessing the earth's population carrying capacity.
Full planet, empty plates : the new geopolitics of food scarcity
Future of Growth, The
future of the automobile in an oil-short world, The
future of urbanization, The : facing the ecological and economic constraints
global economic prospect: new sources of economic stress, The
Human needs and the security of nations
In the human interest : a strategy to stabilize world population
Increasing world food output : problems and prospects
interdependence of nations, The
Iqtiṣād al-bīʾah, 2003
Japanese agricultural economy, 1961., The
Kodomo chikyū hakusho.
Lebenszeichen Trends für die Gestaltung der Zukunft
Malthus au-delà : les 19 défis de l'explosion démographique
Man and his Environment : Food
Man, land and food : looking ahead at world food needs
Nature's Limits
New Era Unfolds, A
Our daily bread
Our demographically divided world
Outgrowing the earth : the food security challenge in the age of falling water tables and rising temperatures
Plan B 2.0 : rescuing a planet under stress and a civilization in trouble
Plan B 3.0 : mobilizing to save civilization
Plan B 4.0 : mobilizing to save civilization
Plan B - for en klode i drift
Plan B four point oh
plan B, Le : pour un pacte écologique mondial
planète entre nos mains, La : dossier
Plano B mobilizo por savi civilizacion
politics and responsibility of the North American breadbasket, The
Population policies for a new economic era
Redefining national security
Resource trends and population policy : a time for reassessment
Reversing Africaʹs decline
Running on empty : the future of the automobile in an oil-short world
Saving the planet : how to shape an environmentally sustainable global economy
Seeds of change : the green revolution and development in the 1970's
Signos vitales : las tendendencias que guiarán nuestro futuro
Six steps to a sustainable society
Social Impact of the Green Revolution, The
Soil erosion: quiet crisis in the world economy
Spreading deserts- the hand of man
State of the world 1984
State of the world 1985
State of the world 1989 : a Worldwatch Institute Report on progress toward a sustainable society
State of the world 1991 : a Worldwatch Institute report on progress toward a sustainable society
State of the world 1992.
State of the world 1993.
State of the world 1994.
State of the world 1996.
State of the world 1997.
State of the World 1999 : a Worldwatch Institute report on progress toward a sustainable society
State of the world 2000 : a Worldwatch Institute Report on progress toward a sustainable society
State of the world 2001 : a Worldwatch Institute report on progress toward a sustainable society
Struggling to Raise Cropland Productivity
Tableau de bord de la planète : [environnement, économie, société]
Tillståndet i världen.
twenty-ninth day, The : accommodating human needs and numbers to the earth's resources
Twenty-Ninth Day, The : Accomodating Human Needs and Numbers to the Earth's Resources
Twenty-two dimensions of the population problem
U.S. and Soviet agriculture : the shifting balance of power
Vital signs, 1994.
Vital signs, 1997-1998 : the environmental trends that are changing our future
Vital signs : The environmental trends that are shaping our future
Who will feed China? : wake-up call for a small planet
World on the edge : how to prevent environmental and economic collapse
World population trends: signs of hope, signs of stress
World Watch Reader on global environmental issues, The
World without borders
worldwide loss of Cropland, The
Zemlja 1993 : poročilo inštituta Worldwatch o prizadevanjih za okolju prijazno družbo
Zur Lage der Welt - 89/90 : Daten für das Überleben unseres Planeten
Экоэкономика : как создать экономику, оберегающую планету
مجتمع قوى البنيان
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