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Olifanṭ, Lorens
Oliphant, L.
Oliphant, Laurence
Oliphant, Laurence ((author))
Oliphant, Lawrence
Oliphant, Wawrzyniec
אוליפנט, לורנס
אליפאנט, לורנס
אליפהאנט, אליפהאנט
أوليفانت، لورنس،
オリファント, ローレンス
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Language material
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Guizot, François (1787-1874)
Leeuw, J. van der
Malletska, Adela (1792- ))
Malletska, Adela Karolina (1792- ))
Okada, Akio (1908-)
Schumacher, Gottlieb
Smith, Haskett (1847-1906. [from old catalog])
Witt, Henriette de (1829-1908)
Zeevy, Rechavam (1926-2001)
סוקולוב, נחום (1859-1936)
岡田, 章雄 (1908-)
Across the Jordan; being an exploration and survey of part of Hauran and Jaulan
Altiora Peto : in two volumes. Vol. 1
Chine et le Japon, mission du comte d'Elgin, pendant les années 1857, 1858 et 1859, La
Eikoku kōshikan'in no ishin sensō kenbunki
Elgin's mission to China and Japan.
Episodes in a life of adventure; or, Moss from a rolling stone
Erugin kyō kennichi shisetsuroku
Eruginkyō kennichi shisetsuroku
Evolutionary forces now active in man
Haifa, or Life in modern Palestine, by Laurence Oliphant,...
Haifa, or Life in the Holy land, 1882-1885
Ḥefah, Olifanṭ, ṿeha-ḥazon ha-tsiyoni, 1978? (subj.)
Japon raconté par Laurence Oliphant, Le
journey to Kathmandu (the capital of Nepaul) with the Camp of Jung Bahadoor including a sketch of the Nepaulese ambassador at home, A
Journey to Katinandu (the capital of Nepaul), with the camp of Jung Bahadoor, A ; including a sketch of the Nepaulese ambassador at home, by Laurence Oliphant
journey to Katmandu (the capital of Nepaul) with the camp of Jung Bahadoor, A : including a sketch of the Nepaulese Ambassador at home
Land of Gilead, with excursions in the Lebanon, by Laurence Oliphant,..., The
Land of Khemi, up and down the Middle Nile, by Laurence Oliphant,..., The
Life in the Holy Land, 1882-1885
Masollam; a problem of the period.
Memoir of the life of Laurence Oliphant and of Alice Oliphant, his wife
Minnesota and the far West :
Mori Arinori, 1986:
Mori Arinori : higeki e no joshō
Narrative of the Earl of Elgin's mission to China and Japan, in the years 1857, 1858 and 1859
Narrative of the earl of Elgin's mission to China and Japan in the years 1857, 58, 59, by Laurence Oliphant,...
Narrative of the earl of Elgin's mission to China and Japan in the years 1857-59 : with illustrations from original drawings and photographs
Piccadilly; a fragment of contemporary biography
Poselstwo lorda Elgin do Chin i Japonii w latach 1857,58, 59.
Reis door China en Japan : bijdragen tot de kennis van den aard, de zeden, gewoonten en gebruiken dezer landen
Russian shores of the Black Sea in the autumn of 1852... by Laurence Oliphant,... 2nd edition..., The
Russian shores of the Black sea in the autumn of 1852, with a voyage down the Volga, and a tour through the country of the Don Cossacks, The
Russian shores of the Black Sea, The ; and A journey to Katmandu
Saint-Pétersbourg et Moscou, traduit de l'anglais [par E. B.], Laurence Oliphant.
Scientific religion, or Higher possibilities of life and practice through the operation of natural forces, by Laurence Oliphant, with an appendix by a clergyman of the Church of England
Süd-Russland und die Türkischen Donauländer in Reiseschilderungen
"Sympneumata", or Evolutionary forces now active in man, edited by Laurence Oliphant
"Sympneumata", ou la Nouvelle force vitale, traduit de l'anglais de Laurence Oliphant
tender recollections of Irene Macgillicuddy., The
Traits and travesties; social and political.
Trans-Caucasian campaign of the Turkish army under Omer Pasha; a personal narrative, The
When a stone begins to roll : notes of an adventurer, diplomat, and mystic : extracts from episodes in a life of adventure
zending van Graaf van Elgin naar China en Japan in 1857, 1858, 1859, De
ʾEreẕ ḥemdah : kolel yediʿat gelilot ʾEhʺq ʿal pi gedole ha-tayarim u-vo gam tamẕit Sefer ha-masaʿ šel ha-śar ha-ʾAngli Lohrens ʾOlifhant ...
ארץ חמדה : כולל ידיעות גלילות אה"ק על פי גדולי התיירים
חיפה : כתבות מארץ ישראל, 1882-1885
森有礼 : 悲劇への序章