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Crookes, Sir William
Crookes, William
Crookes, William (British photographer and author, 1832-1919)
Crookes, William (Sir)
William Crookes
クルークス, ウイリヤム
クルックス, ウィリアム
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Alidel, J.
Davis, C. Wood
Faraday, Michael (1791-1867)
Gretschel, Heinrich
Hyde, John (n. 1848)
Mitchell, John
Society for Psychical Research (Great Britain)
Stewart, Balfour (1828-1887)
Thomas, David Alfred (1856-1918))
Wagner, Johann Rudolf von (1822-1880. [from old catalog])
Actualité. William Crookes, membre de la Société royale de Londres. Ses notes pour des recherches faites dans le domaine des phénomènes appelés spirites pendant les années 1870-1873, publiées par le "Quarterly (Journal of Science) ; réimprimées par M. Crookes... Londres 1874...
Actualité ! William Crookes,... Ses notes sur des recherches faites dans le domaine des phénomènes appelés spirites pendant les années 1870-1873, publiées par le "Quarterly Journal of science",... Traduction de M. Samuel Chinnery et Melle Jane Raick
Address by Sir William Crookes
Address by the president
BBA. Dictionary of scientific biography
chemical history of a candle a course of lectures delivered before a juvenile audience at the Royal institution, The
Chemical news... Vol. I (-XCIII), The
course of six lectures on the chemical history of a candle, A : to which is added a lecture on platinum
course of six lectures on the various forces of matter, and their relations to each other., A
Crookes and the spirit world : a collection of writings by or concerning the work of Sir William Crookes, O.M., F.R.S., in the field of psychical research
Crookes's Phenomena of spiritualism
Crookes's radiometer
Discours récents sur les recherches psychiques
Discours sur les recherches psychiques, traduits par M. Sage..., William Crookes.
Dyeing and tissue-printing, by W. Crookes,...
Éléments et méta-éléments, mémoire lu à la Société chimique de Londres, par William Crookes... traduit... par Willy Lewy,...
Experimental contributions to the theory of the radiometer.
Experimental investigations on physic force.
Future wheat supplies
genèse des éléments mémoire lu le 18 février 1887 à l'Institution royale, La
genesis de los atomos. Discurso. Vertido directamente del ingles, anotado y precedido de un prologo por Gason A. Cuadrado, La
Genesis der Elemente, Die : ein Vortrag gehalten in der "Royal institution" zu London am 18. Februar 1887
Genesis of the elements.
hand book of chemical technology, A
handbook of chemical technology., A
introduction to chemical philosophy according to the modern theories., An
Liverpool and Manchester photographic journal., The
Manual of chemical technology
Manual of practical assaying, by John Mitchell... edited by William Crookes,... 5th edition, A
medium and the scientist, c1984:, The
Médiumnité de Mlle Florence Cook
Notes of an enquiry into the phenomena called spiritual, during the years 1870-73
Nouvelles Expériences sur la force psychique. Recherches sur les phénomènes du spiritualisme, par William Crookes,... Traduit de l'anglais par J. Alidel
On aniline and its derivatives : a treatise upon the manufacture of aniline and aniline colours
On artificial manures : their chemical selection and scientific application to agriculture ; a series of lectures given at the experimental farm at Vincennes during 1867 and 1874-5
On the application of disinfectants in arresting the spread of the cattle plague
On the discovery of the metal thallium.
On the manufacture of beet-root sugar in England and Ireland.
On the movement of the glass case of a radiometer. On repulsion resulting from radiation--influence of the residual gas. Notes on the radiometer. On the influence of the residual gas on the movement of the radiometer
On the various forces of nature and their relations to each other : a course of lectures delivered before a juvenile audience at the Royal Institution
On the viscosity of gases at high exhaustions
Phenomena of spiritualism
practical handbook of dyeing and calico-printing. With eleven page-plates, forty-seven specimens of dyed and printed fabrics, and thirty-eight woodcuts, A
practical treatise on metalurgy, A
Presidential addresses to the Society for Psychical Research, 1882-1911
profitable disposal of sewage, The
Psihičke sile i spiritizam
Quarterly Journal of science... Vol. I (-XVI)..., The
radium et les nouvelles radiations (rayons X et rayons N), Le
Recherches sur les phénomènes du spiritualisme, nouvelles expériences sur la force psychique. Traduit de l'anglais par J. Alidel..., William Crookes,...
Recherches sur les phénomènes du spiritualisme [Researches in the phenomena of spiritualism], par William Crookes... Traduit de l'anglais par J. Alidel
Remarkable spirit manifestations
Researches in the phenomena of spiritualism, by William Crookes,...
Researches into the phenomena of modern spiritualism
Rzeczywistość Williama Crookes : uwagi nad poszukiwaniami w dziedzinie zjawisk duchowniczych (spirytystycznych) w latach 1870-1873.
Select methods in chemical analysis : (chiefly inorganic)
Select methods of chemical analysis (chiefly inorganic)
Sir William Crookes on psychical research...
Some of the latest achievements of science
Spiritizm i nauka.
Spiritualismus a věda : pokusná badání o psychické síle
Spiritualismus und die Wissenschaft, Der : experimentelle Untersuchungen über die psychische Kraft, nebst bestätigende Zeugnissen [etc.]
Strahlende Materie, oder der vierte Aggregatzustand : Vortrag, gehalten auf der 49. Jahresversammlung der Britischen Association zur Förderung der Wissenschaften in Sheffield am 22 August 1879
Sur la viscosité des gaz très raréfiés
Uwagi nad poszukiwaniami w dziedzinie zjawisk duchowniczych (spirytystycznych) w latach 1870-1873
Wheat problem... 3d edition, The
Wheat Problem based on remarks made in the presidential address to the "British Association" at Bristol in 1898. Revised with an answer to various critics, by Sir William Crookes,... 3rd edition with preface and additional chapter bringing the statistical information up to date, an a chapter on future wheat supplies by Sir R. Henry Rew, with an introduction by Lord Rhondda, The
wheat problem, The : based on remarks made in the Presidential address to the British Association at Bristol in 1898; rev. with an answer to various critics