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Curtis, E. S.
Curtis, Edward
Curtis, Edward S.
Curtis, Edward Sherif
Curtis, Edward Sheriff
Curtis, Edward Sheriff (American photographer, 1868-1952)
Curtis, Edward Sherriff
Edward S. Curtis
Edward Sheriff Curtis
カーティス, エドワード
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Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Adam, Hans Christian (1948-)
Brochet, Pierre (19..-.... photographe)
Brown, Joseph Epes (1891-1937)
Callaway Editions
Cardozo, Christopher
Cardozo, Christopher G.
Graybill, Florence Curtis
Lyman, Christopher M.
MacLuhan, Teri
Mayer-Skumanz, Lene (1939-)
McLuhan, Teresa Carolyn
Perriot, Françoise
Piquemal, Michel (1954-..)
Recheis, Käthe (1928-)
金関, 寿夫 (1918-1996)
Acoma man, An
altar, The
Apache Reaper [gathering wheat], The
Apaches, Les : les Navajos, les Hopis, les Zuñis, les Tiwas
Big Head [B]
Chiefs & warriors
Coyote, el transformador, y otros relatos de los indios Nez Percés y Wishham
Curtis' Western Indians
dernières tribus de légende, Les : les Apaches, les Navajos, les Cheyennes, les Sioux
Edward Curtis in the collection of the Edmonton Art Gallery, c1979:
Edward S. Curtis, 2004
Edward S. Curtis : sur la trace des nations indiennes
Edward Sheriff Curtis 1868 - 1952
Edward Sheriff Curtis & [et] l'indien d'Amérique du Nord
Edward Sheriff Curtis : visions of a vanishing race
En los bosques y llanuras del Canadá
Entre el desierto y el Gran cañón
fala do índio auto-retrato da vida dos índios da América do Norte, A
girl who married a ghost and other tales from the North American Indian, The ; ed. by J. Bierhorst, 1978
great warriors, The
Grinding medicine--Zuni
Hoop On the Forehead [E]
Hupa fisherman
Hupa woman
Immagini di una razza che scompare
In a Piegan lodge
In a sacred manner we live : photographs of the North American Indian
In the land of the head hunters
Indianer Nordamerikas, Die
Indianer Nordamerikas Photographien und kolorierte Stiche ; [Ausstellung der Schweizerischen Stiftung für Photographie in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Kunsthaus Zürich, 17. September - 14. November 1993]
Indiens d'Amérique du Nord, Les : les portfolios complets
Jicarilla, The
Kreisender Adler, singender Stern Alltag und Spiritualität der Indianer
leyenda de Pobrecito y otros relatos de los indios Pigan y Arápahos, La
Lucille [B]
many faces of Edward Sherriff Curtis portraits and stories from Native North America, The
Mare Terra, pare cel : els indis d'Amèrica del Nord
Masked dancer, Cowichan
master prints, The
Meine Seele wird nach Süden ziehen Lebensgeschichten, von nordamerikanischen Indianern erzählt
Moki melon eaters
Native American wisdom.
Native family
Native nations first Americans as seen by Edward S. Curtis
Navaho child
North American Indian, being a series of volumes picturing and describing the Indians of the United States and Alaska., The
North American Indian, The : the complete portfolios
North American Indians: a selection of photographs, The
Outlook, The
Paroles indiennes : textes indiens d'Amérique du Nord
Pieds nus sur la terre sacrée : [avant le Nouveau Monde]
Plains Indian photographs of Edward S. Curtis, The
Portraits from North American Indian life
Prayer to the great mystery : the uncollected writings and photography of Edward S. Curtis
Qahatika girl
Quentin picking daisies
Root Digger--Yakima, The
Sacred legacy : Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indian
Sai che gli alberi parlano? la saggezza degli indiani d'America
Scènes de la vie indienne en Amérique du Nord
seal-hunter, Noatak, in kayak, facing left, The
Sioux, Les : les Lakotas et les tribus mandans, hidatsas et crows
Slow Bull's wife
Snake gathering [B]--Hopi
snake priest, The
Sû̀-Donii ("Osier-Willow Blossom")--Pyramid Lake Paviotso
terre durera toujours, La : poèmes d'Amérique indienne
Touch the earth
vanishing race and other illusions, The : photographs of Indians by Edward S. Curtis
vanishing race--Navaho, The
vanishing race, The : selections from Edward S. Curtis' The North American Indian
Visione of a Vanishing Race
Visions of the first Americans
visitor, A
[Wades in Water, Piegan Indian, full-length portrait, seated on floor, facing front, with braids, beaded buckskin shirt and leggings, beads with ermine tail trim]
Walking in a sacred manner North American Indians and the natural world
Walvia ("Medicine Root")--Taos
Weisst du, dass die Bäume reden Weisheit der Indianer
Western Indians
[Wyemah, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front]
Yebichai sweat--Navaho
Zuni girl, A
北米インディアン悲詩 : エドワード・カーティス写真集