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L, T.
L, Thomas Lodge
Lodge, Theo
Lodge, Thomas
T. L ([a])
T. L, Thomas Lodge
ca. ca. 1558-1625
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Language material
Notated music
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Beecher, Donald
Boswell-Stone, W. G. (1845-1904)
Boswell-Stone, Walter George (1845-1904)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Greene, Robert (1558-1592)
Greg, W.W. (1875-1959)
Greg, Walter Wilson (1875-1959)
Josephus, Flavius
Kyd, Thomas (1558-1594))
Lodge, Thomas (1558?-1625))
Nellist, Brian
Przybylski, Lech
Shakespeare, William (1564-1616)
Wilson, John Dover (1881-1969)
Wydawnictwo Literackie
Alarum against usurers.
alarum against vsurers containing tryed experiences against worldly abuses, An : wherein gentlemen may finde good counsells to confirme them and pleasant histories to delight them ... : heereunto are annexed The delectable historie of Forbonius and Prisceria, with the lamentable Complaint of Truth ouer England
Alarum for London
And [i.e. An] old-spelling critical edition of Thomas Lodge's « A Margarite of America », 1596
As you like it
Capriccio.... Words by Thomas Lodge..., Hans Gal. Op. 75, n° 4. [Choeur à 4 v. de femmes]
Commentaires et annotations sur La sepmaine de la creation du monde de G. de Saluste, seigneur du Bartas.
complete works of Thomas Lodge 1580-1623? now first collected..., The
defence of poetry, music and stage-plays, A
Delectable historie of Forbonius and Prisceria
delectable history of Forbonius and Prisceria
domestic medicine
Elizabethan lyrics
Elizabethan sonnet-cycles
epistle exhortatory of an English Christian, The
Epistle exhortatorye of an Englyshe Christiane
famous and memorable workes of Josephus ..., The
Famous and memorable works of Josephus,... faithfully translated out of the Latin and French, by Tho. Lodge,..., The
Glaucus and Silla.
greene's groatsworth of wit|groatsworth of wit
King Leir
Lady Alimony; or, The alimony lady.
Larum for London, 1602, A
larum for London, or, The siedge of Antwerpe, A : with the ventrous actes and valorous deeds of the lame soldier : as it hath been playde [sic] by the Right Honorable the Lord Charberlaine [sic] his seruant.
learned summary of [[du bartas]]'s divine sepmaine
learned summary vpon the famous poeme of William of Salust, Lord of Bartas, 1637, A
learned summary vpon the famous poeme of William of Salust, Lord of Bartas, A : wherein are discovered all the excellent secrets in metaphysicall, physicall, morall, and histoircall knowledge : fit for the learned to refresh their memories, and for younger students to abreviat and further their studies : wherein nature is discovered, art disclosed, and history laid open
life and death of William Long beard, the most famous and witty English traitor, borne in the Citty of London accompanied with manye other most pleasant and prettie histories, The
life and death of William Longbeard, The
Lodge's "Rosalynde" being the original of Shakespeare's "As you like it", edited by W. W. Greg...
Looking glass for London... 1598, A
looking-glass for London and England, A : 1594
Looking-glass for London and England, by Thomas Lodge and Robert Greene, 1594. [Edited by Walter Wilson Greg.], A
looking glasse for London and England, A
Margarite of America (1596), A
Mucedorus, 1598.
old-spelling critical edition of Thomas Lodge's A Margarite of America (1956), An
reply to Stephen Gosson's Schoole of abuse. 1973
Rosalind, 1996. CIP.
Rosalind : a novel
Rosalind : Euphues' golden legacy found after his death in his cell at Silexedra (1590)
Rosalynde : Being the original of Shakespeare's 'As you like it'
Rosalynde : Euphues golden legacie, found after his death in his cell at Silexedra, bequeathed to Philautus sonnes, nursed up with their father in England
Rosalynde : uphues golden Legacie, found after his death in his Cell at Silexedra" [Bequeathed to Philantus Sonnes, noursed up with their Father in England 1592] ogł. w : Narrative and dramatic sources of Shakespeare
schoole of abuse, The
Siedge of Antwerpe
Thomas Lodge and other Elizabethans
treatise of the [[pandemic|plague]]
treatise of the plague, A : (London, 1603)
True chronicle history of King Leir: 1605.
true chronicle history of King Leir, The
Truth's complaint over England
Two Elizabethan lyrics : op. 24, for women's voices (SSA)
Wit's misery 1596
Wits miserie and the worlds madnesse
Workes, both morrall and natural, of Lucius Annaeus Seneca
workes of Lucius Annaeus Seneca, both morrall and naturall ..., The
workes of Lvcivs Annaevs Seneca, The
works of Josephus ..., The : according to the French translation of Arnauld D'andilly ... also the Embassy of Philo Judaeus to the Emperor Caius Galigula, never translated before ...
Wounds of civil war [Marins and Scilla], 1594, The