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Kallen, H. M.
Kallen, Horace
Kallen, Horace M.
Kallen, Horace Meyer
Meyer Kallen, Horace
קלין, הורס מאיר
カレン, H. M
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Dewey, John (1859-1952)
Gross, Hans Gustav Adolf (1847-1915)
Hook, Sidney (1902-)
James, William (1842-1910))
Jařab, Josef (1937-)
Jastrow, Joseph (1863-1944))
Jewish Education Service of North America
Jowett, Benjamin (1817-1893)
Konvitz, Milton R. (1908-2003)
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Natanson, Maurice
New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y. : 1919-1997)
Oliver Wendell Holmes Collection (Library of Congress)
Ratner, Sidney (1908-)
Whitfield, Stephen J.
森, 宏一 (1901-1993)
American philosophy today and tomorow.
American Philosophy today and tomorrow. -
Art and freedom a historical and bibliographical interpretation ...
Art and freedom : a historical and biographical interpretation of the relations between the ideas of beauty, use and freedom in Western civilization from the Greek to the present day
Art and freedom : a historical and biographical interpretation of the relations between the ideas of beauty, use and freedom in Western civilization from the Greeks to the present day
Bertrand Russell case., The
Book of Job as a Greek tragedy, The : restored with an introductory essay on the original form and philosophic meaning of Job
Book of Job as a Greek tragedywith an essay, The ; introd. by the late professor George Foote Moore.
College prolongs infancy
Constitutional foundations of the New Zion.
Consumer cooperation and the freedom of man
Creative intelligence;
creativity, imagination, logic: meditations for the eleventh hour
Criminal psychology : a manual for judges, practitioners, and students
Criminal psychology a manual for judges, practitionners, and students
Cultural pluralism and the American idea; an essay in social philosophy.
Cultural pluralism and the critical issues in Jewish education
Culture and democracy in the United States.
decline and rise of the consumer, The : a philosophy of consumer coöperation
Democracy's true religion.
democracy versus the melting-pot
education of free men, the
Education, the machine, and the worker : an essay in the psychology of education in industrial society
Education versus indoctrination in the schools
faith of Louis D. Brandeis, Zionist, The
Forerunners of freedom : the re-creation of the American spirit
free society, A
Freedom and experience : essays presented to Horace M. Kallen
Freedom in the modern world : lectures delivered at the New School for social research
Freedom, tragedy and comedy; three lectures.
Frontiers of hope
Gendai amerika no sekaikan
hither of the beyond,", "the
Horace M. Kallen a vývoj americké kulturní identity
"how i bet my life,"
[http://digitalcommons.unl.edu/midwestqtrly/26/ "socrates and the street car,"]
[http://www.expo98.msu.edu/people/kallen.htm "democracy versus the melting-pot: a study of american nationality,"]
[http://www.unz.org/pub/ammercury-1929nov-00281 "fear, freedom, and massachusetts,"]
[http://www.unz.org/pub/saturdayrev-1942may23-00003 "toward the four freedoms,"]
[http://www.unz.org/pub/saturdayrev-1944sep09-00005 "the war against the chain-gang of production,"]
Human beings and psychological systems remarks at the dedication of the Perception demonstration center, Princeton university, March 6, 1954
Ideals and experience.
In commemoration of William James (1842-1942)
indecency and the seven arts:and other adventures of a pragmatist in aesthetics
Individualism; an American way of life
Jewish education and the future of the American Jewish community
Job : een tragedie
Judaism at bay; essays toward the adjustment of Judaism to modernity
Lamont case, The : history of a congressional investigation
league of nations, today and tomorrow; a discussion of international organization, present and to come, The
Legacy of Horace M. Kallen, The
liberal spirit; essays on problems of freedom in the modern world., The
Liberty, laughter, and tears; reflections on the relations of comedy and tragedy to human freedom
Maurice Sterne retrospective exhibition, 1903-1932;
modern judaism
Modernity and liberty
new education and the future of peace, The
"Of them which say they are Jews," and other essays on the Jewish struggle for survival.
Patterns of progress
Philosophical issues in adult education.
philosophy of Selected from his chief works, The
philosophy of William James, drawn from his own works;, The
philosophy of William James, The : selected from his chief works
Politics ; & Poetics
Secularism is the will of God; an essay in the social philosophy of democracy and religion.
social dynamics of George H. Mead, The
Some problems of philosophy; a beginning of an introduction to philosophy.
structure of lasting peace; an inquiry into the motives of war and peace, The
struggle for Jewish unity, The : two addresses
study of liberty, A
Toward a philosophy of the seas
Utopians at bay.
Vision and action : essays in honor of Horace M. Kallen on his 70th birthday
Vývoj americké kulturní identity
What I believe and why--maybe; essays for the modern world
Why religion
William James and Henri Bergson : a study in contrasting theories of life
William James and Henry Bergson a study in contrasting theories of life & responses and reviews
Zionism and world politics : a study in history and social psychology