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Gouldsmith Speck, Frank
Speck, Frank
Speck, Frank G.
Speck, Frank Gouldsmith
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Broom, Leonard (1911-....))
Herzog, George (1901-1983)
Heye, George G.
Orchard, William C.
Prince, John Dyneley (1868-1945))
Salvucci, Claudio R.
Sapir, Jacob D.
Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of American ethnology
University of Pennsylvania
West Long, Will
Witapanóxwe. [from old catalog]
Beothuk and Micmac
Birchbark art of the Algonquin Indians
Catawba Hunting, Trapping and Fishing
Catawba texts
celestial bear comes down to earth;, The
Chapters on the ethnology of the Powhatan tribes of Virginia
Cherokee dance and drama
Creek indians of taskigi town
Decorative art and basketry of the Cherokee
Decorative art of Indian tribes of Connecticut
double-curve motive in northeastern Algonkian art, The
Eastern Algonkian block-stamp decoration a New World original or an acculturated art
Ethnology of the Yuchi Indians
Family hunting territorities and social life of various Algonkian bands of the Ottawa Valley
functions of wampum among the eastern Algonkian, The
Glossary of the Mohegan-Pequot language.
Gourds of the southeastern Indians : a prolegomenon on the Lagenaria gourd in the culture of the southeastern Indians
Hunting charms of the Montagnais and the Mistassini
Indians of the Eastern Shore of Maryland
Iroquois, The : a study in cultural evolution
Life and times of Frank G. Speck, 1881-1950, The
Masking in eastern North America
Midwinter rites of the Cayuga Long House
Montagnais art in birch-Bark, a circumpolar trait
Myths and folk-lore of the Timiskaming Algonquin and Timagami Ojibwa
Nanticoke and Conoy Indians with a review of linguistic material from manuscript and living sources
Nanticoke community of delaware
Naskapi the savage hunters of the Labrador peninsula
Northern Algonquian source book, 1985:, A
Oklahoma Delaware ceremonies, feasts and dances
Penn Wampum belts, The
Penobscot man the life history of a forest tribe in Maine
Penobscot shamanism
Rappahannock indians of Virginia, The
Study of the delaware indian big house ceremony in native text dictated by witapanóxwe
Territorial subdivisions and boundaries of the Wampanoag, Massachusett, and Nauset indians
Thème décoratif de la double courbe dans l'art des Algonquins du Nord-Est
Tutelo spirit adoption ceremony reclothing the living in the name of the dead, The
Wapapi akonutomakonol : Wabanaki traditional laws
Wawenock myth texts from Maine
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Pennsylvania, 1908