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Hesketh Lever Leverhulme, William
Lever Leverhulme, William Hesketh
Lever, William H.
Lever, William Hesketh
Lever, William Hesketh (1st Lord Leverhulme)
Lever, William Hesketh (English industrialist, patron, and collector, 1851-1925)
Lever, William Hesketh (Viscount Leverhulme)
Leverhulm, Viscount
Leverhulm, William Hesketh Lever
Leverhulme, ..
Leverhulme, Lord
Leverhulme, William H.
Leverhulme, William Hesketh
Leverhulme, William Hesketh Lever
Leverhulme, William Hesketh Lever (1st Lord)
Leverhulme, William Hesketh Lever (1st Viscount)
Leverhulme, William Hesketh Lever (vicomte)
Leverhulme, William Hesketh Lever (Viscount)
Leverhulme, William Hesketh (vicomte)
Leverhulme, William Lever
William Hesketh Lever, 1st Viscount Leverhulme
William Hesketh Lever Leverhulm
1st Viscount Leverhulme
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Anderson Galleries, Inc
Ashton, Thomas Gair Ashton baron (1855- [from old catalog])
Emmott, Alfred Emmott baron (1858- [from old catalog])
Great Britain. Royal commission on decimal coinage. [from old catalog]
Haldane, Richard Burdon (1856-1928)
Leverhulme, William Hulme Lever Viscount, 1888-1949
Southwark, Richard Knight Causton baron (1843- [from old catalog])
Tannenbaum, Frank (1893-1969)
Unwin, Stanley Sir, 1884-1968
Lady Lever Art Gallery. Catalogue of foreign paintings, drawings, miniatures, tapestries, post-Classical sculpture, and prints, 1983:
Report of His Majesty's commissioners appointed to consider whether it is advisable to make any changes in the denominations of the currency and money of account with a wiew to placing them on a decimal basis .. [and Minutes of evidnce and Appendices] ...
Six-hour day & other industrial questions
six-hour shift and industrial efficiency, The
Viscount Leverhulme
Wealth from waste. -