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Matthew Prior
Prior, ..
Prior, Mat
Prior, Mathew
Prior, Mathieu
Prior, Matthew
Prior, Matthew (English poet, 1664-1721)
Prior, Matthew (Mr)
Prior, Mr
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Language material
Notated music
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Dobson, William
Halifax, Charles Montagu Earl of, 1661-1715
Johnson, Thomas ('s-Gravenhage)
Kincaid, A.
Mitford, John (1781-1859)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Rigg, J. M. (1855-1926)
Rigg, James Macmullen (1855-1926)
Rowe, Elizabeth Singer (1674-1737)
Spears, Monroe Kirklyndorf
Tusler, Robert L. (19..-.... musicologue)
Waller, A. R. (1867-1922)
Waller, Alfred Rayney (1867-1922)
Waller, Alfred Rayney (1867-1922))
Wright, Harold Bunker
Young, Edward (1683-1765)
5 am'rous sighs
Am'rous sighs
Bell's British poets
Calendar of the manuscripts of the Marquis of Bath, preserved at Longleat, Wiltshire..., ...
Canterbury tales.
Carmen sæculare to the King
Carmen seculare
carpenter of Oxford, The
Colin's mistakes. Written in imitation of Spenser's style
conversation. A tale, The
Dialogues of the dead : and other works in prose and verse
Dove. A poem, The
Earl Robert's mice
Eighteen canzonets for two and three voices
Ela ... to which is added Henry and Emma, 1789:
English ballad. -, An
English padlock, An
Epistles ; Hymns ; Epigrams ; [Miscellaneous poems :] Carmen seculare, Celia to Damon, Daphne to Apollo, etc. etc. etc
Erle Robert's mice A tale, in imitation of Chaucer, &c. By M------w P------r, Esq; corrected from the errors of a spurious edition.
Gezang aan den koning, op zyn' majesteyts aankomste in Holland, in den jaare 1695.
Henrique e Ema
Henry and Emma
Henry & Emma A poem. Upon the model of the nut-brown maid. By Matthew Prior.
Hind and the panther [by Dryden] transvers'd to the story of the country-mouse and the city-mouse, The
hind and the panther transversed to the story of the country-mouse, and the city-mouse, The
history of his own time. Comp. from the original manuscripts of His late Excellency, The
history of his own time, compiled from the original manuscripts of His late Excellency, Matthew Prior, esq., The
History of his own time, compiled from the original manuscripts, of Matthew Prior,... [and J. Bancks]. Revised and signed by himself, and copied fair for the press by Mr. Adrian Drift, his executor, The
letter to Monsieur Boileau Depreaux; occasion'd by the victory at Blenheim, A
Life of Matthew Prior
Life of Mr. Prior, The
literary works of Matthew Prior., The
Literary worksof Matthew Prior. Edited by H. Bunker Wright and Monroe K. Spears. 2nd edition, The
Matthæi Prioris Almæ. Libri tres. Latino versu donati operâ & studio Thomæ Martin
Matthew Prior songs : for voice and and basso continuo : 1741
Memoire que monsieur Prior [...] a donné à sa majesté très-chrêtienne, au sujet de la démolition de Dunkerque.
Miscellaneous works of His late Excellency Matthew Prior, esq.; consisting of poems on several occasions, viz.: epistles, tales, satires, epigrams, &c., with some select Latin performances. Now first published from his original manuscripts.
Miscellaneous works of... Matthew Prior,... consisting of poems on several occasions, viz. epistles, tales, satires, epigrams, etc, etc., with some select latin performances now first published from his original manuscripts revised by himself and copied fair for the press by Mr. Adrian Drift... - Salomon, "de Mundi vanitate, poema Matthaei Prior,... latine redditum per Guil. Dobson",... - Verses sent to Mr. Prior [by several hands]. Translations from Tibullus and Ovid [by Richard Shelton]
Muzyka instrumentalna
new collection of poems on several occasions., A
ode, in imitation of the second ode of the third book of Horace., An
Odes ; Songs ; Ballads ; Tales ; Prologues ; Epilogues, etc. etc. etc
orange., The
Pallas and Venus. An epigram
Phaedra and Hippolitus, a tragedy. Written by Mr. Edmund Smith, of Christ Church, Oxford. Marked with the variations in the manager's book, at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden
pindarique ode on His Majesties birth-day, 1690:, A
poems of Matthew Prior., The
Poems on several occasions, by Matthew Prior,... Vol. I
Poems on several occasions by Matthew Prior,... Volume the 2d, the 5th edition, to which is perfixed the life of Mr. Prior by Samuel Humphreys,...
Poems on several occasions By the late Matthew Prior, Esq.
Poems on several occasions, by the late Matthew Prior,... the 6th edition
Poems upon several occasions
Poems. Volume I [-II], The
Poetical works of Matthew Prior. In three volumes. With the life of the author. Vol. I [-III], The
poetical works of Matthew Prior, The ; with memoir and critical dissertation by George Gilfillan.
Poetical works of Matthew Prior, with a biographical sketch of the author, The
Poetical works of Matthew Prior. [With the Life of Matthew Prior by John Mitford.], The
Poetical Works. - s.a.
Poetry. Selection
Prologue to The orphan represented by some of the Westminster-scholars at Hickford's dancing-room, the 2d of February, 1720. Spoken by the Lord Duplin, who acted Cordelio.
Salamo. -
Salomon de Mundi vanitate poema Matthaei Prior,... latine redditum per Guil. Dobson,...
Salomon de mundi vanitate. Poema Matthei Prior,... Latine redditum, per Guil. Dobson,...
Select poems of Prior and Swift.
shorter poems of Matthew Prior, The
Solomon de mundi vanitate, liber secundus, cui titulus inscribitur voluptas, poema Matthæi Prior latinè traductum ; cui adjicitur Alexandri convivium, Drydeni in S. Cæciliam Ode, lingua eadem donata a Georgio Bally
Solomon de mundi vanitate. Poema Matthaei Prior arm. Latine redditum, per Guil. Dobson, Nov. Coll. Oxon. Schol
Solomon de mundi vanitate. Poema Matthaei Prior arm. Latine redditum, per Guil. Dobson, Nov. Coll. Oxon. Soc
Solomon on the vanity of the world.
Solomon three books ; Alma three cantos ; Nutbrown maid ; Henry and Emma, etc. etc. etc
supplement to Mr. Prior's poems. Consisting of such pieces as are omitted in the late collection of his works, and others, now first published, from his original manuscripts ... To which is added, Threnus: or, stanzas upon his death. By a fellow-collegian, A
Third Sett [!] of twelve ballads, A
To a young gentleman in love. A tale
To the king. An ode on his majesty's arrival in Holland, 1695. Dutch
To the Right Honourable Mr. Harley, wounded by Guiscard
Translations from Tibullus and Ovid
Traveller, and the Deserted village, The
turtle and the sparrow. A poem. By the Late Matthew Prior, Esq, The
works of the British poets. With prefaces, biographical and critical. By Robert Anderson, M. D. Volume seventh, The ; containing Parnell, Garth, Rowe, Addison, Hughes, Sheffield, Prior, Congreve, Blackmore, Fenton, Granville, and Yalden.
Writings of Matthew Prior, The