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Bart, Charles Lyell
Li︠a︡ĭėllʹ, Charlʹz (Sir)
Lyell, Carl
Lyell, Carl (Sir)
Lyell, Charles
Lyell, Charles (Sir)
Ляйэлль, Чарльз
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Chaper, Maurice (1834-1896)
Dante Alighieri, 1265 (1321)
Deshayes, Gérard-Paul (1795-1875))
ebrary, Inc
Ezquerra del Bayo, Joaquín (1793-1859)
Ginestou, Jules
Hartmann, Carl Friedrich Alexander (1796-1863))
Hugard, J. A.
Lyell, Charles (1767-1849; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Lyell, Katherine M.
Lyell, Mrs
Meulien, Tullia
Rastall, Robert Heron (1871-)
Secord, James A.
Winkler, T.C. (1822-1897)
Winkler, Tiberius Cornelius (1822-1897)
Минъ, Андрей
河内, 洋佑 (1932-)
Abrégé de géologie ...
Address, 1865?:
Alter des Menschengeschlechts auf der Erde und der Ursprung der Arten durch Abänderung, Das : nebst einer Beschreibung der Eiszeit in Europa und Amerika
ancienneté de l'homme prouvée par la géologie et remarques sur les théories relatives à l'origine des espèces par variation ..., L'
Brief van Charles Lyell (1797-1875), geschreven aan William Edward Hartpole Lecky (1838-1903)
Charles Lyell, the years to 1841
Dello Spirito cattolico di Dante Alighieri
Eight lectures on geology delivered at the Broadway tabernacle in the city of New York
Élements de géologie, par sir Charles Lyell,... traduit de l'anglais sur la 6e édition... par M. J. Ginestou,... 6e édition...
Elements of geology or the ancient changes of the earth and its inhabitants as illustrated by geological monuments
Extraits du mémoire intitulé "Les laves du Mont Etna formées sur des pentes rapides et les cratères de soulèvement" par Sir Charles Lyell
Geological evidences of the antiquity of man with remarks on theories of the origin of species by variation
Geological Society of London
Geologie oder Entwickelungsgeschichte der Erde und ihrer Bewohner
geologische bewijzen voor de oudheid van het menschelijk geslacht, en aanmerkingen op de leer van het ontstaan der soorten door verandering, De
Grundsätze und Elemente der Geologie....
homme fossile en France
Lehrbuch der Geologie : ein Versuch, die früheren Veränderungen der Erdoberfläche durch noch jetzt wirksame Ursachen zu erklären.
Life, letters and journals of Sir Charles Lyell, bart
Memoir on the recession of the falls of Niagara, A
Observations on the loamy deposit called "loess" of the basin of the Rhine
On a recent formation of freshwater limestone in Forfarshire, and on some recent deposits of freshwater marl
On the carboniferous and older rocks of Pennsylvania
On the coal formation of Nova Scotia, and on the age and relative position of the Gypsum and accompanying marine limestones
On the fossil foot-prints of birds and impressions of rain-drops in the valley of the Connecticut
On the relative ages of the tertiary deposits commonly called "Crag" in the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk
On the remains of a reptile (Dendrerpeton Acadianum, Wyman and Owen) and of a land shell discovered in the interior of an erect fossil tree in the coal measures of Nova Scotia
On the ridges, elevated beaches, inland cliffs and boulder formations of the Canadian lakes and valley of St. Lawrence
On the structure and probable age of the coal-field of the James River, near Richmond, Virginia
On the structure of lavas which have consolidated on steep slopes, with remarks on the mode of origin of Mount Etna, and on the theory of Craters of Elevation
On the tertiary formations and their connexion with the chalk in Virginia and other parts of the United States
Paläobotaniker Oswald Heer im Briefwechsel mit Charles Darwin und Charles Lyell, Der
Poems of the Vita nuova and Convito of Dante Alighieri, translated by Charles Lyell,... Italian and English, The
Principes de Géologie ou Illustrations de cette science empruntées aux changements modernes de la Terre et de ses habitants
Principles of geology being an attempt to explain the former changes of the earth's surface by reference to causes now in operation
Principles of geology or the modern changes of the earth and its inhabitants considered as illustrative of geology
Raieru chishitsugaku genri.
Remarks on Professor C. Piazzi Smyth's supposed proofs of the submarine origin of Teneriffe and other volcanic cones in the Canaries
Report from Messrs. Lyell & Faraday to the Right Hon. Sir James Graham, Bart., secretary of state for the Home Department, on the subject of the explosion at the Haswell collieries and on the means of preventing similar accidents
Second visit to the united states of north america
Sir Charles Lyell's scientific journals on the species question.
Student's elements of geology
Sullo spirito antipapale che produsse la riforma
Supplément au Manuel de géologie élémentaire
Sur les preuves d'une élévation graduelle du sol dans certaines parties de la Suède...
Travels in North America in the years 1841-2 with geological observations on the United States, Canada, and Nova Scotia
Works. Selections.
Zweite Reise nach den Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerika
Основныя начала геологiи или новѣйшiя измъненiя земли и ея обитателей