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Lauderdale comte de
Lauderdale, James
Lauderdale, James M.
Lauderdale, James Maitland
Lauderdale, James Maitland (8ème comte de)
Lauderdale, James Maitland (8th Earl of)
Lauderdale, James Maitland (Earl of)
Maitland, James (8th Earl of Lauderdale)
Maitland, James (Earl of Lauderdale)
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Lagentie de Lavaïsse, E.
Lauderdale, James Maitland (1759-1839; Earl of))
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Paglin, Morton
Smith, accountant
Smith, Thomas
Stanhope, Philip Henry Stanhope (1781-1855; Earl))
Sugiyama, Chūhei (1921-)
Wellington, Arthur Wellesley Duke of, 1769-1852
address to the King moved in the House of Lords by the Earl of Lauderdale, Friday, June 5, 1795: with notes and authorities., An
Considerations on the silver currency relative to both the general evil as affecting the empire, and the present enormous particular evil in Ireland : with an appendix, containing a report of Sir Isaac Newton on the state of the gold and silver coin in the year 1717, and also some tables relative to the same subject.
Depreciation of the paper currency of great britain proved
Economic background, The : Arguments I.
Further considerations on the state of the currency in which the means of restoring our circulation to a salutary state are fully explained, and the injuries sustained by the public treasury, as well as by the national creditor, from our present pecuniary system, are minutely detailed
Henry Thornton, Jeremy Bentham, James Lauderdale, Simonde de Sismondi
Hints to the manufacturers of Great Britain on the consequences of the Irish Union, and the system since pursued, or borrowing in England, for the service of Ireland
inquiry into the practical merits of the system for the government of India, under the superintendence of the Board of Controul, An
Letter on the corn laws
Letter on the present measures of finance in which the bill now depending in parliament is particularly considered
Letters to the peers of Scotland
Notes on Adam Smith's Wealth of nations
Observations by the Earl of Lauderdale on the review of his Inquiry into the nature and origin of public wealth, published in the VIIIth number of the Edinburgh review
Plan for altering the manner of collecting a large part of the public revenue with a short statement of the advantages to be derived from it
Protest against the decision of the House of Lords of the corn importation bill June 13, 1828
Protest, entered in the journals of the House of Lords, against the second reading of a bill, entitled An Act to continue the restrictions contained in several acts, on payments in cash by the Bank of England until the 1st day of May, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-three, and to provide for the gradual resumption of such payments, and to permit the exportation of gold and silver
Protest on the subject of the measures now impending in Parliament in relation to the corn laws entered against the second reading of a bill "to empower His Majesty to admit foreign corn for home consumption under certain limitations."
Recherches sur la nature et l'origine de la richesse publique et sur les moyens et les causes qui concourent a son accroissement
refutation of some doctrines relating to the sinking fund, &c. &c contained in a work lately published by the Earl of Lauderdale, A : with original remarks on different subjects of political economy
Report of the Committee of General Defence on the dispositions of the British government towards France and on the measures to be taken addressed to the national convention of France, in the sitting of January 12, 1793, the second year of the republic : also the second report on a declaration of a war with England
Sinking fund, or, The system which recommends the repeal of five millions of taxes compared with the system which recommends levying five millions by taxation, for the redemption of the public debt
Sketch of a petition to the Commons House of Parliament
Sketch of an address to His Majesty submitted to the consideration of all who wish to call the attention of their sovereign and of Parliament to the real grievances under which the nation is now suffering
Substance of a speech made in the house of peers on ... may 13, 1796, on the subject of the national finances
Substance of the Earl of Lauderdale's speech in the House of Lords on moving for copies of despatches, &c., explanatory of Sir Thomas Maitland's conduct as Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands
Substance of the Earl of Lauderdales's speech in the House of Lords, on Thursday, the 2d of November, 1820 on the second reading of the bill, entitled, An act to deprive Her Majesty, Caroline Amelia Elizabeth, of the titles, prerogatives, rights, privileges, and exemptions of Queen Consort of this realm, and to dissolve the marriage between His Majesty and the said Caroline Amelia Elizabeth
Thoughts on finance, suggested by the measures of the present session
Thoughts on the alarming state of the circulation, and on the means of redressing the pecuniary grievances in Ireland
Three letters on the causes of the present state of the exchanges and price of gold bullion
Three letters to the Duke of Wellington on the fourth report of the select committee of the House of Commons, appointed in 1828 to enquire into the public income and expenditure of the United Kingdom in which the nature and tendency of a sinking fund is investigated and the fallacy of the reasoning by which it has been recommended to public favour is explained
Über National-Wohlstand. -