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Langton, M.
Langton, Marcia
Langton, Marcia Lynne
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Aboriginal Land Rights Symposium (Canberra, A.C.T.) (1980)
Australian institute of Aboriginal studies
Harvey, Bruce
Hebdige, Dick (1951-...)
Mazel, Odette
Michaels, Eric (1948-1988)
O'Regan, Tipene
Palmer, Lisa
Perkins, Rachel
Peterson, Nicolas (1941-)
Stacey, Wesley (1941- ))
Aborigènes et peuples insulaires une histoire illustrée des premiers habitants de l'Australie
Aborigines, land and land rights [proceedings of the Aboriginal land rights symposium held as part of the Australian institute of aboriginal studies biennial meeting, held in Canberra on 21-22 May 1980]
After the tent embassy : images of Aboriginal history in black and white photographs
Bad aboriginal art tradition, media, and technological horizons
Burning Questions: Emerging environmental issues for Indigenous peoples in northern Australia
Community futures, legal architecture: foundations for indigenous peoples in the global mining boom
Essay for the Australian Film Commission on the politics and aesthetics of filmmaking by and about Aboriginal people and things
First Australians : an illustrated history
From Paternalism to Partnership : the Good Neighbour Agreement and the Argyle Diamond Mine Indigenous Land Use Agreement in Western Australia
global mining boom and indigenous people, The : legal and economic dimensions
Honour among nations : treaties and agreements with indigenous people
Implementing and Monitoring Indigenous Land Use Agreements in the Minerals Industry : the Western Cape Communities Co-existence Agreement
Keeping the Fires Burning: Grievance and Aspiration in the Ngāi Tahu Settlement
Reflections and voices
Reflections & voices : exploring the music of Yothu Yindi with Mandawuy Yunupi[ng]u
Resource Curse compared, The : Australian Aboriginal Participation in the Resource Extraction Industry and Distribution of Impacts
Settling with indigenous people : modern treaty and agreement-making
Treaties, Agreement Making and the Recognition of Indigenous Customary Politics
Trends in the Recognition of Indigenous Water Needs in Australian Water Reform : the Limitation of "Cultural" Entitlements in Achieving Water Equity
"Well, I heard it on the radio and I saw it on the television..." : an essay for the Australian Film Commission on the politics and aesthetics of filmmaking by and about Aboriginal people and things