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Ackermann, R.
Ackermann, R. (éditeur)
Ackermann, Rodolph
Ackermann, Rudolf
Ackermann, Rudolph
Ackermann, Rudolph (British publisher and designer, 1764-1834)
Akerman, R.
Rudolph Ackermann
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Language material
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Ackermann & Co (see also from)
Colvin, Howard Montagu
Combe, William (1742-1823)
Mackenzie, Frederick (1787 or 1788-1854)
Mora, José Joaquín de (1783-1864)
Pugin, Augustus (1762-1832)
Rowlandson, Thomas (1756-1827))
Shoberl, Frederic (1775 - 1853)
Sitwell, Sacheverell (1897-1988)
Sousa, António Alberto Marinho Duarte de (1896-1950)
Stadler, fl. 1780-1812
Stadler, Joseph Contantine
Uwins, Thomas (1782-1857)
Westall, William (1781-1850)
Wood, Charles (fl. 1805 -1847)
Ackermann, 1783-1983 : the business of art
Ackermann's costume plates : women's fashions in England, 1818-1828
Ackermann's Oxford
Ackermann's regency furniture & interiors
António de S. José e Castro, bispo do Porto
Bishop of Oporto
Bispo do Porto
Cartas sobre la educación del bello sexo[Texto impreso]
Changeable ladies : being an entirely novel assemblage of moveable human features, calculated to afford an inexhaustible source of rational amusement.
collection of various forms of stoves used for forcing pine plante, fruit tress and preserving tender exotics, intended as well for the use of amateurs, as that of students in the art of gardening, The plates accompagnied by ample letter-press , and a correct method shewn for drawing their elevations and sections, from the plans, A
Desseins à l'usage des architectes, tapissiers, &c : formant une collection de plans et sections pour des appartemens, tels que salles de déjeuné, de diné et de compagnie; chambres à coucher, bain, bibliothèque, boudoir, antichambres, escalier, &c. &c. en trente planches, accompagnées de descriptions. Vol. I.
England invaded, or Frenchmen naturalized [estampe]
escrutinio de la librería de don Quijote, El
Fashionable furniture.
first book containing twelve imitations of drawings of modern carriages on a half inch scale to a foot, A
Forte de S. José, na Ilha da Madeira
fourth book containing twelve imitations of drawings of modern carriages on a half inch scale to a foot, A
Gallery of fashion : 1790-1822 : from plates by Heideloff and Ackermann
Healthful sports for young ladies : illustrated by eleven elegant engravings from drawings by J. Dugourc ... accompanied by descriptions
Historia antigua de Megico sacada de los mejores historiadores españoles y de los manuscritos y de las pinturas antiguas de los indios : dividida en diez libros, adornada con mapas y estampas e ilustrada con disertaciones sobre la tierra , los animales y los habitantes de Megico
Historical sketch of Moscow: illustrated by twelve views of different parts of that imperial city, the Kremlin, &c.
history of the abbey church of St. Peter's Westminster, its antiquities and monuments. In two volumes., The
history of the colleges of Winchester, Eton, and Westminster, The : with the Charter House, the schools of St. Paul's, Merchant Taylors, Harrow, and Rugby, and the free-school of Christ's Hospital.
History of the University of Cambridge, A : its colleges, halls, and public buildings.
history of the University of Oxford, its colleges, halls, and public buildings ..., A
Jeux des jeunes demoiselles.
Madonna Sixtina], [La
Memorias de la revolucion de Megico y de la espedición [sic] del General D. Francisco Javier Mina a que se han agregado algunas observaciones sobre la comunicacion proyectada entre los dos oceanos, Pacifico y Atlantico
Microcosm of London, 1808-11.
Microcosm of London... dedicated by permission to H. R. H. The prince of Wales, The
microcosm of London ... To his royal highness the prince of Wales, The
Neoclassical ornamental designs
Observations on Ackermann's patent moveable axels, for four wheeled carriages, containing engraved elevations of carriages, with plans and sections, conveying accurate ideas of this superior improvement.
picturesque tour of the English lakes, containing a description of the most romantic scenery of Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Lancashire, with accounts of antient and modern manners and customs, and elucidations of the history and antiquities of that part of the country, &., &., A
Poetical magazine. Dedicated to the lovers of the muse
primera editorial inglesa para Hispanoamérica, La
Putti oferecendo incenso a Vénus] [motivo ornamental], [
[Recueil de voitures dessinées et
[Recueil. Oeuvre de R. Ackermann]
Regency furniture & interiors
repository of arts, literature, fashions, etc, The
return from a march or a false alarm in a country village!!, A
Sacra Conversación
second book containing twelve imitations of drawings of modern carriages on a half inch scale to a foot, A
Selection of ornaments in forty pages for the use of sculptors, painters, carvers, modellers, chasers, embossers, &c.
Something new, or Suwarrow and his looking glass since I have crept in favour with myself I will maintain it with some little cost [estampe]
Sophia countess Zamoyski born princess Czartoryski
suit of armour for youth., A
third book containing twelve imitations of drawings of modern carriages on a half inch scale to a foot, A
Time and Death thier Thoughts impart on Works of Learning & of Art
transfer, A
venida del Mesias en gloria y magestad, La
VISTA DE LAS PRINCIPALES MONTAÑAS DEL MUNDO con sus Alturas Comparativas y una llave fundada en medidas Geometricas
Vista occidental del fuerte de Loo, en la Isla de Madera
Vista ocidental do forte de Loo, na Ilha da Madeira
world in miniature Spain and Portugal, containing a description of the character, manners, customs, dress, diversions, and other peculiarities of the inhabitants of those countries, The