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Dickinson, J.
Dickinson, Jonathan
Dickinson, Jonathan ((New Jersey))
Eleutherius (Enervatus; Pseudonym)
Eleutherius (Pseudonym)
Theophilus (Pseudonym)
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Austin, David (1759-1831)
Foxcroft, Thomas (1697-1769)
Israel Thorndike Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Board of Publication
Presbyterian Church. Board of Publication
Synod of Philadelphia (1717-1757)
Wickes, Stephen (1813-1889)
brief illustration and confirmation of the divine right of infant baptism, A : in a plain and familiar dialogue between a minister and one of his parishoners
brief illustration and confirmation of the Divine right of infant baptism in a plain and familiar dialogue between a minister and one of his parishioners., A : [Four lines from Genesis].
defence of Presbyterian ordination., A
defence of the dialogue intitled, A display of God's special grace. Against the exceptions made to it by the Rev. Mr. A. Crosswell. In a letter to him from the author of that book., A : [Three lines from Galatians].
display of God's special grace. In a familiar dialogue between a minister & a gentleman of his congregation about the work of God in the conviction and conversion of sinners, so remarkably of late begun and going on in these American parts ... With an addition, in a second conference, relating to sundry anitnomian principles, beginning to obtain in some places ..., A
Divine right of infant baptism
Familiar letters to a gentleman, upon a variety of seasonable and important subjects in religion. By Jonathan Dickinson, A.M. minister of the Gospel at Elizabeth-town, New Jersey
Familiar letters upon a variety of religious subjects. Viz. 1. The danger of infidelity. 2. The evidences of Christianity. 3. The history of our saviour, collected from the prophecies of the Old Testament. 4. The certainty of the facts reported in the Gospel. 5. The internal evidences of Christianity. 6. Objections against the internal evidences answered. 7. God's sovereign grace vindicated, &c. 8. A true and false faith distinguished. 9. A legal and evangelical repentance distinguished. 10. The characters in Rom. vii. distinctly illustrated. 11. Moravian and antinomian justification considered. 12. Imputed righteousness explained and vindicated. 13. The new law of grace examined and disproved. 14. First and secondary justification, a groundless distinction. 15. Justification by works, in James II. considered. 16. Our obligations to good works distinctly stated. 17. The nature and necessity of our union to Christ. 18. Antinomian pleas for licentiousness considered. 19. Directions for a close and comfortable walk with God. By Jonathan Dickinson, A.M. president of the college at New-Jersey.
nature and necessity of regeneration considered in a sermon from John III. 3. Preached at Newark, in New Jersey, Jan. 19, 1742,3. at the meeting of the Presbytery there. To which is added, some remarks on a discourse of Dr. Waterland's, entituled, Regeneration state and explain'd, according to Scripture and antiquity. By Jonathan Dickinson, M.A. Minister of the Gospel at Elizabeth-Town, New-Jersey. [Two lines from Revelations]., The
Observations on that terrible disease, vulgarly called the throat distemper, with advices as to the method of cure, in a letter to a friend
Observations on the throat distemper, 1740
Praelaticus triumphatus
reasonableness of Christianity, in four sermons. Wherein the being and attributes of God, the apostasy of man, and the credibility of the Christian religion, are demonstrated by rational considerations. And the divine mission of Our blessed Savior prov'd by Scripture-arguments, both from the Old Testament and the New; and vindicated against the most important objections, whether of ancinet or modern indidels., The
reasonableness of nonconformity to the Church of England, in point of worship, The : a second defence of a sermon preach'd at Newark, June 2, 1736, intitled The vanity of human institutions in the worship of God : against the exceptions of Mr. John Beach in his Appeal to the unprejudiced : done in the form of a dialogue, wherein Mr. Beach's arguments are all expressed in his own words
Reflections upon Mr. Wetmore's letter in defence of Dr. Waterland's discourse of regeneration : with a vindication of the received doctrine of regeneration and plain scripture-evidence that the notion of baptismal regeneration is of a dangerous and destructive tendency
Remarks upon a discourse intituled An overture. Presented to the reverend synod of dissenting ministers sitting in Philadelphia, in the month of September, 1728. In a letter to the author.
Remarks upon a pamphlet entitled A letter to a friend in the country, containing the substance of a sermon preached in Philadelphia, in the congregation of the Rev. Mr. Hemphill : wherein the terms of both Christian and ministerial communion are so stated, that all impositions in religious concerns are exploded, a proper enclosure proposed for the security of each religious society, and the commission of the synod justified in their conduct toward Mr. Hemphill.
Remarks upon the postscript to the Defence of a book lately reprinted at Boston, entituled, A modest proof of the order, &c. In a letter of thanks to the author.
Scripture-bishop; or, The divine right of Presbyterian ordination & government considered in a dialogue between Praelaticus and Eleutherius., The
Scripture-bishop vindicated, The : a defence of the dialogue between Praelaticus and Eleutherius upon the Scripture-bishop, or, the divine right of Presbyterian ordination and government, against the exceptions of a pamphlet intitled The Scripture-bishop examin'd
second vindication of God's sovereign free grace., A
sermon preach'd at the ordination of the Reverend Mr. Walter Wilmot at Jamaica on Long-Island. April 12. 1738., A
sermon, preached at the opening of the synod at Philadelphia, September 19, 1722, A : whererein [sic] is considered the character of the man of God, and his furniture for the exercise both of doctrine and discipline, with the true boundaries of the churches power
Sermons and tracts ...
true Scripture doctrine concerning some important points of Christian faith: particularly, eternal election, original sin, grace in conversion, justification by faith, and the saints' perseverance., The
true Scripture-doctrine concerning some important points of Christian faith particularly eternal election, original sin, grace in conversion, justification by faith, and the saints perseverence. Represented and apply'd in five discourses. By Jonathan Dickinson, A.M. Minister of the Gospel at Elisabeth-Town, N. Jersey. With a preface by Mr. Foxcroft., The
true scripture doctrine concerning some important points of Christian faith, The : particularly, eternal election, original sin, grace in conversion, justification by faith, and the saints' perseverance : represented and applied in five discourses
vindication of God's sovereign free grace. In some remarks upon Mr. John Beach's sermon, from Rom. vi. 23., A
witness of the Spirit. A sermon preached at Newark in New-Jersey, May 7th, 1740, wherein is distinctly shewn, The