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Carl (I.; England, König)
Carl (I.; Großbritannien, König)
Carles (I; d'Anglaterra)
Carles (I, Príncep d'Anglaterra)
Carles (I; Rei d'Anglaterra)
Carles (I; rei d'Escòcia)
Carles (I; rei d'Irlanda)
Carles (I; rei del Gran Bretanya)
Carlos (I; rei d'Anglaterra)
Čarlzs (I; Anglijas karalis)
Carolus (I.; Britannia, Rex)
Carolus (I.; Rex Angliae)
Carolus (I; (rex Magnae Britanniae, Franciae et Hiberniae ;)
Carolus (I Stuartus.)
Carolus (rex)
Carolus, Stuart
Carolus Stuart (I.; Anglia, Rex)
Charles (I; Anglijas karalis)
Charles (I.; England, King)
Charles (I.; England, König)
Charles (I.; Grande Bretagne, Roy)
Charles (I.; Great Britain, King)
Charles (I; King of England)
Charles I, King of England (English king, 1600-1649)
Charles (I; King of Great Britain)
Charles (I; koning van Groot-Brittannië)
Charles I of England
Charles (I; re d'Inghilterra)
Charles (I; re di Gran Bretagna)
Charles (I; rei d'Anglaterra)
Charles (I.; roi d'Angleterre)
Charles (I; roi d'Angleterre, d'Écosse et d'Irlande)
Charles (I Stewart.)
Charles (I Stuart.)
Charles (Ier; king of England)
Charles (Ier; roi d'Angleterre)
Charles le Martyr
Charles (Prince de Galles)
Charles (Prince of Wales)
Charles (the I)
Charles (the Ist)
Charles the Martyr
Charles (Wales, Prince)
Charles (Wales, Prinz)
Karel (I.; anglický král)
Karel (I.; Groot Brittanien, Koninck)
Karel (I; koning van Groot-Brittannië)
Karl (I; av England)
Karl (I.; England, König)
Karl (I.; Großbritannien, König)
Karl (I; koning van Groot-Brittannië)
Karl (I; kung av England)
Karl (I; kung av England och Skottland)
Kārlis (I; Anglijas karalis)
Karls (I; Anglijas karalis)
Karol (I; (król Anglii ;)
Karol (I Stuart.)
Stjuarts, Čarlzs (Anglijas karalis)
Stuart, Carel
Stuart, Carl
Stuart, Carolus
Stuart, Charles
Stuart, Charles (Anglijas karalis)
Stuart, Charles (King of England)
Stuart, Charles (re d'Inghilterra)
Stuart, Charles (rei d'Anglaterra)
Карл I (английский король)
Карл (I; Король Англии)
1600-1649). [m]
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Anglaterra i Gal·les Monarca (1625-1649 : Carles I) (see also from)
Broersz, Joost (Amsterdam)
Broun, Samuel ('s-Gravenhage)
Charles II, koning van Groot-Brittannië (1630-1685)
England and Wales Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I) (see also from)
England and Wales. High Court of Justice for the Trying and Judging of Charles Stuart, King of England
England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)
Escòcia Monarca (1625-1649 : Carles I) (see also from)
Gauden, John (1605-1662)
Hartgersz, Joost (Amsterdam)
Inghilterra Sovrano (1625-1649 : Charles I) (see also from)
Maria Anna, Römisch-Deutsches Reich Kaiserin, 1606-1646
Nolpe, Pieter (1613/14?-1652/53?)
O'Connor, Liam
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
S.n. (S.l.)
Scotland Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I) (see also from)
Scozia Sovrano (1625-1649 : Charles I) (see also from)
Stucke, Johann (1587-1653)
Tagliaventi, Gabriele (1960-....))
Taswell-Langmead, Thomas Pitt, 1840 (1882)
Vision of Europe (1992 ; Bologna, Italy)
Рубинштейн, Антон Григорьевич (1829-1894)
Abraham Van der Doort's catalogue of the collections of Charles I.
Apophthegmata Aurea Regia, Carolina : I. Theologica. II. Moralia. III. Politica
Brief, van sijne koninckl. majesteyt van Engelandt geschreven aen beyde de Huysen des Parlements.
Charles 1 in 1646
Charles I. in 1646. : letters of king Charles the first to queen Henrietta Maria
collection of original royal letters written by King Charles I. and II. ... -, A
De rebus auspiciis serenissimi, et potentissimi Caroli Dei gratia Magnæ Britanniæ regis, &c. sub imperio illustrißimi Iacobi Montisrosarum marchionis, comitis de Kincardin, &c. supremi Scotiæ gubernatoris anno MDCXLIV, & duobus sequentibus præclarè gestis, commentarius. Interprete A. S., I. G.
Declaration to all His Loving Subjects, of his true intentions in advancing lately to Brainceford, His Majesties (Charles I).
Declaration to all His loving subjects, upon occasion of a late printed paper entituled "A Declaration and protesta tion of the Lords and Commons in Parliament to this Kingdom and the whole world, of the 22d of October", His Majesties (Charles I).
Declaration to all his subjects, of whatsoever nation, quality or condition..., The Kings (Charles I).
derniere harangve que le roy de la Grand' Bretagne, &c. fit sur l'echaffaut, La
Dernières oeuvres de Sa Majesté de la Grande Bretagne Charles I
Dissertatio de parricidio apud Anglos in persona regis Caroli I, sacrilegorum hominum... conspiratione admisso, praemissa defensioni regiae
Eikon Basileke
Eikon basilike. Dutch
Eikōn basilikē : Konincklick memoriael. Waer in het innerlijck gemoet van sijne H. majesteyt, Carolus Stuart, koninck van Engelandt, ... afgebeeldt wordt ...
Eikon basilike. Latin
Eikon basilikè ou Image royale
Eikon basilike; the portraiture of His Sacred Majesty in his solitudes and sufferings.
Eikōn basilikē. The pourtraicture of His Sacred Majestie in his solitudes and sufferings ...
Eikōn basilikē : the pourtraicture of His Sacred Majesty in his solitudes and sufferings.
Eikōn basilikē. Vel Imago regis Caroli. : In illis suis ærumnis et solitudine ..
England : his Maiesties commission concerning the reparation of Saint Pauls Church
Extract geschriben auß Londen in Engelandt Belangent den Heyrath zwischen dem Printzen von Walles und der Infantin auß Hispanien Anno 1623 : Gedruckt nach dem Antorffischen Exemplar.
His Maiesties commission giuing power to enquire of the decayes of the Cathedral Church of St. Pavl in London
His Maiesties declaration to all His loving subjects, of August 12, 1642.
His Majesties (Charles I) most gracious Message to His two Houses of Parliament, in prosecution of peace by a personal treaty. From Caresbrook Castle, Decemb. 6, 1647
His Majesties declaration to all his loving subjects, of the 12 of August 1642
His Majesties finall ansvver concerning episcopacie : delivered in to the commissioners of the Parliament, the first of Novemb. 1648.
His Majesties finall answer concerning episcopacie : delivered in to the commissioners of the Parliament, the first of Novemb. 1648.
His Majesties letter to the Lord Keeper, 1642, Feb. 28
His Majesties letter to the Lord-Keeper : together with his message to both Houses of Parliament, in answer to their petition concerning the militia, Feb. 28. 1641. Declaring the reasons why His Majestie doth not conceive himselfe obliged by any promise formerly made to yeeld to the same.
His Majesties proclamation in Scotland: with an explanation of the meaning of the Oath and Covenant. By the Lord Marquesse, his Majesties high commissioner. Set forth by the kings speciall licence, 1639.
His Majesties two letters : one to the vice-chancellour and convocation of the Vniversity of Oxford. The other to the high sheriff of the county, and to the major of the city of Oxford ..
Histoire entiere et veritable du procez de Charles Stuart, roy d'Angleterre
Histoire entiere & veritable du procez de Charles Stuart, roy d'Angleterre : contenant, en forme de journal, tout ce qui s'est passé sur ce sujet dans le Parlement, & en la Haute cour de justice, et la façon en laquelle il a esté mis à mort, au mois de janvier1648/9
Imago regis Caroli in illis suis aerumnis et solitudine
Instructions directed from the Kings most excellent majestie, unto all the bishops of this kingdome, and fit to be put in execution, agreeable to the necessitie of the time.
Journal of the High Court of Justice for the tryal of King Charles I
King Charles, Prince Rupert, and the Civil War : from original letters
King Charls his speech made upon the scaffold. Dutch
King Charls his speech made upon the scaffold. French
Kings Majesties answer to the paper delivered in by the reverend divines attending the honourable commissioners concerning church-government., The
Königl. Majest. von Engelland (Carl I.) letzte Rede gethan auff dem Richtplatz oder Schavot... 31. Januarii... Anno 1649..., Der
Koninck Karels beklach, aen sijn gemeente: over sijn nakend' droevigh ongheluck.
Konincklick gebedt, by Karel, koninck van Groot Brittannien gedaen, ende met eygen hant gheschreven in sijne gevanckenis
Konincklick memoriael. Waer in het innerlijck gemoet van sijne H. majesteyt Carolus Stuart [...] afgebeeldt wordt.
Konincklick memoriael. Waer in het innerlijk gemoet van sijne H. majesteyt, Carolus Stuart [...] afgebeeldt wordt.
Konincklijck memoriael; van sijn
large declaration concerning the late tumults in Scotland, from their first originalls, A : together with a particular deduction of the seditious practices of the prime leaders of the Covenanters, collected out of their owne foule acts and writings : by which it doth plainly appeare that religion was onely pretended by those leaders, but nothing lesse intended by them
. Le @Portrait du roy de la Grand' Bretagne, faict de sa propre main durant sa solitude et ses souffrances (ou par Gauden, évêque d'Exeter.) 2e édition corrigée et augmentée de plusieurs pièces de la façon de Sa Majesté. (Traduction de D. Cailloué, revue par Porrée.)
Letters, speeches and proclamations of King Charles I. Edited by Sir Charles Petrie,..., The
Lettre de Charles I, Roy de la Grand' Bretagne, au Roy, luy donnant advis de la mort du serenissimé Roy son pere.
Lettre du roy de la Grande Bretagne
Lettre dv roy de la Grande Bretagne, envoyée à Son Excellence le marqvis De Montrose, Gouuerneur, et Lieutenant General pour sadite Majesté d'Escosse, Generalissime des ses Armées ... tovchant l'ordre qve sa Majesté a donné pour le traité de la paix du Royaume d'Escosse, qui se fera le 15. de Mars en la ville de Breda en Hollande, auec ordre pour les Armées qui se leueront audit Royaume pour le Roy contre le Parlement d'Angleterre, pour se vanger de la mort au feu roy son pere. : escrite de Iarsay le 30. Ianvier 1650.
"Manifeste du Roy de la Grande Bretagne"
Memoires de Charles II
Memoires du Roy d'Angleterre escrits de sa propre main dans sa prison. Traduits fidellement de l'anglois en nostre langue, par le sieur de Marsys, Les
Message to the Lords and Commons in Parliament, Sept. 5. Together with a Declaration of the Lords and Commons in Parliament, in answer to the said Message... 5 Sept. 1642, His Majesties (Charles I).
Most gracious Concessions concerning Church-Government and setforms of Lyturgy, in answer to two Messages of Parliament..., His Majesties (Charles I).
Most gracious declaration left by Him on His Table, at Hampton-Court, 11 Novemb. 1647, and directed to be communicated to the Speaker of the House of Lords..., His Majesties (Charles I).
none-such Charles, his character: extracted out of divers originall transactions ..., The
Oratio Caroli Stuarti, Britanniarum regis potentissimi. Cum inserta paßim parænesi ad potentes Europæ reges & principes ejusdemq ; testamento. exscripta à J. Stuckio.
, ou @Portrait roial de Sa Majesté de la Grande Bretagne : dans ses souffrances et solitudes. Contenant ses méditations sacrées, prières, derniers propos, conférences de Neufchastel avec Henderson, touchant le gouvernement de l'Église anglicane ; et quelques autres pièces non encor mises en lumière
Portrait roial ..
pourtraict du roy de la Gran Bretagne fait de sa propre main, durant sa solitude & ses souffrances ... rev., corr., & augm. de nouveau., Le
Pourtraicture of His Sacred Maiestie in his solitudes and sufferings
pourtraicture of his sacred majestie., The
Prieres, de sa Majesté de la Grande Bretagne
Procès de Charles 1er
Procès de Charles Ier : apologie attribuée a Charles Ier ; Mémoires de Charles II sur sa fuite après la bataille de Worcester.
Publicatie. Gedaen van wegen den koning, daer by verboden wert seker boeck, zijnde geintituleert Apello Cæsarem, ofte een appel aen den Keyser
Puritans and regicide, c1988:
Relation véritable de la mort cruelle et barbare de Charles I,... avec la harangue faite par Sa Majesté sur l'échafaud, traduite... par J. Ango...
Reliquiae sacrae Carolinae
Responce du Prince de Galles aux dernieres propositions du Roy d'Espagne, sur le faict de son Mariage, Avec l'establissement de la liberté de Conscience en Angleterre. Traduit d'Espagnol en François par le sieur Demalespert, La
Response du nouveau roy d'Angleterre
Response du roy de la Grande Bretagne à la lettre du duc de Savoye, envoyée de Turin en date du 6 de septembre interceptée à Lyon & imprimée en ladite ville le 17 du dit mois ...
Response dv novveav roy d'Angleterre cy-deuant Prince de Galle, aux milords d'Angleterre, touchant la mort de son père.
Respuesta del principe de Inglaterra (Carlos Stoard) á la carta de su Santitad dada en San Pedro, á veinte de abril de 1623, y á doze de Su Magestad
révolution anglaise, La : 1641-1660 : procès-verbaux, comptes rendus parlementaires, documents officiels et pamphlets
Sacred duets, trios & quartets (Version 2.0).
Sijn Majesteyts declaratie aen alle sijne lieve ondersaten noopende sijne intentie van sijn jonghste aentocht op Brainceford. Neffens d'antwoorde van beyde de Huysen des Parlements.
Sijne Coninghl. Majest. van Engelandts laetste oratie gedaen op het schavot, voor sijn eygen hoffpoorte, een weynigh voor sijn doodt, op woensdag den 31 Januarij, oude stijl, 1649 : ende een particulier verhael van de maniere van sijn gaen ter plaetse van executie : na de copye van Londen.
Sijne coningl. majest. van Engelandts laetste oratie. Ghedaen op het schavot
Sijne coninglijcke majesteyt van Engelandts laetste oratie, gedaen op het schavot
Sir Edward Lake's account of his interviews with Charles I. on being created a baronet and receiving an augmentation to his arms
Sylloge variorum tractatuum Anglico quidem idiomate & ab auctoribus Anglis conscriptorum
Syne koninglycke maiesteyt van Engelantdts[!] laeste oratie, gedaen op het schavot.
Syne koninglycke majesteyt van Engelandts laetste oratie gedaen op't schavot [...]
@ . The Pourtraicture of His Sacred Majestie in his solitudes and suffering. (By Charles the First, or Dr. Gauden, bishop of Exeter.)
Trial of Charles the First, &c.
trials of Charles the First, and of some of the regicides, The : with biographies of Bradshaw, Ireton, Harrison, and others : and with notes.
True copy of the grant of King Charles the First, to Sir Edmund Plowden, Earl palatine of Albion, of the province of New Albion, in America
Vision of Europe architecture and urbanism for the European city, A
Witty apophthegms, delivered at several times and upon several occasions
Workes of that great monarch and glorious martyr King Charles the Ist, both civil and sacred
Works of King Charles I.. -, The
Wt-sprake van sijne Majesteyt van Engelant, in het banket huys tot Whiethal den 23. Januarii 1641. Ouden stijl