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Penn, Thomas
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Baltimore, Charles Calvert Baron, 1699-1751
Cresap, Thomas (1694?-1790?)
Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790)
Le Rouge, Georges-Louis (1712-179)
Penn, John (1700-1746)
Penn, Richard (17..-.1... esquire)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Printed Ephemera Collection (Library of Congress)
Ryder, Dudley Sir., 1691-1756. [from old catalog]
Scull, William (17..-17.. géographe)
Wainwright, Nicholas B.
Articles of agreement made and concluded upon between the Right Honourable the lord proprietary of Maryland, and the Honourable the proprietarys of Pensilvania, &c. touching the limits and boundaries of the two provinces with the commission, constituting certain persons to execute the same.
case of Messieurs Penn, and the people of Pensilvania, and the three lower counties of Newcastle, Kent, and Sussex, on Delaware, The : in relation to a series of injuries and hostilities made upon them, for several years past by Thomas Cressap, and others, by the direction and authority of the deputy-governor of Maryland.
Case of the proprietors and province of Pensilvania, and the three lower counties of Newcastle, Kent, and Sussex, on Delaware
In Canc' John Penn, Thomas Penn, and Richard Penn, Esqrs. plaintiffs. Charles Calvert Esq., Lord Baltimore in the Kingdom of Ireland, defendant : the plaintiffs case.
Map of // Pennsylvania // exhibiting // not only the improved parts of that Province, but also // its extensive frontiers, A : // Laid down From Actual Surveys // and Chiefly from the late Map of W. Scull Published in 1770 ; // And Humbly Inscribed // to the Honourable // Thomas Penn and Richard Penn Esquires // true and absolute proprietaries & governors of the // Province of Pennsylvania // and the territories thereunto belonging
Pensilvanie // en trois Feuilles // Traduite des meilleures Cartes anglaises [estampe], La
sermon preach'd before the society for reformation of manners, in the Parish-Church of Wendover, in the county of Bucks, October the 7th, 1708 And now publish'd at their request. By Thomas Penn, A.M. rector of Aston-Sandford in the said county., A
This indenture made the [blank] day of [blank] in the [blank] year of the reign of our sovereign lord [blank] by the grace of God, King of Great-Britain, &c. and in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred [blank] between the Honourable Thomas Penn, and Richard Penn, Esquires, true and absolute proprietaries of the province of Pennsylvania, and counties of New-Castle, Kent, and Sussex, upon Delaware, of the one part: and [blank] of the other part. Whereas the said [blank] having in the year one thousand seven hundred and [blank] applied for, and requested the said proprietaries, to permit [blank] to take up one lot of ground on the [blank] side of [blank] Street, in the town of [blank] and county of [blank] in the said province, marked in the general plan of the said town, No. [blank] in order to build thereon ... it shall and may be lawful to and for the said proprietaries, Thomas Penn, and Richard Penn, their heirs and successors, absolutely to re-grant, bargain and sell the before-mentioned lot of ground, or any part thereof, for such estate and estates, and to such persons and persons, as they the said proprietaries shall think fit, free from the claim and demand of [blank] the said [blank] heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, in any wise
Thomas Penn correspondence
Thomas Penn papers at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1728-1832, The
True copies of I. The agreement between Lord Baltimore and Messieurs Penn, dated 10 May 1732 : II. The commissions given to the commissioners to mark out the lines between Maryland, and Pensilvania and the three lower counties on Delaware. III. The return or report of the commissioners on both sides, made 24 Nov. 1733. Shewing for what reasons the lines were not mark'd out within the time appointed for that purpose.