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Stephens, John
Stevens, John
Stevens, John ((translator))
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Bede, the Venerable Saint, 673-735
Dodsworth, Roger (1585-1654)
Dugdale, William Sir, 1605-1686
Giles, J. A. (1808-1884)
Giles, John Allen (1808-1884)
Moll, Herman -1732
Petrie, Henry (1768-1842)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Quevedo, Francisco de (1580-1645)
Sousa, Manuel de Faria e (1590-1649)
Teixeira, Pedro (b. ca. 1570.)
Varen de Soto, Basilio (d. 1673.)
Acht Stufen bis zur Todesfalle
Alibi auf schönen Beinen
ancient and present State of Portugal containing the description of that Kingdom, its former and present division, the manner of the Cortes of Parliament, its several names, forts, rivers, lakes, baths, ... Also a curious account of the Inquisition, and of all the towns and rivers in the kingdom, besides some of the chiefest on the frontiers of Spain. With a Index, and a map of Portugal and Spain, The
ancient and present state of Portugal containing the description of that kingdom, its former and present division, the manner of the Cortes or Parliament, its several names, forts, rivers, lakes, baths..., The
and a version of The life of the great rascal (Vida del buscón)
bohn's antiquarian library
brief history of Spain, A
choice humorous and satirical works., The
continuation of the comical history of the most ingenious knight, Don Quixote de la Mancha, A
discovery and conquest of the Molucco and Philippine islands. Containing their history ... description ... habits, shape, and inclinations of the natives ..., The
ecclesiastical history of the English nation, The
general history of Spain, 1699:, The
general history of Spain, The : from the first peopling of it by Tubal till the death of King Ferdinand, who united the crowns of Castile and Aragon, with a continuation to the death of King Philip III
general history of the vast continent and islands of America, commonly call'd the West-Indies, from the first discovery thereof: with the best accounts the people could give of their antiquities., The
Gruppi, scelte
Historia de la vida del Buscón.
Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum.
Historia general de los hechos de los castellanos.
História geral da Etiopia a Alta
Historiae de rebus Hispaniae.
historical account of all taxes, under what denomination soever; from the conquest to the death of K. George the First. Collected from the best historians, as well ancient as modern; likewise from many valuable manuscripts in the cotton and other libraries, and several offices in this kingdom. Shewing when the crown was supply'd, and impositions laid on the people, only by virtue of the King's prerogative, at what times the House of Lords alone has done the same, and when reduc'd to the Parliamentary method now establish'd. The whole intermix'd with divers remarkable occurrences, and a considerable number of particulars (which never before appear'd in print. By Captain John Stevens., An
history of Persia. Containing, the lives and memorable action of its kings from the first erecting of that monarchy to this time; an exact description of all its dominions; a curious account of India, China, Tartary, Kermou, Arabia, Nixabur, and the islands of Ceylon and Timor; as also of all cities occasionally mention'd, as Schiras, Samarkand, Bokara, &c. Manners and customs of those people, Persian worshippers of fire; plants, beasts, product, and trade .. To which is added, an abridgment of the lives of the kings of Harmuz, or Ormuz. The Persian history written in Arabick, by Mirkoud, a famous Eastern author; that of Ormuz, by Torunxa, king of that island, both of them tr. into Spanish, by Antony Teixeira, who liv'd several years in Persia and India; and now render'd into English., The
history of Portugal, from the first ages of the world, to the late great revolution, under king John IV. in the year MDCXL. Written in Spanish, The
history of Portugal, The : from the first ages of the world, to the late great revolution, under King John IV. in the year MDCXL
history of the ancient abbeys, monasteries ... and collegiate church*. - 1722 -, The
history of the antient abbeys, monasteries, hospitals, cathedral and collegiate churches. Being two additional volumes to Sir William Dugdale's Monasticon Anglicanum: ... By John Stevens ..., The
life of the great rascal, The
Monasticon anglicanum: a history of the abbies and other monasteries, hospitals, frieries, and cathedral and collegiate churches, with their dependencies, in England and Wales;
Monasticon anglicanum: or, The history of the ancient abbies, monasteries, hospitals, cathedral and collegiate churches, with their dependencies, in England and Wales: also of all such Scotch, Irish, and French monasteries as in any manner relate to those in England ... Illustrated with the original cuts of the cathedral and collegiate churches, and habits of the religious and military orders.
Monasticon Hibernicum. Or, the monastical history of Ireland.
new collection of voyages and travels, into several parts of the world. -, A
new collection of voyages and travels: with historical accounts of discoveries and conquests in all parts of the world. None of them ever before printed in English; being now first translated from the Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Portuguese and other languages. Adorn'd with cuts. For the month of December, 1708. To be continu'd monthly., A
new dictionary, Spanish and English, and English and Spanish ..., A
new Spanish and English dictionary, A : collected from the best Spanish authors ... Containing several thousand words more than any other dictionary; with their etymology; their proper ... and cant significations; the common terms of arts and sciences; the proper names of men; the surnames of families ... the titles of the nobility of Spain; together with its geography, and that of the West Indies ... Also above two thousand proverbs literally translated ... To which is added, a copious English and Spanish dictionary. Likewise a Spanish grammar ...
new spanish and english dictionary,...The whole by captain John Stevens, 1706. The choice humorous and satirical works, A ; transl. into english by sir Roger L'Estrange, John Stevens and others ; revised and ed. with an introduction and notes by Charles Duff, 1991
new Spanish grammar,, A : more perfect than any hitherto publish'd. All the errors of the former being corrected, and the rules for learning that language much improv'd. : To which is added, a vocabulary of the most necessary words: also a collection of phrases and dialogues adapted to familiar discourse.
Oeuvres choisies
pleasant history of the life and actions of Paul, the Spanish sharper, the patterns of rogues and mirror of vagabonds., The
Portuguese Asia Or, the History of the Discovery and Conquest of India by the Portugues; containing All their Discoveries from the Coast of Africk, to the farthest Parts of China and Japan; all their Battels by Sea and Land, Sieges and other Memorable Actions, The ; a Description of those Countries, and many Particulars of the Religion, Government and Customs of the Natives...
Relaciones de Pedro Teixeira d'el origen, descendencia, y succession de los reyes de Persia, y de Harmuz.
royal treasury of England or a general history of taxes, from the co*. -, The
Royal treasury of England, The : or, an historical account of all taxes, under what denomination soever, from the conquest to this present year. Collected from the best historians...
Segundo tomo del ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha.
travels of Pedro Teixeira, The : with his "Kings of Harmuz" and extracts from his "Kings of Persia"
travels of the Jesuits in Ethiopia, The
Venerable Bede's ecclesiastical history of England. Also the Anglo-Saxon chronicle. With illustrative notes, a map of Anglo-Saxon England and a general index., The
Vida del buscón