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Bernard Cohen, I.
Cohen, Bernard
Cohen, I. B.
Cohen, I. Bernard
Cohen, I. Bernhard
Cohen, Ierome Bernard
Cohen, Irwin Bernard
Cohen, Jerome Bernard
コーエン, I. B
コーエン, I. バーナード
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Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790)
History of science society
International Business Machines Corporation
Koyré, Alexandre (1882-1964)
Mendelsohn, Everett
Newton, Isaac (1642-1727)
Schofield, Robert E.
Silva, José Andrade e
Smith, George E. (1938- ))
Whitman, Anne
Whitman, Anne Miller (1937-1984)
Whitrow, Magda
寺嶋, 英志 (1941-)
Album of science : from Leonardo to Lavoisier, 1450-1800
Aventure de la science, L'
B. Franklin's Experiments
Benjamin Franklin: his contribution to the American tradition.
Benjamin Franklin's Experiments, 1941.
Benjamin Franklin's Experiments; a new edition of Franklin's Experiments and observations on electricity.
Benjamin Franklin's science
Benjamin Franklin, scientist and statesman
Benjamin Peirce : "father of pure mathematics" in America
birth of a new physics, the
cambridge companion to newton, the
Career of William Beaumont and the reception of his discovery, The
Computer perspective, A : by the office of Charles & Ray Eames
demonstration of some of the principal sections of Sir Isaac Newton's Principles of Natural Philosophy, A
essay on Newton's Principia. With an introd. to the reprint ed. by I. Bernard Cohen., An
Ethan Allen Hitchcock, soldier, humanitarian, scholar, discoverer of the "true subject" of the hermetic art.
Experiments and observations on electricity
Formed from ISIS critical bibliographies 1-90 : personalities, institutions, subjects a bibliography of the history of science
Franklin and Newton; an inquiry into speculative Newtonian experimental science and Franklin's work in electricity as an example thereof.
From Leonardo to Lavoisier 1450-1800
Geburt einer neuen Physik Von Kopernikus zu Newton
guide to Newton's Principia, A
Histoire de l'astronomie moderne. A facsim. of the Paris, 1821, ed., in 2 v., with a new introd. and tables of contents
Historical essay on the first publication of Sir Isaac Newton's Principia
history of science and its relations with philosophy and religion, A
Howard Aiken and the computer
Howard Aiken : portrait of a computer pioneer
Industrial research and changing technology
Interactions : some contacts between the natural sciences and the social sciences
Introduction to Newton's "Principia"
Isaac Newton's papers & letters on natural philosophy and related documents
Isaac Newton's Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica : the third edition (1726) with variant readings
Isaac Newton's Theory of the moon's motion, 1702
ISIS cumulative bibliography : A bibliography of the history of science formed from ISIS critical bibliographies 1-90, 1913-65.
Kindai butsurigaku no tanjō : Soredemo chikyū wa ugoku
Lunae theoria.
Makin' numbers : Howard Aiken and the computer
Making numbers
Mathematical principles of natural philosophy, The
Mélanges Alexandr Koyré : publiés à l'occasion de son soixante-dixième anniversaire.
My life and my views. Introduction by I. Bernard Cohen,..
Nacimiento de una nueva física, El
nascimento de uma nova física, O
Natural sciences and the social sciences, The : some critical and historical perspectives
Newton's Principia
Newton texts, backgrounds, commentaries
Newtoni principia philosophiæ
Newtonian revolution in science and its intellectual significance, The : the first Sydney M. Edelstein lecture, at the Baylor School, Chattanooga, Tennessee, April 16, 1985
Newtonian revolution, The : with illustrations of the transformation of scientific ideas
nineteenth century, The
Od Kopernika do Newtona : narodziny nowej fizyki
Opticks or a treatise of the reflections, refractions, inflections & colours of light
origines de la physique moderne, Les : de Copernic a Newton
Papers & letters on natural philosophy and related documents
Part 1, Personalities A-J
Part 1, Personalities K-Z, Part 2, Institutions
Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica : the third edition 1726 with variant readings
[[philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica|the principia]]: mathematical principles of natural philosophy
Photographs for an exhibition ("Women in Astronomy")
Preceded by a guide to Newton's Principia by I. Bernard Cohen mathematical principles of natural philosophy
Preface to the second edition of Isaac Newton's Papers and letters of natural philosophy
Principia, The : mathematical principles of natural philosophy
Puritanism and the rise of modern science : the Merton thesis
Revolución en la ciencia : de la naturaleza de las revoluciones científicas, de sus etapas y desarrollo temporal, de los factores creativos que generan la ideas revolucionarias y de los criterios específicos que permiten determinarlas
Revolución newtoniana y la transformación de las ideas científicas, La
Revolution in science
Revolutionen in der Naturwissenschaft
Roemer and the first determination of the velocity of light.
Science and the founding fathers : science in the political thought of Jefferson, Franklin, Adams and Madison
Science before Darwin; a nineteenth-century anthology.
Science, servant of man; a layman's primer for the age of science.
Selected works.
Sir Isaac Newton's mathematick philosophy more easily demonstrated.
Some account of the Pennsylvania Hospital
Some early tools of American science; an account of the early scientific instruments and mineralogical and biological collections in Harvard University
Studies on William Harvey
Theory of the moon's motion
Transformation and tradition in the sciences : essays in honor of I. Bernard Cohen
treasury of scientific prose, A : a nineteenth-century anthology
triumph of numbers how counting shaped modern life, The
Triunfo de los números, El : cómo el cómputo modeló la vida moderna
近代物理学の誕生 : それでも地球は動く
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