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B. R, Barnabe Rich
BR, Barnabe Rich
R, B.
R, Barnabe Rich
Rich, Barnabe
Rich, Barnaby
Riche, Barnabe
Riche, Barnaby
Rijcke, Barnabas de
Rycke, Barnabas de
ca 1540-1617
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Language material
Creation role: 
writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
Armin, Robert (fl. 1610.)
Beecher, Donald
Cranfill, Thomas Mabry
Cunningham, Peter (1816-1869)
Herodotus, ca (480-425 v. Chr)
Khoury, Joseph (1964-)
Kind, Norbert (1944-)
Luce, Morton (1849-1943)
Nashe, Thomas (1567-1601)
Okes, Nicholas
Wernischová, Helena (1942-)
adventures of Brusanus, Prince of Hungaria (1592), The
Adventures of Brusanus Prince of Hungaria, pleasant for all to read, and profitable for some to follow
Apolonius and Silla"
B.R.'s Herodotus famous hystory
Barnabe Rich's remembrances of the state of Ireland, 1612 : with notices of other manuscript reports by the the same writer, on Ireland under James the First
Barnabe Riche, "Don Simonides" : Teil I : (1581), Teil II : (1584) : kritische Ed. mit Einl. Komment. und Glossar
Barnabe Riche, "Don Simonides" Teil I (1581), Teil II (1584) kritische Edition mit Einleitung, Kommentar und Glossar
Barnabe Riche, his farewell to military profession
Catholycke conference betweene Syr Tady Mac. Mareall, a popish priest of Waterforde, and Patricke Playne, a young student of Trinitie Colledge by Dublyne, in Irelande., A
deegh'lijckheydt van onsen tijdt. Verthoonende dat de werelt noyt voor desen deegh'lijck heeft gheweest, De
degelijckheyt van desen tegenwoordigen tijdt, De : verclarende door vaste reghelen, ende verscheyden omstandigheden, dat de wereldt noyt voor desen deghelijck en was
Don Simonides : kritische Edition mit Einleitung, Kommentar und Glossar.
Early prose and poetical tracts : illustrative of the drama and literature of the reign of Queen Elizabeth
Eight novels employed by English dramatic poets of the reign of Queen Elizabeth : originally publ. by Barn. Riche in the year 1581, and reprinted.
Euterpe : being the second book of the famous History of Herodotus
famous hystory of Herodotus, The
Farewell to his military profession
Faultes, faults, and nothing else but faultes (1606)
:file:rich barnabe-a new irish prognostication or-popish callender.pdf|a new description of ireland
Herodotus. Euterpe, 1888:
honestie of this age, The : proving by good circumstance that the world was never honest till now
O Apoloniovi a Sille
path-way to military practise, A : containinge offices, lawes, disciplines, and orders to be obserued in an army, with sundry stratagems very beneficiall for young gentlemen, or any other that is desirous to haue knowledge in martial exercises : whereunto is annexed a kalender of the imbattelinge of men
Rich's "Apolonius and Silla", an original of Shakespeare's "Twelfth night"
Rich's Farewell to military profession : 1581
riche his farwell to the militarie profession|riche his farewell to militarie profession conteining verie pleasaunt discourses fit for a peaceable tyme
short suruey of Ireland, A : truely discouering who it is that hath so armed the hearts of that people with disobedience to their Prince : with a description of the countrey and the condition of the people : no lesse necessarie and needfull to be respected by the English, then requisite and behoouefull to be reformed in the Irish
Short survey of Ireland
Short svrvey of Ireland
straunge and wonderfull aduentures of Dõ Simonides
twelfth night