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Gelfand, M.
Gelfand, Michael
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Barlow, V. N.
Gann, Lewis H. (1924-)
Goldin, Bennie
Hannan, M.
Hannan, Michael
Loewenson, R.
Patrick, Mother (1863-1900)
Rea, William Francis
Ritchken, Joseph
Tredgold, Robert (1899-1977)
African background the traditional culture of the Shona-speaking people
African crucible; an ethico-religious study with special reference to the Shona-speaking people.
African law and custom in Rhodesia
African's religion: the spirit of Nyajena; case history of a Karanga people., An
African witch with particular reference to witchcraft beliefs and practice among the Shona of Rhodesia, The
ceremony of mishashe (green vegetables) held in Mashonaland, The
Chiota dynasty, The
Christian doctor and nurse : the history of medical missions in South Africa from, 1799-1976
Customary law cases in two Shona chieftainships
description of the ceremony of Kurova Guv, A : escorting the spirit from the grave to the home
Diagnostic procedures in medicine
Diet and tradition in an African culture;
genuine Shona; survival values of an African culture., The
Godfrey Martin Huggins, Viscount Malvern, 1883-1971: his life and work.
Godly medicine in Zimbabwe : a history of its medical missions
Growing up in Shona society : from birth to marriage
Gubulawayo and beyond: letters and journals of the early Jesuit missionaries to Zambesia (1879-1887);
Huggins of Rhodesia; the man and his country
Kukanganisa Musikana (seduction in Shona law)
Kutiza mukumbo and kutiziswa mukumbo (elopement in Shona law)
Lakeside pioneers; socio-medical study of Nyasaland, 1875-1920.
Livingstone, the doctor, his life and travels, a study in medical history, by Michael Gelfand,... Foreword by C. Hely-Hutchinson,...
Medicine and custom in Africa.
Medicine and magic of the Mashona.
Medicine and the Christian missions in Rhodesia, 1857-1930
medicine in tropical africa
Midwifery in tropical Africa : the growth of maternity services in Rhodesia
Mother Patrick and her nursing sisters; based on extracts of letters and journals in Rhodesia of the Dominican Sisterhood, 1890-1901.
non-racial island of learning, A : a history of the University College of Rhodesia from its inception to 1966
normal man, The : a new concept of Shona philosophy
Norther Rhodesia : in the days of the charter : a medical and social study 1878-1924
Northern Rhodesia in the days of the charter : a medical and social study 1878-1924
Philosophy and ethics of medicine;
Proud record : an account of the health services provided for Africans in the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
Rivers of death in Africa
schistosomiasis in south-central africa
service to the sick, A : a history of the health services for Africans in Southern Rhodesia (1890-1953)
Shona attitude to sex behaviour, The
Shona religion, with special reference to the Makorekore.
Shona ritual : with special reference to the Chaminuka cult
Shona woman, The
sick african, the
South Africa: its medical history 1652-1898; a medical and social study
spiritual beliefs of the Shona, The : a study based on field work among the East-Central Shona
Suicide and attempted suicide among the Shona
Towards an analysis of Shona religion and ethics
Traditional medical practitioner in Zimbabwe, 1985:, The
Traditional medical practitioner in Zimbabwe, The : his principles of practice and pharmacopoeia
Ukama, reflections on Shona and western cultures in Zimbabwe
Upombwe : adultery in Shona law
Witch doctor traditional medecine man of Rhodesia
Witch doctor, traditional medicine man of Rhodesia.