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Candra, Lokeśa
Chandra, Lokesh
Lokeśa, Candra
Lokesh, Chandra
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Bunce, Fredrick William
Clifford, Terry
International Academy of Indian Culture
Raghu Vīra, 1902 (1963)
Rani, Sharada
Sharada Rani, 1929 (1990)
Smith, E. Gene
Vira, Raghu
15th century Tibetan compendium of knowledge, A : the bśad mdzod yid bzhin nor bu
Abhidhānottara-tantra : a sanskrit manuscript from Nepal
amarakoṣa in Tibet, The : being a new Tibetan version by the great grammarian Si-tu
Art and culture of South-east Asia, The
autobiography and diaries of Si-tu pan.-chen, The
Biography of Atīśa and his disciple Ḥbrom-ston
blue annals completed in A.D. 1478 by Ḥgos-Lotsawa Gzhon-nu-Dpal (1392-1481), The
Brda yig miṅ don gsal ba'i sgron me
Buddha in Chinese woodcuts
Buddhist iconography
Buddhist paintings of Tun-Huang in the National Museum, New Delhi
collected works of Bu-ston, The
Commemoration Volume on the 75th Birthday of Acharya Raghuvira
Commemoration volume on the 78th birthday of Acharya Raghuvira
comprehensive English-Hindi dictionary, A : supplementary volume
Cultural horizons of India : studies in Tantra and Buddhism, art and archaeology, language and literature
Dictionary of Buddhist iconography
Dimensions of Indian art : Pupul Jayakar seventy
esoteric iconography of Japanese mandalas, The
Fan Fan Yü
Fan fanyu
Four Tibetan-Mongolian lexicons
Gilgit Buddhist manuscripts : revised and enlarged compact facsimile edition
golden annals of Lamaism, The : being the original Tibetan text of the Hor-chos-ḥbyuṅ of Blo-bzaṅ-rta-mgrin entitled
Gyantse and its monasteries
History and doctrine of Bon-po niṣpanna-yoga : (original Tibetan texts on the transmission, teaching, rites and deities of the Rdzogs chen zhaṅ zhuṅ school of the Bon-po's)
Iconography of the thousand buddhas
illustrated Tibeto-Mongolian materia medica of Ayurveda of 'Jam-dpal-rdo-rje of Mongolia, An
India's contribution to world thought and culture
india's contributions to world thought and culture
Jaiminiya Brahmana of the Samaveda II. 1-80 (Gavamayana)
Kannon dai-shi ji-yō gōjusan genshō
Kāraṇda-vyūha-sūtra or the supernal virtues of Avalokiteśvara
Lcaṅ skya Khutukhtu Lalitavajra's cpmmentary on the Samantabhadracaryāpraṇidhānarāja
Life of Lord Buddha : compiled by Monk Pao-Ch'eng from Chinese sutras and illustrated in woodcuts in the Ming period
life of the saint of Gtsaṅ, The
Lord Śiva and Buddha in the Golden Isles : in search of Classical Indonesia
Maṇḍalas of the Tantra-Samuccaya
Materials for a history of Tibetan literature
médecine tibétaine bouddhique et sa psychiatrie, La : la thérapie de diamant
Mudras in Japan : symbolic hand-postures in Japanese mantrayāna or the esoteric buddhism of the Shingon denomination
Narthang Kanjur
new Tibeto-Mongol pantheon, A
ninth century scroll of the Vajradhātu Maṇḍala, A
Saddharma-Pu·n·darīka-Sūtra : Kashgar manuscript
Śāṅkhāyana-Śrautasūtra : being a major yājñika text of the Ṛgveda
Sanskrit-Chinese lexicon : being Fan Fan Yü, the first lexicon of its kind dated to A.D. 517
Sanskrit-Japanese dictionary of dharanis : the dharani-jiten
Sanskrit manuscripts from Tibet : (facsimile edition of the Kalacakra-tantra and of an unidentified palmleaf manuscript both from the Narthang monastery)
Sanskrit-Tibetan dictionary : being the reverse of the 19 volumes of the Tibetan-Sanskrit dictionary
Sudhana's way to enlightenment
thousand-armed Avalokiteśvara, The
Tibetan Buddhist medecine and psychiatry : the diamond healing
Tibetan chronicle of Padma-dkar-po
Tibetan iconography of buddhas, bodhisattvas and other deities, The : a unique pantheon
Tibetan maṇḍalas : vajrāvalī and tantra-samuccaya
Tibetan- Sanskrit dictionary : supplementary volume
Transcendental art of Tibet
Urga Kanjur
Vedic bibliography
Vibrations of ahimsa in China
Xuanzang and the Silk Route
Yuthok's treatise on tibetan medicine