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Candra, Lokeśa
Chandra, Lokesh
Lokeśa, Candra
Lokesh, Chandra
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Bunce, Fredrick William
Clifford, Terry
International Academy of Indian Culture
Raghu Vīra, 1902 (1963)
Rani, Sharada
Sharada Rani, 1929 (1990)
Smith, E. Gene
Utrecht, RijksUniversity
Vira, Raghu
15th century Tibetan compendium of knowledge, A : the bśad mdzod yid bzhin nor bu
Abhidhānottara-tantra : a sanskrit manuscript from Nepal
amarakoṣa in Tibet, The : being a new Tibetan version by the great grammarian Si-tu
Art and culture of South-east Asia, The
autobiography and diaries of Si-tu pan.-chen, The
Biography of Atīśa and his disciple Ḥbrom-ston
blue annals completed in A.D. 1478 by Ḥgos-Lotsawa Gzhon-nu-Dpal (1392-1481), The
Brda yig miṅ don gsal ba'i sgron me
Buddha in Chinese woodcuts
Buddhist iconography
Buddhist paintings of Tun-Huang in the National Museum, New Delhi
collected works of Bu-ston, The
Commemoration Volume on the 75th Birthday of Acharya Raghuvira
Commemoration volume on the 78th birthday of Acharya Raghuvira
comprehensive English-Hindi dictionary, A : supplementary volume
Cultural horizons of India : studies in Tantra and Buddhism, art and archaeology, language and literature
Dictionary of Buddhist iconography
Dimensions of Indian art : Pupul Jayakar seventy
esoteric iconography of Japanese mandalas, The
Fan Fan Yü
Fan fanyu
Four Tibetan-Mongolian lexicons
Gilgit Buddhist manuscripts : revised and enlarged compact facsimile edition
golden annals of Lamaism, The : being the original Tibetan text of the Hor-chos-ḥbyuṅ of Blo-bzaṅ-rta-mgrin entitled
Gyantse and its monasteries
History and doctrine of Bon-po niṣpanna-yoga : (original Tibetan texts on the transmission, teaching, rites and deities of the Rdzogs chen zhaṅ zhuṅ school of the Bon-po's)
Iconography of the thousand buddhas
illustrated Tibeto-Mongolian materia medica of Ayurveda of 'Jam-dpal-rdo-rje of Mongolia, An
India's contribution to world thought and culture
india's contributions to world thought and culture
Jaiminīya-brāhmana of the Sāmaveda II. 1-80 (Gavāmayana) ; [Edited with introd. and commentary. Nāgpur]
Kannon dai-shi ji-yō gōjusan genshō
Kāraṇda-vyūha-sūtra or the supernal virtues of Avalokiteśvara
Lcaṅ skya Khutukhtu Lalitavajra's cpmmentary on the Samantabhadracaryāpraṇidhānarāja
Life of Lord Buddha : compiled by Monk Pao-Ch'eng from Chinese sutras and illustrated in woodcuts in the Ming period
life of the saint of Gtsaṅ, The
Lord Śiva and Buddha in the Golden Isles : in search of Classical Indonesia
Maṇḍalas of the Tantra-Samuccaya
Materials for a history of Tibetan literature
médecine tibétaine bouddhique et sa psychiatrie, La : la thérapie de diamant
Mudras in Japan : symbolic hand-postures in Japanese mantrayāna or the esoteric buddhism of the Shingon denomination
Narthang Kanjur
new Tibeto-Mongol pantheon, A
ninth century scroll of the Vajradhātu Maṇḍala, A
Saddharma-Pu·n·darīka-Sūtra : Kashgar manuscript
Śāṅkhāyana-Śrautasūtra : being a major yājñika text of the Ṛgveda
Sanskrit-Chinese lexicon : being Fan Fan Yü, the first lexicon of its kind dated to A.D. 517
Sanskrit-Japanese dictionary of dharanis : the dharani-jiten
Sanskrit manuscripts from Tibet : (facsimile edition of the Kalacakra-tantra and of an unidentified palmleaf manuscript both from the Narthang monastery)
Sanskrit-Tibetan dictionary : being the reverse of the 19 volumes of the Tibetan-Sanskrit dictionary
Sudhana's way to enlightenment
thousand-armed Avalokiteśvara, The
Tibetan Buddhist medecine and psychiatry : the diamond healing
Tibetan chronicle of Padma-dkar-po
Tibetan iconography of buddhas, bodhisattvas and other deities, The : a unique pantheon
Tibetan maṇḍalas : vajrāvalī and tantra-samuccaya
Tibetan- Sanskrit dictionary : supplementary volume
Transcendental art of Tibet
Urga Kanjur
Vedic bibliography
Vibrations of ahimsa in China
Xuanzang and the Silk Route
Yuthok's treatise on tibetan medicine
Teilw. in Sanskrit
Utrecht, RijksUniversity, Diss., 1950